Cords Are The Look For SS15

SS15 is about the Corduroy trousers ideal for cold mornings, stylish for every day wear, Corduroy is a textile composed of twisted fibers that, when woven, lie parallel (similar to twill) to one another to form the cloth’s distinct pattern, a “cord.” Modern corduroy is most commonly composed of tufted cords, sometimes exhibiting a channel (bare to the base fabric) between the tufts. Corduroy is, in essence, a ridged form of velvet, last year nearly all major men’s fashion brands included corduroy trousers in their SS15 collections, the corduroy trouser is a simple classic that never ages in my eyes, you can get corduroy trousers in many styles like 5 pocket jeans style or the simple trousers style, you a get cords in chunky cord or a fine pine cord, these are my favourite type of cords, the material feels very special very smooth, so let’s have a look at four of my favourite company’s who are offering cords in their SS15 collection.


Ben Sherman have really come all guns blazing with their EC1 cords, with a sartorial construct that conjures a more tailored aesthetic their EC1 cords are a sophisticated casual trouser alternative. Engineered from fine 14 wale corduroy this off-duty sartorial option features a concealed button fastening, formal herringbone inner lining, so when choose turn-ups  you get a flash of colour,  and branded label on the rear,  you can get stylish cords in four different colours purple, brown, green, navy they cost £42.00


When it comes to cords Thomas Joules have been making country clothing for over 20 years, their cords are the quintessential trousers for any man who loves the eccentricity of the British countryside, These classic cords come in a 5 pocket style, in a slim fit, and easy-to-wear colours that you find everything in your wardrobe will work around, these come in a chic French navy, and they only cost £40.00.


Jack Wills have been kiting out young stylish men for over 20 years, they started off targeting young men from the university’s so when it comes to stylish clothing you know they will have your back covered, their cords are inspired by their popular slim-leg jeans, the Earnley Cords reinvent the fit and the style in a 5 pocket jean style in soft cotton corduroy for a smarter alternative to denim. This traditional gentlemen’s staple has a modern edge thanks to the more fitted silhouette and on-trend colours, the price is £24.00.


Now my last choice is no designer label but it world-renowned for quality and great cloths, Marks and Sparks son in the last couple of years they have produced some stunning pieces, their trouser style cords in a stunning nut meg colour are 100 % cotton, but what makes these stand out they are water-repellent thanks to Mark and Sparks technology, so if you’re heading to any music festivals these are stylish and practical and at stonking good price of £35.00

So get out there get some snazzy cords in ones wardrobe you know your going to look good during SS15


Bob Redfern


Time To Go Bespoke Chaps

Bespoke was a very common word about a hundred years ago, now most people don’t know what it means, and they would just look at you with a blank expression, it means to individual order, custom made, that’s how clothes used to be made, if you were planning to go out about a hundred years ago, you couldn’t just walk down to a shop and pick up some 501s thank you very much sir, no your cloths were made to order, the only places that had clothes on the shelf’s was places like the army, but as fashion changed so did hows cloths were made, in the 1960s fashion changed 100% shops started to make shirts and trousers that could be worn of the peg, shops had been doing this for a long time but not in the volumes that they started then, gone went the days of going to the local tailor picking your fabric & style, getting your first measurement, then your second fitting then finally picking a garment that was tailored for you.


Bespoke became some thing only the rich and famous could have, but now thanks to the internet sites and traveling tailors, you can get a suit blazer or shirt just made the way you want it made, it is some thing I recommend to every young man to get done at least once in their life time, having some thing made that can put your own stamp on is very unique, you get to choose the cut, the collar, the cuffs, the lining, and when it arrives it says made for “YOU”, not made by bla bla in shitty bla bla, it is something that you will be happy to wear and when people say where did you get that from you would say, oh just from my tailor, your friends will say what !, you say it again yes my tailor knocked this little number up for me, then you show them your personal label with your named stitched in it made from the finest silks.


Going bespoke is not that expensive ever you can get a suit or a blazer made from about a hundreds pounds with delivery about £150, but before you go guns blazing you need to find out if bespoke is for you, my advise is first go for a blazer very simple choice, you have two choices scour the internet for visiting tailors book a meeting in a local hotel get measured, or you can find bespoke websites where you can log on and choose what you want to fill in your measurements, four weeks later your suit arrives nice, but first let’s go through the process of building your bespoke garment.


Material yes first you need to pick the material, you can have tweed , plaid, stripe, mohair,wool, my advise is go for wool its an all year around fabric, it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, and it looks good, colors it’s up you but personally keep it neutral like a navy or a grey.

custom made suit pockets patched slanted bolsillos traje

Fit now this where you choose the fit you can for a fitted garment which is meant to give you a slim lined figure or you go with a classic fit which hangs of the shoulders just right my self I all ways go for the classic fit.

download (8)cm17

Button front style this is where you choose how many buttons you want on the front for a blazer you traditionally go for two button if you want one go for a one button do it, if you want three buttons on the front its all down to your taste.


 Time to choose your lapel style, you can go peak lapels, notch lapels, rounded notch, shawl lapels, personally stick to notch lapels very classy that will suit most people.


Pockets this gives your garment a more layered look there are many combinations we could go for , so to keep it simple if you go for the fitted look slanted pockets, classic fit go for straight pockets, one thing I would include is a ticket pocket on a blazer very stylish.

images (17)

Cuffs this is some thing else people over look if you have the choice go for working cuff, most suits don’t have them also you can leave one sleeve button undone to look stylish, also you can choose to get the button holes done in different thread colors, always go for a four button, if your daring go for five guys.

images (18)

back vent this is the back style of the garment, rule of thumb is a blazer or sports jacket has a center vent a suit has a double vent i.e vents on side but its your garment you choose.


Lining now this usually one area that gets over looked, I say be as loud as you like, people wont see it only when you open your jacket, so when you do flash your going to wow people, lining is really down to your choice, my self I love vibrant prints in bold colors, paisley in bright colors, chines red dragons spitting orange flames, colorful peacock’s with multicolored feathers, Rio carnival dancers in reds and shimmering purples. what ever you choose just give your bespoke garment some pow.

images (19)

Thread color again another area people miss out on when getting your bespoke garment made you can really personalize it with color, choose a stylish color for button holes & lapel pin holes, not long back I had a navy suit made with an orange lining but to bring the suit together, I had the lapel pin hole and the fourth button-hole on the working cuff stitched with orange silk thread it was the bomb no one has what I have.


now measurement this is most important thing about going bespoke if you don’t get this right you will have wasted your money, if you’re visiting a traveling tailor he will take your measurements, but if you’re doing it through a bespoke site you need a tape measure and a friend, they will have a video explaining how to take measurements do this at least five times, each time Wright the measurements down if all mirror each other fill in the measurement on the site, but there is an easier option most sites you can just click for standard sizes, so get an old suit or jacket that fits you check the size and click the boxes but you still can pick the sleeve size and garment length just to give you that bespoke fit.

I hope I have given you food for thought bespoke is some thing you should try once in your life.

Bob Redfern

Classic chinos / Khakis

Chino or Khaki’s as the Americans call them, are cotton twill trousers made of 100% cotton, they also come in different weaves from heavy twill to soft cotton, they come in different styles & fits from straight leg to a tapered leg even skinny fit, one of the best things about chinos/Khakis is they come in every colour you can think of, today more people now wear chinos than before, one of the reasons why people wear chinos/khakis its their versatility, with jeans you can only wear them for casual wear, with chinos/khakis you can wear them for casual & smart dress , so investing into a pair won’t just save you money, it will also give more options when you put an outfit together.

WW2 GI in service dress chinos / khakis

WW2 GI in service dress chinos / khakis

Chino/Khakis them self’s are over hundred years old, originally invented for the military, Khaki means “soil-colour” in Hindu, the word chino means china in Spanish, after the second world was the GI bill came in giving ex-servicemen the chance to go to college, a lot of ex-servicemen kept their khaki service pants and wore them into civy street, soon the look caught on with every day college kids,

Levi`s Sta press trousers

Levi`s Sta press trousers

In the 60s men’s fashion changed very quickly, it moved from smart to a more casual dress, soon company’s like Levi’s to Farah in Texas started to make causal trousers for the Masses’, Levi’s invented the Sta press trouser while Farah invented a twill trouser, both were still a cotton trouser but the weave & the style was different, soon certain subcultures like mods etc adopted them as part of their look, they became the trousers to dress in when you went out.

Dad`s trying to look cool in chino / khaki`s not a good look

Dad`s trying to look cool in chino / khaki`s not a good look

Over the last couple of decades chinos/Khakis became more of a dads casual trousers, so young Fashionistas stayed away from that look, but thanks to new designs & better marketing chinos are back with a bang, one of those company’s bringing the chinos/Khaki’s back into vogue is Docker`s, Levi’s casual trouser brand, their latest design is a low sitting trouser with a tapered  fit leg, very stylish definitely not your dads chinos/khaki’s.

So if your interested in getting a pair think about the style your going for, with Chino/Khakis they come in many fits so you can be picky what you want, straight leg is simply a straight leg which gives you a relaxed look, “this is the dad look”, then you have a tapered fit, simply the legs are more narrow giving you a modern stylish look, then you have skinny fit not a good look if you’re a fat guy, colours are your next choice, my advice keep it simple go for a tan or dark colour, you can go for red or yellow but you might end up looking like a clown on his day off.

Dress up with your chino / khaki`s just add a blazer.

Dress up with your chino / khaki`s just add a blazer.

Picking the wright colour chino / khaki`s will give you a stylish look

Picking the right colour chino / khaki`s will give you a stylish look

mixing your chino / khaki`s with a gingham shirt & cardigan is a very chic look

mixing your chino / khaki`s with a gingham shirt & cardigan is a very chic look

Why not try a sweater in a lighter colour than your chinos giving your self a fresh stylish look

Why not try a sweater in a lighter colour with your chinos / khaki`s giving you a fresh stylish look

I hope I`ve got your minds thinking, remember fashion is what you make it be you no one else. there are hundreds of ways you can wear chino / khaki`s, but the style & the colour is down to you, what ever you choose your going to look amazing.


Bob Redfern