Smelling Good At “A” Sniff Of The Price

Every self-respecting men should use a great cologne or aftershave, but as you know a great cologne or aftershave costs a lot of money, so smelling good every day comes at a great cost, a couple of weeks ago my friend told me how he had some Givenchy Eau De Toilette given to him as a Christmas present, he had used it nearly every day over January, sure enough it didn’t last and at nearly £50 a bottle it’s not cheap, he was thinking of getting another bottle, I said if he carried using it like he was he would spend over £600 just on cologne for the year, he said he didn’t trust cheap slap on smell’s, I said if your savvy enough you can get a every day cologne or aftershave at a good price that does smell good, then keep his Givenchy for going out or special occasions, he asked me to prove this, lets just say it was not as easy as I thought.

As you know you can’t smell things on the web, so I had to hit the shops god I ended up smelling like a puffs bathroom, what I went looking for was some thing that was a cologne or Eau De Toilette as the oil content would be stronger, I wanted some thing that was a every day splash on, not too strong but masculine, I set a budget of just £5.00 a bottle as this was coming out of my arse pocket, I ended up hitting boots , pound stretcher, home bargains, and other budget stores, the choices are amazing and lets just say there are loads of crap out there, after going through 12 different bottle of various men’s fragrances, I chose four and each of these comes with a body spray too.


The first one to past muster was Jovan Musk 1973 cologne, I chose this due to its unique masculine scent, it has a lively but fresh smell of lime, pepper, carnation, mixed with amber also exotic spices  finally to give it a true masculine smell its finished with of woods & musk, when I first put it on I was not loving it, the smell soon died down that’s where the musk took over, it soon worked with my own body giving hints of a masculine scent through the day, I did get some complements from the girls, this is not my cup of tea but I would use it as a every fragrance without a problem, to me it smells more like a bar of soap so you smell fresh and that’s what you want at the end of the day, the cost for this beast is a cool £5.50 yes I went 50p over budget, the other good thing you can get it in a body spray ideal to carry on a day out.


The next one to pass muster was Playboy London Eau De Toilette, yes the stud master label is back, this was launched in 2011, it has hints a truly refined spicy scent with great fresh notes to add depth to its personality, the top notes are galbanum, mandarin and grapefruit, the heart notes are rose, cinnamon and toscanol. And the bottom notes are cedar wood, tonka bean and Pisco brandy, I wore this to an interview I was conducting about a fashion release, the fashion designer complemented me on the scent, it does not last all day but it still lingers a little that keeps you fresh. I would keep this more for just hitting the shops or going for a coffee, the cost was £4.50 not bad hey.


This next little number from the 1990s was my date night fragrance, yes it’s nearly 20-year-old but it’s still fresh and woody, Rapport blends precious woods such as patchouli, sandalwood and cedar with warm musk, green notes and a hint of citrus, the good thing is it lasted all day, I bumped into an old school friend he said you’re not still using Rapport Bob, its great for a casual fragrance even if your just going down to the pub, the cost was only £5.00 it came in a toiletry pack that include a can of spray double the sexiest.


The finale entry comes from Next apparel, Next bring out new fragrances every year that are very masculine and fresh, the quality of their fragrances are vastly understated, when I go on holiday I all way buy a cheap small bottle to carry in my luggage, the prices range from £10.00 yes it double the price, I did try to keep to my budget, the Signature Gold eau de toilette is one of their best. its  rich and confident blend of decadent spices, golden woods and molten black amber, great to be worn on  beach or just chilling out at a bar in the afternoon.

so can you get great mens fragrances at reasonable prices, yes you can its just about shopping around having a sniff then taking a couple of minutes to take in the fragrance. then if you like what you smell buy it


Bob Redfern


Calvin Klein

When you hear or see the words Calvin Klein or CK, what do you think off !, me I think of CK1 or underwear, but there is a lot more to this iconic brand and its creator Calvin Klein, so let me give you a quick incite to an amazing brand that has become an icon in the US & UK, Calvin Klein came from humble beginnings, Klein was born in The Bronx, New York. His parents were Hungarian Jewish immigrants, he was born in to a harsh life in a rough neighborhood, wanting better in life he attended He attended the High School of Art and Design, but he never graduated,  Klein became a protegé of Baron de Gunzburg, after close tutoring and inspiration, Calvin soon  was getting a reputation for his clean lines in his designs,In 1968, Klein founded Calvin Klein Limited, in a coat shop in the York Hotel in New York City, with $10,00, in the begging it was tough going but soon he was getting noticed, He was selling coat’s & dresses at the store, in September 1969 he appeared on the front of Vogues magazine, with a bigger demand for his fashion creations he added other lines like blazers & sports wear,  his company went from strength to strength, in the early 80s his Jeans collection became a hit in the US & UK.


Calvin Klein latest SS15 underwear collection modeled by Bieber  

One area Calvin Klein stands out in is men`s underwear, he revolutionized the whole concept from design to packaging, it was the first time that men’s underwear had been marketed as being desirable, rather than merely functional. they included clean lines & came in one color “white”, purchased in packs of three,this  made this easier for girlfriend’s & wife’s to buy underwear for their man, backed by the iconic marketing, male models with a big packaged in tight pants, shot in black & white, in some poncey stance, the likes of Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, and now Mr Bieber, have all donned the famous  boxer briefs, they have been called “one of the greatest apparel revolutions of the century, to me they are just white pants.


Classic Calvin Klein denim collection

Calvin Klein denim collection was also a revolution in its design & marketing, he made jeans sexy also he gave them a wholesome, sexy and practical, and featured the model Brooke Shields. they were the first Jeans  to have a logo on the back pocket, the biggest lift to Calvin Klein’s jeans was the television campaign directed by Richard Avedon that featured 15-year-old model/actress Brooke Shields provocatively posed in a skin-tight pair of Calvin Klein jeans. In the best-remembered spot, she pronounced, “Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” In another she declared, “I’ve got seven Calvins in my closet, and if they could talk, I’d be ruined.” that ended up selling over 2 million pairs in total.


CK one unisex Eau De Toilette 

When Calvin Klein first entered the fragrance Market in the 70s, it was a failure they soon withdrew from the market with big financial losses, but as the brand grew they allowed licences for company’s to use their name, in 1994 they launched CK1, what was amazing about it was unisex, yes one fragrance for men & women, CK1 is a Eau de toilette, it has hints of orange, lemon, Jasmine, sandalwood, it was marked as a casual fragrance, it was a success, you can get it in a body wash & moisturizer to, it was soon followed by Obsession and Eternity.


Calvin Klein New York store & headquarters 

Calvin Klein has grown in to a world wide brand, famed for its iconic branding & fashion, it now grown to over 11 collections, Calvin Klein collection, CK Calvin Collection, Calvin Klein white label, Calvin Klein sport, Calvin Klein jeans, Calvin Klein home, The Khaki Collection, Calvin Klein Golf, Calvin Klein underwear, CK one lifestyle brand, Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry, they have stores in in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai and Qatar. London, Russia, Mexico,  and other country’s their headquarters are based in New York on 654 Madison Ave.

Calvin Klein continues to be a leading fashion power house bringing out stunning collections every years, so if your in need of some sexy pants you know where you need to go guys.


Bob Redfern