Men’s Summer Sartorial Style Guide

Summer is fast approaching guys, it’s time for Summer garden party’s & relaxing in the beer garden, heading abroad for our annual Holidays, because we are getting hot weather or traveling to warmer climates, most men stick to the basics, some funny logo T-shirt & big baggy cargo shorts, wearing horrible colored flip flops, but if you plan ahead, by the time you go on holiday or start to enjoy the hot weather, you could have one of the most stylish summer wardrobes, and it does not take much to get together, this blog is more directed to older men, who want to drop the tight fitting denim shorts & multi colored T-shirts, and those horrible bulky very expensive running shoes, so lets take a look at whats on offer & how you can put a great summer outfit together and look stylish with a squeeze of sartorial thrown in.Now the first pieces are shirts & polo shirts this is what real stylish men wear, when it comes to a summer style polo shirts are king, it can be a linen one or choose a 100% pique cotton fabric, these are natural fibers none man made so you wont sweat as much, because the fabric is breathable, again with shirts stick with linen or a 100% cotton, the style you should be looking for is not slim fit, “WHY”, most of us don’t have a body of a Greek God carved abs of granite, we are average joe’s, so lets dress accordingly, and you will look stylish & well put together, we need standard fit, the garment needs to simply drape a little, not hang off you, so it gives you room to breath & you feel comfortable, the same with summer shirts try to aim for short sleeve if you can & go for casual fit guys, colors and patterns is your next issue, you could end up looking like a bright looking ice lolly, if you don’t get the basics right, my advice is don’t be scared of color, summer is all about color but lets say you go for a bright pink shirt, tone it down with plain dark colors below, now patterns are great for summer I love short sleeve shirts with floral prints, these can be stylish if you buy the right ones, one piece I for got to mention is T-shirts, they do have a place in your wardrobe , but if we are trying to achieve a sartorial look, you got to keep them in plain colors, pastel colors if you can, as it is your summer wardrobe, please please no logo T-shirts, so here is a couple of options to get you thinking.

This stunning Indigo polo shirt is a Linen & cotton blend, this comes from Mango Man it retails for £29.99, this piece can be with shorts & trousers, andy you could dress it up with light coloured blazer.

Add statement prints to your smart-casual collection with this shirt from Patrick Grant’s exclusive Hammond Co. Range. Working a bold tiger pattern throughout, it’s made with ecovero , a sustainable, eco-friendly material, for an ultra-soft and lightweight feel. A fashion line from Debenhams, the shirt is retails at £40.00 but is on sale right now if your looking to save some money.

Now if your not a lover of short sleeve shirts, and you are looking for a stylish long sleeved summer shirt, then UNIQLO have your back coverd, this simple smart elegant 100 % pure line shirt, ideal for breezy summer days, its available in many versatile colors, and its designed to drape elegantly when not tucked in, it retails for only £29.99, can be worn on it own or dressed up with a blazer.

This Burgundy slub short sleeve t-shirt from Burton’s men’s wear, has a roll cuff detail. This item is part of of their eco collection and is made with 100% organic cotton fibres. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and has a lower impact on the environment, its available in many bold summer colors and retails at £9.00 so cheaps as chips, looks good as a base layer or worn on its own.Thats the top half lets have a look at some stylish piece’s for the bottom, l do own jeans, but l try to stay away from wearing them during the summer months, also l want to show alternatives from denim jeans and get you thinking, people choose denim because its a safe choice for them, so let me tempt you & show you some stylish pieces that will get you thinking.

In summer you dont want to be wearing wool or flannel trousers, its linen or light cotton chinos, now to me the king of chinos is Charles Tyrwhitt, I have brought made to measure chinos & top shelf brand ones, but to me these are the best l have ever brought in my life, they come in three styles, classic fit, Slim fit, extra slim fit, you can have pleats or flat front, these non-iron chinos deliver a smart look in an easy-to-wear fabric. To ensure a comfortable fit, they are crafted with a curved waistbandt and added a touch of elastane to the soft cotton fibres. Their tailored design narrows towards the hem to create a contemporary silhouette. Charles Tyrwhitt have packed these trousers with thoughtful extra details, such as Bengal stripe detailing on the pockets and an internal French bearer panel. This additional piece of material helps to keep the front of the trousers flat. As you can see from the images, you can wear them for business or casual, and the price for these are only £69.95

My next choice are these expertly tailored, regular fit flat-front trousers they ideal for the summer months, keeping you feeling fresh when temperatures rise and allowing you to dress smartly even in the heat. Sophisticated and comfortable, these trousers will keep you looking sharp, elegant and stylish, whatever the occasion. 55% linen and 45% cotton. they are from from Samuel Windsor, they are normally known for their shoes, but they also provide a stunning mens wardrobe, and they come in many colors too, retail price is only £34.50, you can wear them with a stylish blazer or a nice short sleeve shirt.

Summer is all about shorts, but young young gentleman seem to struggle with the concept of what the difference is between sport & casual shorts, casual shorts simply dont have any logos on them, dont buy shorts with cargo pockets, your shorts should be just above your knee, these Shorts come from TU clothing, you will look stylish in these cool red shorts. Cut from a classic cotton twill in a stylish shade of soft red, they feature all the essential attributes of a classic chino short with the added benefit of stretch. Team them with a smart polo shirt and you’ll be suitably attired for the golf course or club house. And at £12.00 a pair you cant go wrong.Now we have covered the basics which will make up your stylish summer wardrobe, its time to add the final touches that will give you the sartorial element of your summer wardrobe, these are blazers and suits, remember cotton or linen is what your looking for, your looking for unstructured pieces, and they have no lining in side of them, this makes them more light wearing, you want simple pieces in summer or earthy colours in a classic fit.

So let me introduce you to your next favourite item of summer clothing, its your linen suit, with one suit you get a jacker & a pair of trousers, because of the neutral color of this suit, you can wear the jacket or the trousers on their own, so you have a item of clothing you can use with every piece of your summer wardrobe, so when you need to look smart but don’t want to wear a wool suit, linen is the answer answer.Breathable and lightweight, this suit comes from Moss Bross 1851, the jacket is half lined and made from 100% linen to keep you cool when the temperature is on the rise. In a neutral stone shade and with tortoiseshell buttons, this is a versatile and classic jacket. The tailored cut ensures a strong shoulder and a defined waist. For a relaxed yet smart outfit, try it with an open-necked linen shirt. dress it down with some white trainers or dress it up with a pair of leather loathers. the suit retails at £209.

The final piece to finish your wardrobe is your blazer, with so many colours & styles l could not find one to really show you a individual one as l loved every one l saw, colour should not hold you back its summer, after all, aim for a linen mix or cotton, go plaids & herringbone patterns or quite simply go for what you like, for remember lighter the fabric the more the jacket will keep you cool, your looking for is a unstructured blazer, it is the jacket equivalent of a decent pair of chinos. It retains enough formality that it can be dressed up with a shirt and tie, but is also relaxed enough that it looks good over a T-shirt and with jeans.

People ask me what style of blazer should l choose, my self you want a patch pocket design, two button front, simple notch lapel, with side vents on the back, this style is more dress down and so true to the orginal design of a sports coat/blazer, the style of the blazer is more relaxed & you want in a classic fit so it fits you just right. keep it simple & you will look stylish.

Foot wear at summer time is simple, stay the fuck away from sandals & flip flops, for the pool & beach yes, for for everything else, go for loathers or boat shoes or espadrilles or white trainer’s simple thats easy to understand. I will show you a couple of pieces to give you an idea

Boat shoes were invented in 1935 by American Paul A. Sperry of New Haven, Connecticut after noticing his dog’s ability to run easily over ice without slipping. Using a knife, he cut siping into his shoes The classic boat shoe gets a contemporary update with the Albury pair from Hammond Co. Made from leather in an all-over woven design, they’re shaped with an almond toe and set on a contrasting sporty sole. they would look great with the linen suit or with the chinos

I love white trainers, they are my number 1 go to for dress down casual shoes, simple but stylish l recently came across a new footwear brand called Loyalty, they wanted to inspire people with something meaningful-to lead with a message and to be more than just a brand. That meant earing trust & developing powerful, long lasting relationships with like minded individuals. And to me they have done this and made some amazing styilsh pieces, they retail for £100, again these would look great on the beach or a evening out, keep it simple but stylish.

Again thats all l have time for today, again I claim to be no guru fashionista just a guy who loves to dress well & l like to share my knowledge & hopefully inspire some up coming young fashion inspired men to dress well, building a good wardrobe starts with the basics and from there you build your way up.


Yours Kindly

Bob Redfern

The Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Part 2

We have already talked about how the essential stylish polo shirt came into being thanks to Renny Lacoste, but we didn’t touch on the long sleeve polo shirt it’s essentially the same as a short sleeve but it comes with a longer sleeves, original long sleeve style polo’s were knitted racing jerseys, but as fashion changes so does what people wear, over the last couple decades the long-sleeved polo shirt has become more fashionable, the long-sleeved polo is a stylish alternative to a shirt, it still has a collar and a buttoned placket on the front, they can be mixed with most pieces in your wardrobe.


Harley Davidson racing jersey

When the motor bike was invented racing clothing had not been invented, there was no such thing as leather biker jackets or even T-shirts, sportsman were still expected to dress smartly, so they had to have some thing made that still had a collar, the knitted racing jersey was invented it was a simple knitted jumper with a collar and a small placket, you can still find some examples but they are very rare now, over the next couple of decades better racing clothing appeared, people wore racing jerseys less and less, but once the modern polo shirt was invented people wanted more casual clothing more than ever, during the 50s Jazz singers were often seen in knitted polo shirts in vibrant colours and patterns, today you can get them in light stretched cotton or a rich cashmere.


Gabicci vintage knitted Mod inspired polo shirt

Long sleeve polo shirts are a must for any stylish young man, they really come into their own during the cold months, people can still dress casually but keep warm, and if you wanted to dress up all you need is a stylish blazer and some indigo jeans, one of my favourite long sleeve polo’s is made by John Smedley Matthew in a fine merino wool, the key to wearing a stylish long sleeve polo is matching them with complementing stylish pieces.
John Smedley


John Smedley Matthew merino indigo polo shirt

Here we have an indigo merino polo shirt by John Smedley, this iconic stylish piece comes in a slim fit, with a fully fashioned collar and tailored placket, its matched with a light grey tweed blazer from Blue Inc, this stylish look would look great in the office or a night out to your favourite restaurant.


Fred Perry long sleeve twin tipped polo shirt

For years Mods loved to wear stylish clothing, so when it came to stylish clothing the long sleeve polo was an automatic choice, most clubs had a dress code which was collar and tie, but with the onset of the fashionable long sleeve polo with it stylish collar and button placket, the rules were relaxed the long sleeve polo became the choice for all stylish Mods, matching them with a pair of stylish Relco Sta Pressed Trousers in a prince of Wales check pattern, will give you a stylish but classy look.


Ralph Lauren cotton slim fit polo shirt

If your looking for a real classic stylish piece Ralph Lauren long sleeve polo shirt in marl grey is what you want, its looks great on its own or dressed up with a classy blazer, to give it that real stylish street look match it up with some fine indigo 501s, or you could go for slim fit chinos in a light tan colour.

So you can see having a stylish long sleeve polo in wardrobe opens a lot more doors, here’s a couple of pictures to inspire you a little more and give you some stylish idea’s in how to wear a stylish long sleeve polo shirt.


This guys wearing a stylish Lacoste long sleeve polo shirt with some dapper indigo jeans, the style and look is a relaxed but chic look.


I like this picture the guys used a simple linen scarf in a darker grey than his polo shirt, he wearing stone jeans with two-tone canvas pumps, but to give his out fit a stylish street look he gone for a black beanie .


This is a sartorial smart look, he’s gone for a wine  slim fit polo shirt with a striking slim patterned collar, then he’s chosen dark tan loose fit trousers finished with some stylish shoes.

So my fashionista`s a long sleeve polo shirt is some thing you definitely need for your wardrobe, you wont just look good but very stylish throughout the whole of the year.


Bob Redfern


Weekend Travel Stylish Essentials

Its spring the long bank holidays are here that means yes “weekends” away, time to pack your weekend bag enjoy the sun and some beer, but if you’re hitting the beach you want to be looking good and stylish, it’s all about packing the right pieces that are practical but also essential, there are many times I’ve seen guys getting away for the weekend, and they are carrying too much kit, also if your going to fly to Europe you normally can only carry an on board bag, even then they check your case if you’re carrying too much aftershave they even take it off you, so you need to be smart and crafty what your carrying in your bag.


The first thing you need is a stylish weekend bag, forget about those little trolley dolly cases you wheel behind you, get a proper man`s bag that’s stylish but most of all you can get your kit in it, the best type of bag is the classic holdall, they come in leather or other materials, a classic brown or black are the classy colours, the other benefit is they have a shoulder strap, which makes it easier to carry, don’t be a pussy and wheel your case behind you, be a man and carry your case you will look stylish and masculine, I’ve chosen this Kangol antique holdall,  because of its size and striking red and navy canvas stripe stylish design, it has three pockets, a shoulder strap and handles which makes this perfect for your weekend getaway.


The polo shirt is one of the most versatile pieces you can pack for your weekend away, it looks great on the beach and if you’re hitting the clubs its bang on with the money, one of the best pieces is the Lacoste ultra slim polo shirt with tricolour piping on the collar and arm bands, it has a stylish button placket, its inspired and designed for the those weekends away.


Oxford shirts are often overlooked as some thing for the weekend, but oxford shirts look great with shorts or chinos, they are the classic playboy look on the beach matched with some snazzy Ray Ban sunglasses, with one oxford shirt you can get two outfits on a weekend end away, wear it on a night out then the next day wear it with a pair of shorts, it will be broken in a ruffled way but you will look very stylish, this oxford I’ve chosen is from Next, it’s a simple shirt made from real oxford fabric, with contrast trims and button down collar, but the good thing it only costs £20.00 not a king’s ransom.


Weekends away are all about catching some rays dressing down, so every man needs some stylish shorts, for get about sports shorts they are ok for the pool, but when you’re hitting the beach side bars you want to look stylish, go for some chinos cotton shorts in a vivid summer colour, these Faxan shorts in a deep pink come from Joules, they are a smart alternative to chinos, but most of all they look stylish with a oxford shirt or polo shirt.


When it comes to foot wear there are many different pieces to choose from, but for me its a pair of Toms Espardrilles, they slip on your feet like a pair of socks, they have a classic suede insole for comfort, a latex arch for added support, they come in a striking rust linen material, Toms even look stylish with jeans and a summer blazer, classy footwear for your weekend away.


Chinos are a must for any weekend away, great for city breaks or hitting the beach, chinos come in many colours but keep it classy go for a light tan or stone, also when you’re hitting the beach you can just roll up the legs and look stylish walking across  it, these chinos come from River Island in a slim fit in a stone colour, they have a classy button fly, they would look amazing with a blue oxford shirt.


Another piece that would not go a miss is a classy straw Trilby, they are not just stylish but also very practical, if you’re sitting by a beach bar all day you need a little protection from the sun, with this Stetson Raffia straw Trilby that’s what you get, with its stylish navy grosgrain ribbon band you will look dapper and stylish.


As you now when you get your bags checked you run the risk of being told your carrying too much toiletry’s, and then you get told to hand over a bottle of aftershave that cost you £65.00 your going to feel pissed off, you then have to go to the duty-free shop to buy more, so even before you have started your holiday your over a hundred pound out-of-pocket, so invest into some travel aftershave atomiser`s, they are about the size of a lipstick case, you simply fill them with your favourite shave, pop them into your bag, and leave your favourite aftershave at home. your sorted also they fit in your pocket, so if you want to stay fresh all day your covered guys.

Where ever you decide to travel to this year do it in style, have fun enjoy the sun and stay safe on your  travels.


Bob Redfern


Fred Perry

Fred Perry is a renowned fashion label famous for their style & its classic Perry shirt, it was named after Fred Perry he was a world-famous tennis player, In the late 1940s, Perry was approached by Tibby Wegner, an Austrian footballer who had invented an antiantiperspirant device worn around the wrist. Fred made some changes to the design, he gave them to top players to use on the tennis court, people saw them using them, they soon caught on, Wegner wanted to come up with more sports wear, they decide to design their own version of the René Lacoste‘s famous polo shirt, Launched at Wimbledon in 1952, the Fred Perry tennis shirt was an immediate success. 

logo 1

The world famous Fred Perry logo

When Fred Perry went to launch his polo shirt he wanted to use a smokers pipe as a logo, but Wegner advised him not to go for it, as he didn’t think the girls would go for it, this left them stumped what to use for their logo, Wegner advised him to use the Laurel wreath he wore on his touring blazer, but there was on little problem it belonged to the The All England Lawn Tennis Club, and Fred had not always got on with the hierarchy at the club, Fred approached colonel Duncan MacCauley the secretary of the club, after some discussions they decide there would be no problem and gave Fred release in writing, the Fred Laurel wreath is one of the most recognized iconic fashion logos, it could of all been so different if they had gone with the pipe.


Fred Perry wearing his classic polo shirt

The Fred Perry shirt went main stream thanks to a bit of crafty marketing, Fred & Wegner gave their shirts to camera men to wear for free, also they gave their shirts to top tennis players, which was far better than the ill-fitting alternatives, and when Fred Perry did interviews he wore his iconic shirt, very soon Wimbledon was awash with Fred Perry, thanks to this massive marketing exposure the shirt came a hit with the Mod movement, it was ideal to be worn with a suit due to it collar & button placket, but they then still could wear it again the next day, after pressure from its streetwear fans suppliers were getting requests for tipping to the collar & sleeves, Fred liked the idea it became an instant success, it was the first shirt to cross over from sportswear to streetwear, the Perry was born.


Northern sole dancers loved Fred Perry the twisted wheel was a famous underground club

Fred Perry went main stream in 70s thanks to its design & practicality, one subculture to embrace Fred Perry was Northern soul it was an underground music movement, where people gathered to dance to soul music for hours in away the first rave venues with out the drugs, they needed smart stylish clothing that would cope with hours of dancing in hot cramped rooms, the Fred with its knitted piquaterial and its ability to retain its shape was a valued item for their wardrobe, soon over the decades Rude boys, Mods, Punks, Perry boys, have all sported Fred Perry as part of their look, to this day Fred Perry is Synonyms with youth culture & street wear.


The Fred Perry world famous polo shirt with the tipped collar & sleeves

Fred Perry is over 60 years old they still make the original Fred Perry shirt from the same cotton in the same slim fit, often called by its followers the Perry. they don’t just make polo shirts they also make Oxford shirts, chinos, jeans, knitwear, accessories. they also run a blog site called Fred Perry`s Subculture it is an initiative in engaging not only new talent from around the world, but also heritage artists that have a long-standing relationship with the brand. Fred Perry has had an enduring relationship with music and subcultures throughout modern British history. Fred Perry is now a world-wide brand ,they have store`s all over the UK, also stores in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong kong, Indonesia, Japan and many more. every year a new generation of young people fall in love the this timeless brand.


Fred Perry`s store in the westfield Stratford City shopping center, London

Fred Perry to me is the king of street wear & fashion they were the first to give the younger generation proper street wear which they embraced & loved, to this day Fred Perry maintain a strong position in the fashion market & the hearts of the younger generation here is to another 60 years.


Bob Redfern


The Harrington Jacket

Now when it comes to casual jackets ,there is one jacket I love more than any thing, that is the Harrington Jacket its been worn by Elvis Presley even Frank Sinatra.  I love the way the jacket is put together very simple it has a collar so you can pop it up when windy, a short body so it’s a snug & comfortable fit, also two side pockets with flaps to keep your hands warm on a windy day, a simple chunky brass zip ,due to its simple design its been copied and copied by every fashion brand going ,the lining is usually Fraser Tartan but other brands like to put their own lining inside to show this their brand of Harrington.

Steve McQueen wearing at classic Harrington jacket in Navy Blue

Steve McQueen wearing at classic Harrington jacket in Navy Blue

The Harrington got its name from a character called wait for it ! Rodney Harrington from a soap opera called Peyton Place ,the reason why ? yes he always wore a Harrington simple, but it was invented in the 1930s in the UK but there is a  bit of an issue who actually came up with the design, the two company’s in question are Baracuta from Stockport the other is Grenfell from Burnely, the designs are very similar, but Grenfell’s feels softer & has a beige checked lining lovely if you’re an old dude. The main reason I love Harrington’s is thanks to Steve McQueen he made simple clothing look cool, because he wore a Harrington he made wearing a windbreaker as they are called in America cool  so people wanted them .

Harringtons were adopted by many cultors over the years

Harrington’s were adopted by many cultures over the years

In the 60s Mods started to wear Harrington’s as a part of their look, the brands most associated with mods where Fred Perry & Ben Sherman, in the 70s Skin Heads adopted Black Harrington or Burgundy colored ones as a part of their look, in the late 70s early 80s  scar was in so rude boys adopted the look thanks to bands like Madness, in the 90s the Perry boys as they were called from the Brit pop scene embraced the look, the Harrington still lives on today thank to labels like Pretty Green who have given the Harrington a new fresh look, so I think Harrington’s will still be in vogue for a few years to come. so have a look at the very best in British Harrington’s if you like the jacket click onto the image or link underneath to go to the website

Baracuta Harrington in stone

Baracuta Harrington in stone

History says that Baracuta was the first company to make the classic jacket in the 1930s in Manchester Stockport, the design is simple its known for its versatility and water-repellent with a cool mix cotton, also the classic Fraser tartan lining ,two front flap pockets & the iconic umbrella back vent with ribbed waist & cuff.

Grenfell Harrington Jacket

Grenfell Harrington Jacket

Now the other the company who claim to be the first to make the Harrington Jacket is Grenfell in Burnley, the design is the same as Baracuta but the cotton is a lot softer, the lining is in a beige check nice for old guys Grenfell is named after the cotton it is made from it’s a very nice jacket .
Ben Sherman US

The Ben Sherman Harrington Jacket
The Harrington jacket is an iconic part of Ben Sherman heritage. This classic example features flap and button pockets with tab branding, centre front zip-through and ribbed hem and cuff. Lined in our house check with an inside patch pocket, this lightweight cover-up is a great seasonal option. Classic Harrington Lined in house check Funnel neck with double button Flap and button pockets with tab branding Umbrella back yoke Ribbed hem and

Fred Perry X Bradley Wiggins Harrington Jacket

Now Fred Perry is famed for being a street clothing brand, their Harrington’s are a polyester cotton blend with a bat wing yoke, their lining is done in Stewart tartan, but also a very fitting jacket, I love the Fred Perry Harrington’s in navy with a gold logo it just pops.
Pretty Green Kingsway Harrington Jacket Navy

Pretty Green Harrington jacket comes in a slim fit, with a stylish paisley lining, it has a Pretty Green leather logo, this is a stylish piece that looks the business day or night.

One of the new boys on the block selling their brand of Harrington Jackets is Pretty Green, I will admit it I love them they are amazing, the fit is more of a straight fit with a single button collar fastening, metal zip with leather pulley, button cuffs ,internal back seam with a pretty green leather logo badge on the front ,the lining is pretty greens very own paisley design very suave.

Warriors Black Harrington Jacket

Warriors Black Harrington Jacket

If you want a Harrington Jacket but can’t afford the big labels, then my friends meet Warrior they have been making their own Harrington jackets for years ,their design is very similar to the original but they don’t have a back yoke, the good news they have just started making Harrington’s with the back umbrella vent in a heavyweight polyester.
ETO Jeans UK

I hope again you have found this blog help full if you do have any questions please do ask me


Bob Redfern


The Original Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is a wardrobe staple of every mans wardrobe, any self-respecting young fashion conscious man will own at least one polo shirt, it is the smart T-shirt with a collar & placket, every major designer label has copied the simple design and put their own spin on it, even the cops wear polo shirts now because they think they are cool I don’t think so,

Jean Rene Lacoste playing in a starched shirt

Jean Rene Lacoste playing in a starched shirt

The original Polo Shirt was a long-sleeved starched shirt, that was worn by tennis players also polo players, but it was not practical, so a little dapper french guy called Jean Rene Lacoste who hated wearing the starched shirts, he decide to design a more practical shirt, with short sleeves in a light cotton with a long back known as a tennis tail so the shirt would stay in the trousers once tucked in, also a small placket with just three buttons, and a very soft collar, Lacoste used a pique cotton due to its weave it made it very breathable for sports wear.It soon gained popularity, it was recognizable by its motif which was a crocodile. it got its name because Lacoste had a big nose which looked like a crocodiles nose, the other story was he loved crocodile leather luggage, “I will leave it with you to make your mind up” also his shirt was the first to show a logo.

I have uploaded 3 images which are linked to websites where you can get the original pieces, if you would like a Fred Perry or Ralph Lauren and the daddy of all polo shirts Lacoste simply click on the image and your through to the web site.

Jean Rene Lacoste in his first polo shirt

Jean Rene Lacoste in his first polo shirt

LACOSTE LIVE marled polo shirt
Orange cotton marled polo shirt from Lacoste Live.

In 1926 Lacoste wore his new tennis shirt for the first time, soon polo players started wearing the shirt while playing polo dew it being less restrictive .In the 1950s the shirt hit the US, Lacoste started to do the shirts in different colours, it became a hit at the university’s,  also film stars embraced the look, the polo shirt was the dress down shirt of the rich.
Terraces Menswear - Fred Perry

Fredd Perry the man

Fred Perry the man

Fred Perry Polo Shirt Port
Fred Perry Polo Shirt- Short sleeve design- Laurel Wreath branding to chest- Tape trim tipping to cuffs- Branding to buttons

In 1952 Fred Perry another tennis player decide to put his spin on the tennis shirt, he chose the same cotton Perry made the design even better, he stitched his logo on other brands stuck their’s on, it became famous in the 70s  due to skinheads & rude boys even mods claiming the brand as a part of their look, the Fred Perry label become associated with street wear.

Ralph Lauren wearing his big pony polo shirt

Ralph Lauren wearing his big pony polo shirt

POLO RALPH LAUREN ‘Big Pony’ polo shirt
Blue cotton ‘Big Pony’ polo shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren.

When the 1970s arrived Ralph Lauren was trying to break into the fashion industry, he chose a Polo Player logo so his polo shirts became an instant hit, which made his brand very unique, which became a big part of the preppy look, straight through to the 1980s.

Polo shirts from other fashion labels

Polo shirts from other fashion labels

Polo shirts have been made by every major fashion brand ,the fits the range from slim fit,custom fit,classic fit but certain brands like Farah only use slim fit, but brands like Ralph Lauren do from slim fit to classic fit, polo shirts come in many materials, but the best I like of all is a mesh weave it holds a better fit after every wash, if you’re a savvy shopper you can get 100% cotton polo from places like Marks & Spencer at a good prices, remember if it says Hugo Boss or Amarnie your paying for the name not the quality just remember this wisdom. 

I hope this blog has been help full to you, & if you have any questions etc please just contact me & thank you for reading.         



Bob Redfern