Golden Globes 2015

well it’s that time of year to see who might win an Oscar later this year, its 2015 Golden Globes Awards so l`m so going to highlight some of the best dressed men, & give my point of view straight from the hip as they say so sit back & lets see what the men of TV & film are wearing.


Eddie Redmayne is one of my favorite actors, his style is always very chic, here he wearing a velvet tuxedo, dress trousers & shirt in a slim fit my score is 10 out 10


Usher usually gets it right in the fashion stakes, but I’m sorry this two-tone piece just does not cut the mustard, nice shoes tho so I’m Usher I don’t think your ready to blow today I give you 5 out 10


Idris Elba is one smooth gent, what ever he wears he makes it look good, so whats Mr Elba wearing a classic shawl collar tuxedo but going for a more update look he wears a tie nice shirt with cut away collar you score 8 out 10


Mathew McConaughey whats going on son,did your barber die, Mr McConaughey is normally Mr smooth, I think he thought it was fancy dress & came as the joker in this purple number I give you 7 out of 10


Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) is always a classy dresser proper dapper gent, you can see the quality of the material in the picture he’s wearing a shawl collar tuxedo & matching trousers but loose the shades buddy you score 9 out 10


U2 well he have mixed bag here guys we’ve got Bono looking like goth Vampire from the 80 s, the Edge did try his best at least he wore a black beanie on his head, then you had Adam Clayton supporting a no tie number you’re so cool you score     4 out 10


Whats going on here then, oh Alan Cumming you poor thing you didn’t have a tuxedo so you made one out of your nana bed blanket & then borrowed your baby brothers trainers are so nice of him to help you score 0 out 10


Benedict Cumberbatch has panache class & most of all he British , hes wearing a classy black tuxedo with peaked lapels and a dapper pocket square but your bow tie is not straight sir you score 9 out 10


Matt Bomer is the man of the 2015 Golden Globes he chose a navy blue tuxedo with a shawl collar the shirts fits perfectly on the cuff if I was going to buy a tuxedo this is the one I would choose you score 10 out 10

There has been some amazing out fits this year & some well lets just say they should of not bothered to turn up, I would advise the organizers to send out the invites stating its not a fancy dress party next year


Bob Redfern