The Sartorial Striped Shirt

Striped shirts are one of the most underrated shirts in a mans wardrobe, the original name for a striped shirt was the Bengal striped, its got its name from the Bengal striped fabric which originated from the classic gingham weave, although now gingham is characterised by its plaid – or checked – weave, it started life in the Far East as stripes (it’s believed that ging-gang means ‘stripes’ in the Indonesian and Malay languages). So when this fabric started being shipped from Bengal, it made sense to name it after another of Bengal’s most famous exports, the Bengal tiger, since then there has been very many different stripes from pencil stripes to candy stripes, striped shirts are very vivid but stylish, in the early 20s Jazz players wore stylish striped coloured striped shirts, striped shirts became a stylish shirt for young stylish men all over the world, by the 60s came striped shirts became less fashionable.


Jazz Players from the 1920s

In the 80s the striped shirt came back with a bang, bolder the strip sharper the shirt, by the mid 80s early 90s yuppies made the striped shirt apart of their wardrobe, it was all about power dressing red braces & slicked back hair, it was all about the money, the image of a sleazy yuppie put people off striped shirts all together, but striped shirts are back fresher and bolder more than ever.
UNIQLO Europe Ltd


Candy stripes are more bolder, it gets its name from the Barbers pole that used appear out side barbers shops, it looked like a big striped candy stick, also barbers in America used to wear striped shirts, even today in America barber quartets are famous for wearing striped waistcoats.


Pencil striped shirts get their name from the very fine line you get with the fabric, they were worn mostly during the 20s, pencil striped shirts are more for business dress than casual dress,


Herringbone striped shirt, the herringbone striped shirt gets its name from it herringbone stripe woven into the fabric, you get a bolder striped with a stylish pattern running through it, these shirts are worn more for business, but as a casual shirt your getting a very special piece.


In todays fashion market you can get many striped shirts from most apparel, but a striped shirt has its good points and bad points, if your of a slim build with short legs a striped shirt can give your torso a slim longer look, if you’re a fat guy and you wear a striped shirt you will look like a big beach ball, so be careful in your choice of striped fabric and fit.

The shirts I have chosen for you are from some of the very best on the market today if you like any of the pieces I’ve chosen simply click on the image it will take you to their website so you can purchase it if you wish too.
+PEOPLE striped shirt
Multicoloured cotton striped shirt from +People.

Striped Contrast Collar Long Sleeve Shirt
With an air of business class style, our Striped contrast collar shirt is ideal for modern formal dress codes. The white contrast point collar provides a sharp feature against the striped body of the shirt. Also features a subtle dobby weave, mitred cuffs and a slim tailored fit design. Contrast collar formal shirt Striped shirt base with subtle dobby weave Long sleeve Classic point collar Tailored slim fit Tonal buttons Adjustable mitred cuff

Moss 1851 Tailored Fit Magenta Double Cuff Striped Shirt
This Moss 1851 tailored fit shirt is made from 100 cotton This shirt is great for either work wear or for special occasions Add a Moss 1851 tie and cufflinks to finish your outfit off Formerly known as Blazer

Uniqlo MEN +J Regular Fit Striped Long Sleeve Shirt 64 BLUE
This fine men’s dress shirt features the glossy, elegant texture and superbly soft comfort of 100% premium cotton. The cut is designed with the +J collection’s exceptional attention to detail for elegant, flattering lines. A classic narrow striped pattern adds even more style.,

Jonathan Saunders Men’s Contrast Stripe Cotton Shirt
The Jonathan Saunders Men’s Contrast Stripe Cotton Shirt for AW14, seen here in red/white. Utilising a multi-directional striped design for a strikingly graphic effect, this shirt showcases Jonathan Saunders’ characteristically bold aesthetic. Crafted from soft cotton, it is finished with bonded seams for a sleek design. – Soft cotton construction – Multi-directional striped pattern – Bonded seams – Concealed button-down placket – Double-button cuffs – Curved hemline Made in Portugal from 100% c

Now we have found some stylish striped shirts what to wear with them, it’s all about wearing the right pieces in a stylish way, so I’ve chosen a couple of pictures to inspire you to wear your striped shirts with a smile & a bit of swagger.


  For a street wear inspired look go for a white navy striped shirt, add some washed slim fit jeans, you create a relaxed but stylish look to finish the look add some loafers or stylish suede shies but no socks guys ok


 if your looking for Italian inspiration go for a red and white striped shirt matched with a light grey suit, this is a stylish look for business or a trip to a restaurant


For a summer inspired look try a slim fit striped shirt with some stone chinos, you create a fresh but stunning look


I hope you have enjoyed my choices, my favourite striped shirt is my baby blue with white bold stripes with a button down collar priceless, style is what you make it adding stripes to your wardrobe will give you a different but stylish look.


Bob Redfern

The Art of Denim Clothing

As a lover of fashion I’ve always had a bit of denim inn my wardrobe, I can remember my first skinny dark jeans in the 80`s,  they were by Dark horse god I loved them, I got my first denim jacket when I was 11 it was a stone wash Wrangler, I thought I was the dog`s balls, my favorite Jeans were my stone washed Levi`s 501`s, I got them in the summer 1987 when Levi`s were at their height, they lasted me up to my 16th birthday, as a young lad I had worn them to the park out to the school disco, you name it I did it did it in those jeans, but we all grow up as kids, so I had to say good-by to my number one favorite Jeans,

I always thought denim came from the good old USA, bit how wrong I was, denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced twill textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces the familiar diagonal ribbing of the denim that distinguishes it from cotton duck, The name “denim” derives from the French serge de Nîmes, referring to the city of Nimes, the word Jeans is also French for Genoa, Italy,  this is where the original denim Jeans were made, as immigrants moved to the new Americas, they brought with them their customs & traditions, that`s how denim came to the US.


Levi`s Jeans were all about being masculine

One new immigrant that came to America was Levi Strauss, he set up a wholesale business selling the denim material in  San Francisco, a tailor named Jacob Davies, a Latvian Jewish immigrant, from Reno, Nevada, would buy denim material from him to patch up gold miners trousers,  he had an idea to use copper rivets to reinforce the points of strain, such as on the pocket corners and at the base of the button fly, but he didn’t have the money to purchase a patent, to protect his idea, so he went to Levi Strauss & asked him would he like to go business with him, Strauss provide the material`s, Davies made them,  on May 20, 1873, the two men received U.S. Patent 139,121 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Levi Strauss Co was born, in the 1890s they invented the iconic 501 five pocket jeans.


Calvin Klein made denim sexy & desirable

Jeans eventually became more excepted as casual wear, former immigrants returned to their home country’s taking with them the modern jeans, soon subcultures like Mods, Hippy`s, Punks, adopted the Jeans as a part of their look, during the 70,s new designers like Calvin Klein took the humble jeans to new heights, they made the practical jeans in to some thing that was fun & desirable, the 80s was all about denim, rockers wore denim every wore denim, at the end of the 80s the denim dream was over, Levi`s had to close over 10 factory’s, more people turned to casual trousers,


When fashion changed to more casual chinos denim crashed

But denim is back people and its even hotter than ever, you can mix denim with every outfit if you match it with the right cloths, but one point people its got to be Indigo, stone jeans is what your granddad wears to go shopping in, be bold be proud, it’s all about layering so let’s have a look at some fashionistas wearing some dapper denim pieces.


This guy has taken the smart but casual look to a different level, but the rolled up sleeve belongs in the 80s other wise Nice.


Double denim is always a cracking look, what I love about this look is the classic suspenders, the pumps just make it pop.


Denim was invented for work wear, so matching it with a shawl neck cardigan will give you a raw masculine stylish look.


Here we’ve got double denim again, then he’s worn a tan roll-neck sweater added a touch of tweed with the waistcoat, then with a great layering effect he`s added a classy short trench coat, very chic with bags of panache.

I don’t wear denim much today, but I’m investing in a new indigo denim jacket this month, I`ve just got a great pair of Levi`s 501s with the red tab guys, denim has a great place in any man`s wardrobe it all about how you wear it & what you wear with it.


Bob Redfern


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a United States fashion apparel company, their headquartered are in New York, NY, the company, through its subsidiaries, designs, markets and sells men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, accessories, fragrances and home furnishings to customers worldwide. Ralph Lauren Corporation began with the 1967 founding of the Polo Ralph Lauren company by American designer Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren was born with the name Ralph Lifshitz in October 14, 1939,  in The Bronx, New York, his family were Jewish immigrants from Belarus, Ralph attended local schools he graduated in 1957, in his year book he wrote he wanted to be a millionaire, at 16 he changed his surname to Lauren you can’t be a fashion designer with “SHIT” in your name, He went to Baruch college where he studied business, over the next couple of years he joined the US army, worked for the iconic Brooks Brothers ( They invented the first oxford shirt for the US market ), he soon found him self selling ties, Ralph Lauren loved to watch old movies, style is something he found from watching classic film stars, Style is something you never lose fashion changes style does not, he took inspiration from this  and designed his own tie collection, they were wide hand-made with high-end fabrics the collection was called “Polo”  he went store to store selling his ties, his big break came when he got an order for 1200 ties, fresh from his success he wanted to design his own line of cloths, he wanted to break away from tradition & create something that had romance & excitement, that`s how he developed his style, in 1968 Ralph Lauren launched his first full line of menswear called Polo.

41a0755f83ca7a7e457ba3b65de25fda (1)

Ralph Lauren`s first menswear collection called Polo

The 1970s kicked with a bang for Ralph Lauren in 1970 he won the Coty award, then in 1971 he introduced the world-famous Polo player logo, during this time he introduced tailored shirts for women, with skinny sleeves & skinny fit, and this was the decade he launched the famous polo shirt in a mesh weave available in twenty-four different colors, the Polo shirt becomes the most iconic item of the preppy look, in 1974 he was asked to outfit all the male stars in the Great Gatsby film starring Robert Redford, through the 1970s he launched a women`s collection & a children`s collection, this is also the time when he launched his world-famous fragrance Polo on the green bottle.


Ralph Lauren famous polo shirt

Ralph Lauren continued his success in to the 1980s and the 1990s  his brand of fashion came synonymous with quality and style, Ralph Lauren is now a world-wide brand it is reported his wealth is around 8 billion pounds not bad for a little Bronx boy with shit in his name, the key to  Ralph`s success his style, he has away of making a simple garment exciting & stylish how he does this is very simple, he looks around see`s what people are doing what they are driving, he is inspired by the old rustic west, dirt roads, old wood-paneled trucks, sailing around the coast of america, college kids sporting old style clothing, he takes inspiration from this he will see one piece then runs with it, as he deigns it he deigns it like a movie, he gives it a character that people get to know & trust but most off all they want to buy it.

Gertrude_Rhinelander_Waldo_Mansion_002 (1)

The Ralph Lauren flagship store occupying the Rhinelander Mansion on Madison Avenue in New York City

Ralph Lauren  is now a public trade company known as RL Corporation, so if you want a bit of this magic you can buy a little or a lot of it, Ralph Lauren is now so diverse they even sell paint yes paint, chairs, cushions, shares, the only thing it does not sell is food & drink, Ralph Lauren had over 35 boutiques in the United States; 23 locations carried the Ralph Lauren Purple Label, including Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Boston, Charlotte, Washington DC, Chicago, Costa Mesa, Dallas, Denver, Honolulu, Houston,Las Vegas, Manhasset, New York, Palm Beach, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Short Hills, Montreal and Troy. also Ralph Lauren stores can be found in the united kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and many more country’s.


“style is very personal, it has nothing to do with fashion, fashion is over very quickly, style is forever,”

( a quote by the man himself )

When it comes to fashion Ralph Lauren is a true innovator in fashion & style, the way he see clothes & designs them is just amazing he will take a simple denim jacket & turn it from just practical into a fashion center piece.


Bob Redfern


Pellicano Menswear

Pellicano Menswear was established in 2012 in Camden, London. Set up by Mick Rose, Pellicano is a family business with over 40 years of experience in menswear and with a remit to produce elegant menswear, but in limited numbers. Each design in the range is unique and the style he wanted to capture was influenced by black & white continental films, but with an injection of London’s Soho district circa 1960, which was a melting pot of jazz musicians, Italian culture and blues loving American GI’s.  Pellicano has mixed all these styles together and what they have come up with is high quality menswear pieces, each individually handcrafted in London or Italy so when it comes to menswear Pellicano is in a different league:

Elegant individualism is what they are striving to achieve; while  other companies  mass produce in far flung places with Pellicano you get  handcrafted masterpieces, made in traditional manufacturing areas of England and Italy. Invest in a Pellicano limited edition shirt and you will have something that your friends won’t ever have:  a shirt with British swagger and an abundance of Italian style!

Now every man needs a white dress shirt that`s stylish but also very classy with Pellicano that’s what you will get.

white p

A classic long collar business shirt. This shirt is elegant, striking and straight from the back of our favourite Italian Art House actor: Signor Marcello Mastroianni.

  • Soft collar – with removable ‘bones’ to stiffen
  • Mother of pearl buttons – cross stitched so they stay secure
  • French seams for a neat finish
  • Discrete understated branding so only you will know!!
  • Strictly limited edition and individually numbered
  • Tailored for a clean silhouette

If you’re dressing to impress its all about what you are wearing how about setting the bar a little higher with this special piece it`s a classic penny collar in gingham black.


Originally part of the dress code of Eton College and later made famous by the iconic Miles Davis, our classic penny collar shirt is made exclusively for Pellicano in Italy using crisp lightweight cotton to add a swagger to your stride.

Looking equally elegant with a sharp suit or dressed down; just finish off with a high quality handmade Italian silk tie or with the top button left loose.

  • Soft collar with removable ‘bones’ to stiffen
  • Mother of pearl buttons –cross stitched so they stay secure
  • French seams for a neat finish
  • Discrete understated branding so only you will know!!
  • Strictly limited edition and individually numbered
  • Slim-fit for a clean silhouette –not skinny but not ‘rent a tent’ either!

Now lets bring those shirts together with one simple accessory a knitted silk tie that will go with a patterned or a plain shirt.

Knitted p

Add a suave and retro air to your wardrobe with this beautifully crafted silk knitted tie. Best worn with a plain or patterned Italian fitted shirt for a clean-cut silhouette. Pellicano knitted ties are made in Milan using luxurious, high quality silk.

  • 6cm width for a classic line
  • Beautiful Italian silk – dry clean only

some amazing pieces here to choose from, Pellicano on-line store does paypal very secure & easy to use, also if you want to chill out they have some tunes for you to listen to through SPOTIFY, I got to listen to some Bobby Williams very funky, so take a look at Pellicano today if any thing it will open yours to some thing amazing.


Bob Redfern


The Gingham Shirt

Gingham shirts are a classy shirt in their own right, the gingham design originates from Malay, the name genggang meaning striped, they say the name came into English via the Dutch, when they imported them into Europe, it was a striped pattern, but the English mills in Manchester gave it a checked pattern when it was produced, they wove it into a checked or plaid pattern, its made of carded medium or fine yarn , where the coloring is on the warp yarns & always along the grain.

So why are gingham shirts so popular, originally the only place you would see gingham is on the table as a table-cloth, in the early part of the 19th century film stars like Julie Garland in the film Wizard of Ozz, wore a blue gingham dress sexy, then you have Bridget Bardo she got married in a pink gingham dress “yeah baby”, this caused a fashion craze in Paris & gingham material nearly ran out, it was not till the 1960s that man got in to gingham, Mods started to wear it thanks to brave designer called Ben Sherman, in the 80s & 90s it fell out of favour, but thanks to the Brit pop scene it became a popular shirt to wear again.

Fred Perry short sleeved gingham shirt in red

Fred Perry short-sleeved gingham shirt in red

Fred Perry prides its self on its brand that has a strong following so their classic fit gingham shirt with button down collar, in both short & long sleeve, with a patch pocket on the chest embroidered  with their signature laurel wreath motif, is a stylish shirt to own

Ben Sherman black gingham shirt

Ben Sherman black gingham shirt

Ben Sherman is a legend in his own right, he embraced change all the way searching for the best, & one of them was the iconic gingham shirt, it’s a long sleeve shirt with adjustable cuffs, designed to a heritage made fit, it features a two finger button down collar, branded label on the spade pocket, & what makes their shirt stand out , it’s the bias check on the placket & the yoke also the pocket, very British but super chic.

Merc London light blue gingham shirt

Merc London light blue gingham shirt

Merc London have been making shirts since 1967, they are Mod farther for rude boys & skin heads they have a simple design in both long sleeve & short, their motif is  embroidered on the pocket, with a button down collar with a tartan design on the in side of the collar, also a back box pleat and twin darts, its made from 100% cotton, a true classic to own.

Pretty green blue fine gingham check shirt

Pretty green blue fine gingham check shirt

The need kid on the block is Pretty green from Manchester, their style is very laid back & their gingham shirts come in a finer check, the style of the shirt is a classic fit, button down collar, embroidered chest badge and tab, single yoke on the back with a hook, made from 100 % cotton. a great shirt from a fresh stylish label.
Ben Sherman US
The gingham shirt can be worn for casual or smart dress, it’s a great shirt to have in your wardrobe, take a look at these styles, it will give you some idea how you can wear your gingham shirt.

Mix it with a classy blazer to dress it up

Mix it with a classy blazer to dress it up

If you want a stylish look mix it with a waistcoat / vest then add a bowtie

If you want a stylish look mix it with a waistcoat / vest then add a bow tie

For a very casual but dapper look go add a shawl cardigan & indigo jeans.

For a very casual but dapper look go add a shawl cardigan & indigo jeans.

So have I convinced you to buy a gingham shirt, if you are my advise is stick with red or blue, but if you want to be very classy go for black guys you will love the look & style.

Thank you for reading my blog again please log in my twitter page for the latest looks if you like the looks


Bob Redfern