The classic T-shirt

Is a style of fabric shirt, named after the T shape of the body & sleeves, it’s also normally has a crew neck but  you can get them in a V-neck, the fits can come in slim & general fit, they are traditionally made from cotton, and a have a smooth feel to them, the T-shirt evolved from underwear, During the first world war T-shirts were issued to sailors US sailors, they soon became popular with manual workers as undergarments, because it was easily fitted & easily cleaned also very inexpensive, parents started buy them for their kids to wear, after the World War II ex-service men started to wear them in civvy streets, then came it crowning glory, Marlon Brando wore a simple T-shirt in the film  A Streetcar Named Desire, it achieved a fashion icon statues, soon all young kids in college were wearing the classic T-shirt. 


Marlon Brando in the famous film A Streetcar Named Desire which made the T-shirt fashionable

During the 60s the era of free love & Mod culture, T-shirts became a great way of advertising how people felt & advertising products,  screen-printing also became a cheap way for artists & small company’s to print their own T-shirts, in the 70s one such fashion designer called vivian westwood, designed the famous controversy Lonesome Cowboys image, it was of two naked cowboys only dressed in boots & hats facing each other, their penis nearly touching each other, it was taken away by the police because it was classed as porn at the time.


Philip Michael Don Johnson in Miami Vice

During the 80s  Don Johnson wore T-shirts with Armani suits on Miami Vice, T-shirts became more of a fashion piece as the decade carried on, through the 90s they stayed a main stay of any mans wardrobe, all major men fashion labels stock T-shirts, there are even company’s who just sell printed T-shirts, the looks & style you can achieve are amazing, a T-shirt is not for casual use, they can be worn for smart dress to take a look at some looks I’ve put together.


You can see by just adding a simple blazer with a pocket square the T-shirt becomes really classy & stylish


Lets not for get the classic jeans & T-shirt look


 Wearing a classic T-shirt with a suit is another classic if you can pull it off


Another great look of the classic T-SHIRT is the simple dress down look mix it with a stylish hoodie for those Sunday walks to the shop

I normally don’t make a point about people wearing crap items of clothing, But a pet hate of mine is Grown men wearing cartoon T-shirts & they think they look cool, please these items of clothing are fine to lounge around in at home, but in public you look like a proper dick dead, dress your age & have some pride people.


Funny but what a dick head

If your going to buy T-shirts look at the label, if it says skinny fit & you’re a fat guy, you will end up looking like beach ball, buy the right size & fit, to me you should have 3 plain T-shirts in your wardrobe, Navy,Grey,White these will give you the minim styles & looks you need,


Bob Redfern


Roll-neck sweater

The Roll-neck sweater is a sweater with a close-fitting , round, and high collar that folds over & covers the neck, they move with the body, also they are flattering too, because they accentuate the face & elongate the figure, its known by other names like, Turtle neck, Skivvy, Polo neck, Roll-neck clothing have been worn for century’s, In the 19th century they were worn by naval officers & the fascists black shirts, french philosopher Michel Foucault loved them, They became a hit in the united states when Noel Coward started to wear them over there,


Steve McQueen in Bullet wearing a blue Roll-neck sweater

During 50s women started to wear the Roll-neck, the Roll-neck became a anti-tie symbol, for people who hated formal wear but they still wanted to look good, during the 60 s & 70 s the Roll-neck was lampooned, nearly every bond movie or spy film had bad guys dressed in black in Roll-neck`s, but young & old academics, artists and puffy Shakespeare loving actors, kept the Roll-neck in the mainstream.


Roll-neck come in many colors

Roll-necks have caused controversy, where men have decide to buck the trend & rules, they have decide wear a Roll-neck to weddings & restaurants,where normally the dress code is tie only, there was reports in the papers of fierce conflicts at restaurants,

The Style of the Roll-neck makes it a great piece to wear, you can wear it on its own, add a blazer for a super chic look, the most common color is black or navy, what ever you wear with the Roll-neck your guaranteed a stylish look, take a look at these stylish looks they will give you some ides how to wear a Roll-neck.


for a stylish chic look go for a navy Roll-neck & indigo jeans


if you’re wearing a Roll-neck simply dress it with a stylish blazer


mixing a Roll-neck sweater with a Camel over coat is stylish & chic

Roll-necks sweaters are amazing, to me you need at least two in your wardrobe, go for Navy & Black, you can get them from most apparel shops, I love to wear my Roll-necks with a blazer & over coat the look is just amazing, the Roll-neck can be worn with any thing, Denim jackets, blazers, overcoats, they are just so universal you just need to buy one.


Bob Redfern


Fashion on a budget

like most young people my brother likes to look good, he takes pride in his appearance, but he works in the catering Industry which is not highly paid, he came to me & advised me was attending a party, but he only had £60.00 budget for an outfit, so I was up for a challenge we hit the shops, I checked my emails & twitter account for all the latest sales news, I found out that Primark was now selling 100 % tweed blazers & waistcoat’s , So off to Primark we went, we found a 5 button tweed waistcoat in brown with a burgundy back, we also got a white penny collar shirt in a slim fit ,then a pair of indigo jeans,we hit a couple more shops, we picked up a super deep blue chambray shirt & a white ribbed Henley Shirt, so how much do you think we spent then ! well here is the break down on the costs, trust me looking good does not cost much if you’re a savvy shopper.

Tweed waistcoat £7.00

White penny collar shirt £10.00

Indigo jeans £9.00

Chambray shirt £5.00

Henley shirt £14.00

Total cost £45.00


Here is my brother in the tweed waistcoat & white penny collar shirt finished off with the indigo jeans


In this picture he’s got that lovely chambray shirt on using the Henley shirt as a base layer finished off with the indigo jeans


for a super chic look I’ve got him to wear the waistcoat with the Henley shirt & Indigo jeans

So you can see with a bit of knowledge & some free time you can look stylish without breaking the bank, the best buy for me was the Chambray shirt it was a steal at £5.00, but most of all my brother will look amazing & stylish.


Bob Redfern


The Original Penguin

The Original Penguin ( also just known as penguin) is an American apparel company, they started out making underwear, but in the 50 s there was a boom for casual wear, company’s like Lacoste were bringing new styles to the states & people wanted more, sensing a place in the market for an American style casual clothing brand, Munsingwear as they were known then asked a salesman to come up with a name for the brand, when he arrived he was carrying a stuffed penguin, at the meeting was Len Birnbaum, who was a director at Munsingerwear, they decide to name their shirt after the stuffed penguin, Munsingerwear made their own T-shirts already & the machines they used produced the same kind of material Lacoste used for their shirts, with having no import costs, they could make a shirt of the same quality a sell it at a lower cost but still make money, the shirt was designed for golf players, they added a under-arm action gussets, and moved the pocket to the right breast pocket, it was success, people like Bob Hope & Bing Crosby who were avid players of golf, wore the new shirt this gave it great publicity, Original Penguin became a house hold name.


Tho Original Penguin Logo

The Original Penguin is no longer owned by Musingerwear but the name still appears on the label, Penguin today make high-end casual wear for lady’s & men they specialize in polo shirts,knitwear,jackets,shirts,trousers,accessories even eye wear, their style still has a sporting feel to it, but it’s now really just a casual apparel label, which design very vibrant pieces that are very chic. their polo shirts have not changed much, the most famous of their polo shirts is the Earl, its 100 % cotton the fabric has knit print, it comes with a breast pocket , the most striking feature of the Earl is it has piping around the placket & the edges of the sleeve & the collar, all in the same color as the embroidered penguin motif.









Penguin has gone through some changes since the 50 s, they were sold to Perry Ellis in 1996, they relaunched the brand in 2003 with a brand new collection, it still gains a cult following today.they have stores all over the US & around the world, its sold in Original penguin stores but its all sold by independent stores under licence, Original Penguin also has its own online store.

Penguin is still worn by golf players, with it now owned by Perry Ellis the official PGA sponsor, they sponsor about 12 players like Aron Bradley.

I have owned a few pieces of Original Penguin over the years, they are hard wearing & very stylish, my freinds all ways complement me when I wear a Penguin piece, to me they are well worth the investment, if looked after properly they will last you a life time.


Bob Redfern


Jack Wills

Jack Wills was founded in 1999 in Salcombe, Devon, By Peter Williams & Robert Shaw, The Brand was named after Peter Williams Grandad,  They wanted to come up with a brand that would appeal to young students at university,  They wanted to create some thing that was cool & amazing but different, they chose to base it on a private school / preppylook,  The logo they chose was a pheasant in a top hat with a walking stick,  He is known as Mr Wills, Their first store was at 22 Fore Street in Salcombe,  the lads lived above the store when they first started off.


Jack Wills Logo Mr Wills 

Jack Wills make clothing for men & women, that range from traditional formal wear to shirts, Tweed Jackets, Hooded tops, Sweatpants, T-shirts, Rugby Shirts, Accessories, their style is based on high-end casual wear based on a preppy casual feel & look, Their clothing is not made in the UK but in the far east. They have set up a second brand for sports wear, It is called J.W.R.C (Jack Wills Rowing Club) which focuses on sports wear.


Jack Wills clothing covers many styles

In 2008 Jack Wills wanted to attract more mature customers,  the over 25 + was the one area they wanted to get into, So they set up Aubin Wills but the brand was not a hit, So in 2008 they decide to close the brand down, they wanted to concentrate on their main brand.


Aubin & Wills Logo

Jack Wills has now become one of the biggest fashion clothing apparel company’s in the UK, they now own over 45 stores up & down the UK,  they also have store’s in the Hong Kong & the United States,  in 2014 they started to expand into the far east by opening stores in Singapore & macu,  they also have an online store, in 2009 they opened a Jack Wills outlet online store, this is limited to Jack Wills customers only, It’s a site for loyal Jack Wills fans, they are able to get last season’s fashions at a discounted price, but it’s a no frills service no fancy packaging etc.


Jack Wills clothing comes in many vibrant colours

Jack Wills style and look is key to their brand,  they don’t rely on TV marketing,  it’s their customers who spread the word by social media & blogging, but every seasons they bring out new amazing clothing & accessories.


Jack Wills Polo shirt


Jack wills classic cricket jumper


Jack Wills Chambray shirt


Jack Wills Anorak

Please take five minutes & have a look at Jack Wills, they have captured the hearts & minds of a generation  through amazing designs & great customer service.


Bob Redfern


Thomas joules

Thomas Joules casual country clothing brand was formed in 1989, By Thomas Joules in market Harbour,  he had been working in his father’s shop Joules & son, Thomas saw a gap in the country clothing market, for a more casual but stylish clothing brand, Thomas decide that he would use a hare as his logo for his clothes, yes it’s not a rabbit,  Thomas Joules is known to more younger people for their colourful wellies that they sell in their thousands to festival goers, Thomas Joules is now over 25 year’s old, they have big expansion plans for 2015


Thomas Joules Hare Logo

Joules sell clothing for men & women, their fashion is very vibrant with lots of tweed also checks,  they sell shirts, polo shirt, Jeans, Rugby shirts, blazers, knit wear & accessories they even sell home products now, Joules clothing is made to high standards, when you buy a Thomas Joules piece of clothing,  you will be amazed by the details that go into every piece they produce.


Thomas Joules classic stripe shirt

Thomas Joules now own over 76 shops up & down the UK, also they attend events from country fairs to music festival’s,  they plan to expand to the US, Canada, France, Germany so 2015 will be a big year for them.


Thomas Joules famous welly wanging at one of the many events they attend

Thomas Joules also provide sports wear to polo teams, one of the main events they sponsor is the Watergate bay beach polo match, they have sponsored it for over 8 years now.


Thomas Joules polo team at The Watergate bay beach polo match

Please take a look at Thomas Joules l own at least 3 shirts & they are some of my favourite piece’s in my wardrobe.



Bob Redfern

The Gingham Shirt

Gingham shirts are a classy shirt in their own right, the gingham design originates from Malay, the name genggang meaning striped, they say the name came into English via the Dutch, when they imported them into Europe, it was a striped pattern, but the English mills in Manchester gave it a checked pattern when it was produced, they wove it into a checked or plaid pattern, its made of carded medium or fine yarn , where the coloring is on the warp yarns & always along the grain.

So why are gingham shirts so popular, originally the only place you would see gingham is on the table as a table-cloth, in the early part of the 19th century film stars like Julie Garland in the film Wizard of Ozz, wore a blue gingham dress sexy, then you have Bridget Bardo she got married in a pink gingham dress “yeah baby”, this caused a fashion craze in Paris & gingham material nearly ran out, it was not till the 1960s that man got in to gingham, Mods started to wear it thanks to brave designer called Ben Sherman, in the 80s & 90s it fell out of favour, but thanks to the Brit pop scene it became a popular shirt to wear again.

Fred Perry short sleeved gingham shirt in red

Fred Perry short-sleeved gingham shirt in red

Fred Perry prides its self on its brand that has a strong following so their classic fit gingham shirt with button down collar, in both short & long sleeve, with a patch pocket on the chest embroidered  with their signature laurel wreath motif, is a stylish shirt to own

Ben Sherman black gingham shirt

Ben Sherman black gingham shirt

Ben Sherman is a legend in his own right, he embraced change all the way searching for the best, & one of them was the iconic gingham shirt, it’s a long sleeve shirt with adjustable cuffs, designed to a heritage made fit, it features a two finger button down collar, branded label on the spade pocket, & what makes their shirt stand out , it’s the bias check on the placket & the yoke also the pocket, very British but super chic.

Merc London light blue gingham shirt

Merc London light blue gingham shirt

Merc London have been making shirts since 1967, they are Mod farther for rude boys & skin heads they have a simple design in both long sleeve & short, their motif is  embroidered on the pocket, with a button down collar with a tartan design on the in side of the collar, also a back box pleat and twin darts, its made from 100% cotton, a true classic to own.

Pretty green blue fine gingham check shirt

Pretty green blue fine gingham check shirt

The need kid on the block is Pretty green from Manchester, their style is very laid back & their gingham shirts come in a finer check, the style of the shirt is a classic fit, button down collar, embroidered chest badge and tab, single yoke on the back with a hook, made from 100 % cotton. a great shirt from a fresh stylish label.
Ben Sherman US
The gingham shirt can be worn for casual or smart dress, it’s a great shirt to have in your wardrobe, take a look at these styles, it will give you some idea how you can wear your gingham shirt.

Mix it with a classy blazer to dress it up

Mix it with a classy blazer to dress it up

If you want a stylish look mix it with a waistcoat / vest then add a bowtie

If you want a stylish look mix it with a waistcoat / vest then add a bow tie

For a very casual but dapper look go add a shawl cardigan & indigo jeans.

For a very casual but dapper look go add a shawl cardigan & indigo jeans.

So have I convinced you to buy a gingham shirt, if you are my advise is stick with red or blue, but if you want to be very classy go for black guys you will love the look & style.

Thank you for reading my blog again please log in my twitter page for the latest looks if you like the looks


Bob Redfern


The Waistcoat/Vest

If your really serious about fashion right now, the waistcoat/vest is something you need in your wardrobe. because of it`s simplicity  & design it will go with most outfits you put together, it`s the only piece of clothing to have a royal charter, we know this because Samuel Peps kept a diary, also with waistcoats/vest you don’t have to pay a lot of money for one, Marc Darcy`s  in Manchester have some of the best going  they start at £25.00 also very stylish, or you could go to Walker Slater in Edinburgh they are the best in my view, your looking around £85.00 for a nice waistcoat/vest  you won’t buy better, don’t worry they have an online store. So are waistcoat/vest really stylish and practical, “YES”, look around & when I say look around, l mean read about men’s fashion on-line, read the latest fashion magazines there are thousands of articles & pictures to whet your appetite,  so who is wearing the waistcoat /vest & getting noticed for their style, first up is Mr Olly Murs he’s been voted by GQ as one of the best dressed men in the UK, his style comes from the high street, he love’s Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Top man all iconic British brands, what this means to you as a savvy shopper ,you can get the same look at affordable prices, Olly’s style normally is a classic granddad shirt, Stunning waistcoat/vest then very tight trousers. He is a very stylish man, he does not follow any brand`s or style`s 70% of clothes he buys come from the high street, he will buy a certain item  then wear it in his own style.

Olly Murs in a Henley shirt & a tweed waistcoat finshed off with a trilby hat

Olly Murs in a Henley shirt & a tweed waistcoat finished off with a Trilby hat

Another lover of the waistcoat / vest is our Gary Barlow of Take That, another winner of GQ magazine best dressed man, he has a more tailored style than Olly Murs, he love’s tweed & check designs etc, but Gary ‘ s style again does not come at a cost. He’s worn suit`s from Top man on the X factor more than once, Gary Barlow is now a fashion icon, when he get`s dressed up he has a very confident look about him, that’s because he knows he looks good.

Gary Barlow in rich deep burgundy shirt finished off with fine black pinstripe waistcoat-vest

Gary Barlow in rich deep burgundy shirt finished off with fine black pinstripe waistcoat-vest

So you can see it’s not just me talking about why waistcoats / vest are fashionable, you have famous people & style icons wearing them,but most of all they are buying them from the same high street shop`s you shop in, from the likes if Top man, Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Ralph Lauren, Next, River Island, Marc Darcy, Walker Slater, these are not some fancy boutique selling waistcoat / vest at silly money but your every day mens clothing shop, so  buying a waistcoat / vest wont be expensive, my advice is stick to tweed or herringbone style waistcoat / vest but you choose what suits you. When buying a waistcoat / vest you need to try them on, they are a very tight-fitting garment, so getting one that fits you right is very important, when you get your waistcoat / vest you then need to think what you’re going to wear with it, due to its design you can wear nearly any thing with it, Henley shirt, Oxford shirt, T-shirt, it’s up to you, it’s trial & error, now l can list you every tom dick & Harry who has the best waistcoats in the UK, but l won’t lm going to give you two to whet your appetite a little, both provide stylish classic waistcoat / vest but it’s about cost & style you choose.

Marc Darcy waistcoat / vest in tweed

Marc Darcy waistcoat / vest in tweed

Marc Darcy are from Manchester, their style is very old school but with a fresh twist, they make over coat, blazers, waistcoat / vest in the old comble style with velvet collars very stylish and other designs to, what they offer is cost-effective men’s tailoring at affordable price’s,  l own three of their waistcoats / vest and they are stylish & well made, the style is five button waistcoat with two pockets, notched lapel, tweed front satin back with two side adjusters all that for £25.00 & people will compliment you on your style.

Walker Slater tweed waistcoat / vest

Walker Slater tweed waistcoat / vest

Now if your willing to splash the cash ! Meet Walker Slater based in Edinburgh, but they also have store’s in London, all their product’s are designed in Scotland also made there, they are tweed crazy, they make the best tweed suit’s in the UK,  they offer two services off the peg or bespoke, what your looking for is off the peg, their standard design is the Edward Waistcoat / vest it’s a classic 5 button waistcoat with two pockets, notched lapel, tweed front & silk back with adjuster, the cost is only £85.00, you can’t go wrong at that price, l have one of their waistcoats / vest it’s my favourite l love it. I hope again you have found this blog help full if you have any questions please let me know.


Bob Redfern


Street Style & Fashion

So what is street style & fashion,There is many points of view about this, some say it’s the latest fashion that’s in now, to me it’s being you not copying every one else, having your own twist on every day clothing, but the key is then putting them together in away that’s stylish, not ending up looking like some bag lady from the 80s, every one is  seduced by adverts for clothing, we see these adverts then think oh yeah baby l want that, but remember when that designer was designing those clothes, he didn’t have you in mind but some sexy Spanish bull fighter in tight-fitting pants, Street fashion is often associated with youth culture, it normally starts in urban city areas,then it appears in the press and magazines.

Simple plain dark Tshirt, indigo jean's, plush overcoat, snazzy scarf, Tan boots, finshed with a fedora hat.

Simple plain dark T-shirt, indigo jean’s, plush overcoat, snazzy scarf, Tan boots, finished with a fedora hat.

So why do people follow a certain look, some times they love the look & want to be apart of that culture, it could be down to the music, look at Goths they have a certain look and music that are very dark, Hippies were all about long hair & colour full T-shirts with songs of love.then you had punks very loud spiky hair & music with ripped jeans,there is many more subcultures so you can see how young people can be influenced into following a certain look & trend.

Simple blue dress shirt, Silk knitted tie,mens button braces, dark tapperd trousers, brown shoes,

Simple blue dress shirt, Silk knitted tie,mens button braces, dark tapperd trousers, brown shoes,

So why is it important that we keep our own identity & look.the main reason is we are not all a size nine & we grow old, so super skinny super tight wont last, fashion changes quicker than a tramp changes his pants, so when it comes to street Style etc it’s all about you & no one else.

Red gingham shirt with striped tie, tweed waistcoat, pocket watch & chain, indigo jean's, Tan shoes.

Red gingham shirt with striped tie, tweed waistcoat, pocket watch & chain, indigo jean’s, Tan shoes.

We are not asking you to spend thousands of pounds on a new wardrobe, it’s just about putting certain piece’s together that will give you a stylish look when your out & about,the way you achieve your look is through trial & error. Get your self a look book together, put it on pinterest so you are able to review it any time, don’t become obsessed with fashion your life is for living, just take pride in what you wear, and before you go out say to your self do l look good.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog


Bob Redfern


Oxford Shirts

Out of every thing you can own a Oxford shirt is a must. you can wear it with Jeans or chinos even shorts also blazers, it has been worn by  presidents also film stars also punks & mods, It’s stood the test of time it just gets better like a fine wine.

So what is a Oxford shirt I hear you say, well if you check out the Web or history books it comes up with many things, it turns out that a Scottish mill in Scotland decide to make some shirt fabrics & name them after famous university’s which were Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford, the one that took off was the Oxford cloth, it was down to its unique design the threads made from 100% cotton & form a criss-cross basket-weave pattern, making it hard-wearing & breathable.

Criss cross basket weave known as Oxford clothing

Criss-cross basket weave known as Oxford cloth

Because of its design it soon attracted sports people like tennis players to polo players, who would normally play in starch shirts, because cotton is very soft its hard to starch the collars, this became a problem for the polo players because the collars would flap around when they played, so some bright spark came up with the idea of button down collars.

Polo Players wearing the first oxford shirts

Polo Players wearing the first oxford shirts

Soon these shirts started to become fashionable, one person who noticed them was John E Brooks grandson of Henry Sands Brooks, who started the famous Brook Brothers menswear, he had a shirt sent to his store in america and had it copied down to the last details, by the time the roaring 1920s kicked off all the college kids were wearing oxford shirt’s. The preppy look was born, Oxford shirts soon found their way into the Whitehouse senators kissing baby’s were wearing Oxford shirt showing younger Americans they weren’t old and stuffy, soon the classic Oxford shirt became an icon for being cool & lade back,  one young playboy who became famous for his relaxed fashion, was JFK other wise known as John F Kennedy, soon to be president Kennedy he was photographed many times in relaxed poses wearing a Oxford Shirt.

JFK in a Oxford shirt and shorts

JFK in a Oxford shirt and shorts

The Oxford shirt went through many changes, but in the 1970s Ralph Lauren made the Oxford shirt cool again, he gave it panache he made young men look masculine when they wore his shirts, he was famous for his light blue Oxford shirt, every young man who went to a prestigious college had a Oxford shirt, in the UK it was the Mods who took to wearing them, and the label to be seen in was Ben Sherman, but the differences in the UK was most young people liked the short sleeve version .
Terraces Menswear - Fred Perry

Mods loved style they only wore the best and that was Ben Sherman

Mods loved style they only wore the best and that was Ben Sherman

During the 1970s & 1980s mens fashion went through many changes, the preppy look was still alive and kicking, but shows like Miami vice made wearing cotton suits with rolled up sleeves and  a T-shirt cool, so people wore more sportswear than real cloths, but classic icons never die, soon people realised dressing like some 80s pop star was very naff indeed, but thanks to Ben Sherman , Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers who believed in their Oxford Shirts, they are once again in demand by fashion conscious young men, who love to look good, so why have these shirts lasted this long, it’s down to their brand & their iconic Status, There are a lot of company’s who claim to have the best oxford shirt, but 9 out 10 times its just a standard poplin shirt with button collars, to me there only three company’s who stay true to the original design, yes they have all put their own spin on it, but it’s still a true Oxford shirt at the end of the day the company’s are as follows.

Ralph Lauren's white Oxford shirt

Ralph Lauren’s white Oxford shirt

 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren took the Oxford shirt to a different level it defined a generation, it was very much associated with the preppy look, if any thing he made the blue Oxford shirt a style icon,  the shirts themselves come in two fits slim fit & custom fit, and come in different colours the cost for one of these fine shirts is £85.00  well worth the investment .

Brooks Brothers blue Oxford shirt

Brooks Brothers blue Oxford shirt

Brook Brothers

Brook Brothers oxford shirts were the first to be mass-produced, I think the design just gets better with age, its made from pure American grown cotton, they claim to be the innovator of the button down collar, they inspired the Ivy League look,  you can tell a Brooks shirts on the barrel cuffs they have 6 leats  whirring this is their signature .They come in Traditional fit , Slim fit, X Slim fit for a true piece of American history your looking at $95.00 again well worth the investment .

Ben Sherman's Blue Oxford Shirt

Ben Sherman’s Blue Oxford Shirt

Ben Sherman

The Original Button Up Since 1963.

Ben Sherman Oxford shirt was influenced by the Ivy League its self, but Ben Sherman added his own touches to this classic, he put a back hook on his shirt also a button on the back of the collar, this was his way of saying this is my shirt, he used a lot of pale colours, he also boxed his shirts individuality, he has dressed five generations & the brand is still going strong, but the sizes are really for small-sized people, your looking around £125.00 for a slice of British history.

Ben Sherman US

The way you can wear Oxford shirts is endless, it goes with every thing from chinos to kilts trust me invest into a Oxford shirt you won’t regret it.

Oxford shirt & shorts

Oxford shirt & shorts

Navy Blazer & White Oxford shirt

Navy Blazer & White Oxford shirt

Chinos & White Oxford shirt

Chino & White Oxford Shirt - Mainline Menswear is the UK's leading independent retailer of Mens Designer Clothing.
I hope I have ignited your love again for a classic icon, that will just get better as times go’s by, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, by the way if you have any questions please do contact me I would be happy to talk to you.


Bob Redfern