The Baker Boy Cap

The Baker  boy cap is a classic piece of head wear, it’s also known as the Gatsby cap, News boy cap,  Eight piece cap, it was fashionable at the beging of the 20th century, it was worn by Men & boys in America & Europe, it was classed  as working  class wear because  dock workers  & other  working class men wore them , the difference  between  a flat cap & Baker boy cap, is its made from 8 panels that are stiched together with a button in the middle, with a stiff peak at the front, also  its  rounder in shape, as fashion  changed  so did people’s  view on wearing caps & hat’s, caps became  less fashionable  to wear


Robert Redford in the Great Gatsby sporting the Baker boy cap

In 1974 a film was launched  it was called the Great Gatsby starring  Robert Redford,  it was based on a book in the 1920s, Ralph Lauren provide all the clothing  for the male stars,  One piece which they called the Gatsby cap., turned out to be a hit, it was soon selling in all Ralph Lauren’s  outlets, the Baker boy cap became a designer piece for pop stars to wear, in the eightys Lisa Stansfield was seen in video sporting one but backwards, in Rocky 4 Rocky gets fit sporting one, but during the 90s they fell out of fashion again.


In Rocky 4  they needed to give old Rocko a macho look & boy did they get  it right classic WW2 sheepskin flying jacket & grey Herringbone  Baker boy cap

But classic  icons don’t die, in 2000 Samuel L. Jackson was regularly seen sporting a  Baker boy but wearing it backwards,  l don’t know why, but it was a hit & soon every young guy was sporting the look, another  fan of the baker boy is David Beckham,  I think he has a room for them, he seems to have a different one on every day,in 2013 a new TV programme called Peaky-Blinders on British Television set in the 1920s about gangster’s in Birmingham  who wore  caps, but they stuck razor  blades  in the brim of the  hat nasty people, it became a hit program, so did the look.


Thomas  Shelby  from Peaky-Blinders wearing the Baker boy cap

Now if your looking to buy a Baker boy you can get them in differnt  colours & materials,  keep is simple  go for grey Herringbone tweed this is the most classic look you can get, prices  range  from  £25.00 to £50.00  any more  walk away,


 This Baker boy cap in panecheck made from cheviot wool is only £45.00

How to wear your Baker boy  cap, what ever you do wear it the right way around , the Baker boy can be worn  with any out fit as long as its worn properly, take a look at some looks lv uploaded this will help you find the right look for you.


Creating a relaxed but rustic look mix your Baker boy cap  with some knitwear & corduroy  trousers


I would call  this urban  chic the Baker boy cap is in a very bold check with  hints of red mixed red pashmina giving a stylish winter look


This is a raw masculine look cotton granddad shirt  with a Henley shirt underneath adding the old style  suspenders and to finish the vintage  look you have got the Baker boy cap


This look screams class and bags  of panache black pants & shirt with spats shoes , then a grey Herringbone waistcoat, Crombie overcoat with velvet collar & purple  piping on the hem of the coat, the final touch is the Backer boy cap & tilting it to one side  you creat a fabulous look


This is a very hipster look white fitted shirt, Tan waistcoat, Bow tie, slim fitting trousers, clip on braces then to give that vintage retro feel you have the Baker boy cap

So you can see wearing a Baker boy cap can be stylish but also unique, you can just wear a flat cap , but a Backer boy cap is the stylish one you want.


Bob Redfern


The Original Penguin

The Original Penguin ( also just known as penguin) is an American apparel company, they started out making underwear, but in the 50 s there was a boom for casual wear, company’s like Lacoste were bringing new styles to the states & people wanted more, sensing a place in the market for an American style casual clothing brand, Munsingwear as they were known then asked a salesman to come up with a name for the brand, when he arrived he was carrying a stuffed penguin, at the meeting was Len Birnbaum, who was a director at Munsingerwear, they decide to name their shirt after the stuffed penguin, Munsingerwear made their own T-shirts already & the machines they used produced the same kind of material Lacoste used for their shirts, with having no import costs, they could make a shirt of the same quality a sell it at a lower cost but still make money, the shirt was designed for golf players, they added a under-arm action gussets, and moved the pocket to the right breast pocket, it was success, people like Bob Hope & Bing Crosby who were avid players of golf, wore the new shirt this gave it great publicity, Original Penguin became a house hold name.


Tho Original Penguin Logo

The Original Penguin is no longer owned by Musingerwear but the name still appears on the label, Penguin today make high-end casual wear for lady’s & men they specialize in polo shirts,knitwear,jackets,shirts,trousers,accessories even eye wear, their style still has a sporting feel to it, but it’s now really just a casual apparel label, which design very vibrant pieces that are very chic. their polo shirts have not changed much, the most famous of their polo shirts is the Earl, its 100 % cotton the fabric has knit print, it comes with a breast pocket , the most striking feature of the Earl is it has piping around the placket & the edges of the sleeve & the collar, all in the same color as the embroidered penguin motif.









Penguin has gone through some changes since the 50 s, they were sold to Perry Ellis in 1996, they relaunched the brand in 2003 with a brand new collection, it still gains a cult following today.they have stores all over the US & around the world, its sold in Original penguin stores but its all sold by independent stores under licence, Original Penguin also has its own online store.

Penguin is still worn by golf players, with it now owned by Perry Ellis the official PGA sponsor, they sponsor about 12 players like Aron Bradley.

I have owned a few pieces of Original Penguin over the years, they are hard wearing & very stylish, my freinds all ways complement me when I wear a Penguin piece, to me they are well worth the investment, if looked after properly they will last you a life time.


Bob Redfern



 In 1933 Jean Rene Lacoste who was tennis player, decide to design a practical tennis shirt, he came up with a design that had short sleeves in a light cotton with a long back known as a tennis tail so the shirt would stay in the trousers once tucked in, also a small placket with just three buttons, and a very soft collar, Lacoste had invented the first polo shirt as we know it today, It soon gained popularity, so Jean Rene Lacoste need some one to mass produce them, so with the help of Andre Gillier who owned the largest french knitwear manufacturing firm, they set about mass producing this new sport shirt but they needed a name and a logo, Lacoste decide to name it after him self, but it still needed a motif so they chose a crocodile. the reason why they chose a crocodile is because Lacoste had a big nose which looked like a crocodiles nose, the other story was he loved crocodile leather luggage, but I think it was down to the way he played tennis he played with  tenacity”I will leave it with you to make your own mind up” In the 1950s the shirt hit the US, Lacoste started to do the shirts in different colors, it became a hit at the university’s.

Jean Rene Lacoste in his first polo shirt


Jean Rene Lacoste in his classic polo shirt

Lacoste is one of the biggest fashion apparel company’s with in the world, they make high-end formal & casual clothing for men & women, They sell polo shirts,knitwear,jeans,trousers,T-shirts,footwear,accessories, even “crash helmets” yes you heard me right, their watch designs are truly a master piece of art & functionality, Lacoste even has its own range of fragrances for men & women, I would describe Lacoste style as preppy but casual with bags of panache, it was featured in the official preppy hand book in 1980 written by Lisa Birnbach`s. 


Lacoste`s polo shirts have stayed true to the original design 

Lacoste headquarters are in Troyes, France, their products are sold in over 150 countries, their stores can be found in London, New York, Milan & Paris of course, they also have a number of boutiques in places like John Lewis UK, , Saks on fifth Avenue New York, in 2010 they opened their first on-line site ,Lacoste continues to be a market leader in the fashion industry.


Lacoste famouse crocodile logo

Take a look at Lacoste`s latest collections for 2015 there are some amazing pieces to choose from, I’ve chosen a couple for you to have a look at, the watch I’ve chosen is amazing in style & color, the long sleeve polo shirt is very special super chic, then you have the classic Oxford shirt a wardrobe staple for every stylish man, what ever your taste in fashion you will find some thing at Lacoste to please your desires.   



Aukland watch with striped canvas strap


Oxford cotton shirt essential for your wardrobe


T-shirt with a chest pocket


Runway Edition multicolored wool sweater


The refined cotton wool, silk long sleeve polo shirt with leather crocodile motif

I hope you have found this blog inspiring, Lacoste is a true fashion label that wont go a miss in any mans wardrobe if any thing it will give you style points.


Bob Redfern


Crew Clothing Co

In 1993 Alistair Parker – Swift was running a wind surfing club in Devon, he noticed a gap in the market for Luxury casual wear, for his first venture he sourced Navy & white Rugby Shirts,  with in weeks the first lot was sold, with cows sailing weekend approaching, he found some premises & stocked it quickly, the Crewe Clothing Co was born.


Ben Fogle is an ambassador for  the Crew Clothing Co

The Crew Clothing company is a unique luxury brand, with striking design’ s and vibrant colours, they sell clothing for men & women, the clothing ranges from polo shirts, Rugby Shirts, Casual shirts, t-shirts, jeans, knit wear & accessories the style & fit is very modern .


Crew Clothing Co Oxshott fleck jumper

Crew Clothing Co now have over 60 store’s nation wide,  they have a mailing list of over 3 million people, since the 90s they have sponsored some of the biggest sailing events, they even sponsor major tennis matches, on the 7th of January it was announced, they will supply the Queens tennis club, with items of clothing ahead of the GTA AEGON championships,  because of the quality of their clothing, Crew Clothing Co also supply international Polo teams with their clothing.

Crew Clothing Co classic Harris tweed blazer

Crew Clothing Co classic Harris tweed


So if your after some thing that’s different but stylish take a look at the Crew Clothing Co.



Bob Redfern