The Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Part 2

We have already talked about how the essential stylish polo shirt came into being thanks to Renny Lacoste, but we didn’t touch on the long sleeve polo shirt it’s essentially the same as a short sleeve but it comes with a longer sleeves, original long sleeve style polo’s were knitted racing jerseys, but as fashion changes so does what people wear, over the last couple decades the long-sleeved polo shirt has become more fashionable, the long-sleeved polo is a stylish alternative to a shirt, it still has a collar and a buttoned placket on the front, they can be mixed with most pieces in your wardrobe.


Harley Davidson racing jersey

When the motor bike was invented racing clothing had not been invented, there was no such thing as leather biker jackets or even T-shirts, sportsman were still expected to dress smartly, so they had to have some thing made that still had a collar, the knitted racing jersey was invented it was a simple knitted jumper with a collar and a small placket, you can still find some examples but they are very rare now, over the next couple of decades better racing clothing appeared, people wore racing jerseys less and less, but once the modern polo shirt was invented people wanted more casual clothing more than ever, during the 50s Jazz singers were often seen in knitted polo shirts in vibrant colours and patterns, today you can get them in light stretched cotton or a rich cashmere.


Gabicci vintage knitted Mod inspired polo shirt

Long sleeve polo shirts are a must for any stylish young man, they really come into their own during the cold months, people can still dress casually but keep warm, and if you wanted to dress up all you need is a stylish blazer and some indigo jeans, one of my favourite long sleeve polo’s is made by John Smedley Matthew in a fine merino wool, the key to wearing a stylish long sleeve polo is matching them with complementing stylish pieces.
John Smedley


John Smedley Matthew merino indigo polo shirt

Here we have an indigo merino polo shirt by John Smedley, this iconic stylish piece comes in a slim fit, with a fully fashioned collar and tailored placket, its matched with a light grey tweed blazer from Blue Inc, this stylish look would look great in the office or a night out to your favourite restaurant.


Fred Perry long sleeve twin tipped polo shirt

For years Mods loved to wear stylish clothing, so when it came to stylish clothing the long sleeve polo was an automatic choice, most clubs had a dress code which was collar and tie, but with the onset of the fashionable long sleeve polo with it stylish collar and button placket, the rules were relaxed the long sleeve polo became the choice for all stylish Mods, matching them with a pair of stylish Relco Sta Pressed Trousers in a prince of Wales check pattern, will give you a stylish but classy look.


Ralph Lauren cotton slim fit polo shirt

If your looking for a real classic stylish piece Ralph Lauren long sleeve polo shirt in marl grey is what you want, its looks great on its own or dressed up with a classy blazer, to give it that real stylish street look match it up with some fine indigo 501s, or you could go for slim fit chinos in a light tan colour.

So you can see having a stylish long sleeve polo in wardrobe opens a lot more doors, here’s a couple of pictures to inspire you a little more and give you some stylish idea’s in how to wear a stylish long sleeve polo shirt.


This guys wearing a stylish Lacoste long sleeve polo shirt with some dapper indigo jeans, the style and look is a relaxed but chic look.


I like this picture the guys used a simple linen scarf in a darker grey than his polo shirt, he wearing stone jeans with two-tone canvas pumps, but to give his out fit a stylish street look he gone for a black beanie .


This is a sartorial smart look, he’s gone for a wine  slim fit polo shirt with a striking slim patterned collar, then he’s chosen dark tan loose fit trousers finished with some stylish shoes.

So my fashionista`s a long sleeve polo shirt is some thing you definitely need for your wardrobe, you wont just look good but very stylish throughout the whole of the year.


Bob Redfern


Matt Goss The Stylish Crooner

Matt Goss is an English singer-songwriter and musician, currently based in Los Angels, he was the lead singer with his twin brother in the 1980s band Bros, Matt was born on 29 September 1968, in 1986 Matt and his twin brother Luke Goss also Craig Logan formed the band Bros, the band’s name comes from an abbreviation for the word ‘brothers’, during the late 80s Bros were very big they had several top ten hits, by the early 90s Bros became a duo,  in 1991 Bros stopped recording, Matt went solo and had a hit with “If You Were Here Tonight”, he has sold over 5 million records worldwide to date, in 2009 he started playing live shows at Palms casino resort in Las Vegas, by 2010 his live show moved to Caesars Palace, playing at Cleopatra’s Barge every Friday and Saturday night, the show was a success he won a three-year contract with Caesars Palace. His live show is produced by the creator of the Pussycat Dolls, his shows and music are inspired by the Rat Pack and Elvis.


Matt with his brother Luke in 1989

Matt freely admits he no longer follows fashion, this is also apparent in his personal style. he once stated that he would be a fashion designer in a heartbeat!, he has always loved clothes. and over the past ten years he’s followed fashion trends less. he likes finding his tie-pins and pocket squares on eBay, and going into vintage shops and finding his ties and cufflinks, when he buys a new suit he likes to mix it with a vintage tie. he loves getting tuxedo’d up for his Vegas shows, they make Matt Goss look good. It inspires his music.


Matt Wearing his iconic fedora hat

Matt loves wearing famous fedora hats, this has become his signature look but he does still have hair, he uses the fedoras to dress down his tuxedos when he’s on stage, Matt Goss has been a customer of Hollywood Hatters for several years, also the New York Hat Co, his inspiration for the fedora comes from his love of his style icon Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack.


Matt`s style is truly unique

Matt does have several favourite brands like Pal Zileri, Vivienne Westwood and Tom Ford,  his sense of style is amazing, he is not obsessed with trends, what matt is obsessed with is style, he is a lover of vintage accessories like braces, ties, pocket squares,  to matt its all about the uniqueness having some thing that no one else has.


Matt wearing a red stunning velvet tuxedo at one of his shows

Matt does not just get his style influence from Frank Sinatra but also  David Bowie, and the Rolling stones who are famously fashionable, and known for their imitable style as much as their iconic music. Goss has quite the closet, preferring the classics, like his amazing Pal Zileri suits, Smythson wallet and David Beckham for H&M pieces, mixing in edgier pieces or shopping the men’s shoe collections from Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin.


Matt`s street style is very casual but truly chic

Matts over all style is sharp suited, dressed up with vintage accessories, when Matt dresses down  he likes to keep it simple but sharp, he loves to wear Christian Dior jeans for casual because there is not a lot of branding on those jeans. he’s not into big labels on the front of T-shirts, he prefers to keeping it simple with a classic white cotton t-shirt,  he loves crew neck jumpers with patches on the elbow.

To me Matt Goss style is very unique, to me it proves you get more stylish as you get older, I love Matts style very much he is a true style icon who knows how to dress very stylish with a touch of class.


Bob Redfern


The Rise Of The Artisan T-Shirt

There are more T-shirt apparel company’s than ever before, in the 70s screen printing T-shirts boutiques were popping up all over in London & New York,  such designers like Vivienne Westwood became famous for their amazing art work they produced on their T-shirts, but soon bigger company’s like Ralph Lauren started produce their own T-shirts, they didn’t use screen press but big printing press they could produce thousands in one day & they were cheaper, through the 80s printed t-shirts become synonymous  with punks, with messages against Margret Thatcher and the government at the time,  through the 90s t-shirts continued to be printed with many screen prints and designs,

Over the last couple of years with the on set of social media, small fashion designers  can get their designs to a bigger audience, more and more people are looking for something stylish but different, company’s like Johnny Cupcakes, Ark Angel Apparel, Aye Kandy Apparel  only design and sell t-shirts and sweat shirts with amazing designs nothing else , so let’s have look at some of their designs and what’s made these company’s such a success.


Johnny Cupcakes apparel was started by Johnny Earle, it uses cup cakes as the prominent design motif for all its designs, Johnny Cupcakes from when Johnny used to be called nick names by his work mate`s, they would come up with a different one every other week, soon they were calling him yes Johnny Cupcakes he liked the name, he was all so in a band and made t-shirts by screen printing for them, one day he was printing some t-shirts he made some with  Johnny Cupcake’s on them, soon friends saw them and asked where he got them from, he soon was selling t-shirts  to friends his designs caught on, he now has four stores in the U.S. and one in London. his key design’s mimic classic art pieces by mimicking them with cupcakes.


Ark Angel Apparel are designers and supplier of urban street ware with influences from religion and history with a modern twist, their unique clothing is both stunning and just amazing, they are from paisley in Scotland, they don’t yet have an online store but you can find them on twitter and Facebook, this is one label to keep an eye out for in the future, their style is inspired by old religious art with a modern twist, their prints are not just eye-catching but also very thought-provoking.


Aye Kandy Apparel is a street clothing apparel label from Glasgow, Scotland, their design is inspired by tattoo art very bold prints of skull mixed with paisley, black and white prints, creative Director Chris Paterson wanted to come up with some thing that rivalled, the likes of Primark style clothing and your big brands like Diesel and G Star, where you’re paying around £40 a t-shirt  and offer some thing far better that was stylish but also very affordable.

2015 is the year for the printed t-shirt with such rich offerings now available you’re going to look amazing this summer.


Bob Redfern


The Art of Denim Clothing

As a lover of fashion I’ve always had a bit of denim inn my wardrobe, I can remember my first skinny dark jeans in the 80`s,  they were by Dark horse god I loved them, I got my first denim jacket when I was 11 it was a stone wash Wrangler, I thought I was the dog`s balls, my favorite Jeans were my stone washed Levi`s 501`s, I got them in the summer 1987 when Levi`s were at their height, they lasted me up to my 16th birthday, as a young lad I had worn them to the park out to the school disco, you name it I did it did it in those jeans, but we all grow up as kids, so I had to say good-by to my number one favorite Jeans,

I always thought denim came from the good old USA, bit how wrong I was, denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced twill textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces the familiar diagonal ribbing of the denim that distinguishes it from cotton duck, The name “denim” derives from the French serge de Nîmes, referring to the city of Nimes, the word Jeans is also French for Genoa, Italy,  this is where the original denim Jeans were made, as immigrants moved to the new Americas, they brought with them their customs & traditions, that`s how denim came to the US.


Levi`s Jeans were all about being masculine

One new immigrant that came to America was Levi Strauss, he set up a wholesale business selling the denim material in  San Francisco, a tailor named Jacob Davies, a Latvian Jewish immigrant, from Reno, Nevada, would buy denim material from him to patch up gold miners trousers,  he had an idea to use copper rivets to reinforce the points of strain, such as on the pocket corners and at the base of the button fly, but he didn’t have the money to purchase a patent, to protect his idea, so he went to Levi Strauss & asked him would he like to go business with him, Strauss provide the material`s, Davies made them,  on May 20, 1873, the two men received U.S. Patent 139,121 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Levi Strauss Co was born, in the 1890s they invented the iconic 501 five pocket jeans.


Calvin Klein made denim sexy & desirable

Jeans eventually became more excepted as casual wear, former immigrants returned to their home country’s taking with them the modern jeans, soon subcultures like Mods, Hippy`s, Punks, adopted the Jeans as a part of their look, during the 70,s new designers like Calvin Klein took the humble jeans to new heights, they made the practical jeans in to some thing that was fun & desirable, the 80s was all about denim, rockers wore denim every wore denim, at the end of the 80s the denim dream was over, Levi`s had to close over 10 factory’s, more people turned to casual trousers,


When fashion changed to more casual chinos denim crashed

But denim is back people and its even hotter than ever, you can mix denim with every outfit if you match it with the right cloths, but one point people its got to be Indigo, stone jeans is what your granddad wears to go shopping in, be bold be proud, it’s all about layering so let’s have a look at some fashionistas wearing some dapper denim pieces.


This guy has taken the smart but casual look to a different level, but the rolled up sleeve belongs in the 80s other wise Nice.


Double denim is always a cracking look, what I love about this look is the classic suspenders, the pumps just make it pop.


Denim was invented for work wear, so matching it with a shawl neck cardigan will give you a raw masculine stylish look.


Here we’ve got double denim again, then he’s worn a tan roll-neck sweater added a touch of tweed with the waistcoat, then with a great layering effect he`s added a classy short trench coat, very chic with bags of panache.

I don’t wear denim much today, but I’m investing in a new indigo denim jacket this month, I`ve just got a great pair of Levi`s 501s with the red tab guys, denim has a great place in any man`s wardrobe it all about how you wear it & what you wear with it.


Bob Redfern


What is STYLE ?

I hear the word style used to often, but to me a lot of people don`t know the difference between style & fashion, to me style never dies, fashion does, style is the manner or the way you wear your cloths, by creating a distinctive appearance, some people have natural style some don`t, for those who don`t understand style they will see a certain look then try to emulate it, some times with disasters effects,  you should be bold & proud when it comes to your wardrobe, style is some thing you achieve over time, its like a fine wine it takes time to mature and become special.

There are certain style icons who had style and to this day we still look at them for inspiration, one such icon was Steve McQueen, he has the title of king of cool, he had an uncanny way of taking a simple garment & making it look stylish, certain brands came synonymous with him like Persol, Belstaff, Baracuta, his style was masculine he would wear simple T-shirts or shawl neck cardigans even classy chinos, a lot of people have mimicked his style, the reason why he kept his style simple, last summer I attend a garden party, in a blue oxford shirt & tan chinos with brown loafers and Persol sunglasses, people gave me compliment after compliment, all I did was copy Mr McQueen.


Here Steve McQueen wears casual chinos, crew neck burgundy sweater with a white shirt, he finishes it off with charcoal blazer, the blazer and sweater complement each other, add Steve McQueen`s casual stance, you have an amazing look.

Another style icon who was stylish, was the Duke of Windsor former King Edward VIII, he was known for bucking the trend, the Duke of Windsor was world-renowned for was his style, not only by his choice in clothes, but how he matched them and how he wore them, it was his modern approach to clothes that made him stand out, he showed disregard for the establishment, he preferred comfortable clothes, on one occasion he was asked to inspect some troops he turned up wearing Oxford bags trousers very loose-fitting trousers, to this day people still take inspiration from this man.


Here Duke of Windsor wears a check suit most probably wool, the suit is a two button jacket, here he sits with one button done up, the fit is amazing, he chosen a neutral plain color for his tie & shirt , which then gives the suit more definition.

street-style-men-trench-coat-2 (1)

This man has style, I don`t like the rolled up 80s sleeve look, but the casual chinos with the deep red shirt is a classy touch, he has then added the trench coat to give a smart look, to finish it off he chosen a vibrant silk scarf that goes with the coat & shirt, finished with suede brogues.


This stylish look is simple but timeless, classic oxford shirt with Navy chinos in a tapered fit, followed by some stylish shoes.

4-street-style-men-red-paris-460 (1)

l like this mans style, he gone with a modern double-breasted prince of Wales check suit, added a stylish waist coat, it’s the red & black that makes it all go together, finished in that fantastic white dress shirt without a tie, most of all his confident stare .

Learning what style is important if you want to look good, fashion comes and go`s, Style never does, it`s all about how you match & wear your cloths.


Bob Redfern


The Navy Pea Coat

A Navy Pea coat is a heavy wool coat general Navy in color, originally worn by sailors of European and later American navies, Pea coats are characterized by short length, broad lapels, double-breasted fronts, often large wooden, metal or plastic buttons, and vertical or slash pockets.Today the style is considered a classic, and pea coats are now worn by all manner of individuals, due to its versatility its worn for casual & smart dress, the Pea coat has been copied by all major fashion brands, an original Navy Pea coat are hard to come by, The standard for historical pea coats was 30 ounces (approx. 850 g) wool, most often made of heavy wool cloth, through the 70s in the U.S. Navy. Presently coats are made from 22–32 oz (620–910 g) wool. While pea coats are offered in many colors by retailers, the U.S. Navy-issue pea coat is black.

hello sailor

A sailor wearing a original Navy Pea Coat

During the second world war the US Navy doubled in size, a lot of young men were introduced to the Navy Pea coat, after the war a lot of young sailors took their Pea coat’s with them, they became a hit in the university`s of Harvard & Yale, thanks to young officers returning back from the war, to finish their study’s, soon young college kids started hit Navy Surplus stores, the Originals became hard to find, company`s like Ralph Lauren were one of the first to reproduce the iconic coat. it was sold in its thousands to young & old fashionista`s,


Ralph Lauren`s Navy Pea Coat

The Pea coats still finds it self on the cat walk every year in some new collection, though often with small design changes that reflect the current fashion trends it’s still essentially a Pea coat, to me there nothing that comes close to the style the fit & look of a true navy Pea coat, My self I have owned two in my life time, one I still have it was made by George & Duffer it cost me a package, but the only problem with its design it does not have vertical or slash pockets, which I miss, the only problem I keep meaning to find one with the  vertical or slash pockets, but I never get the chance to.


One of the US Navy’s longest standing suppliers, Fidelity has been manufacturing the finest outerwear from their factory in Boston, Massachusetts since 1941. Named for the company’s current owners Gerald & Stewart Webber, Fidelity’s top-tier looks to their vast archive, resurrecting some of the 20th century’s most iconic outerwear designs. Cut in a selection of refreshed silhouettes, every piece from the collection is Made in the USA, utilising the finest Melton Wool in a variety of mediums.


Anchor Embossed Buttons


Comes with Metal Fidelity Pin

 Now if your looking for a real Navy pea coat its got to be wool, don`t go for the silly super slim fit that Superdry came out with, its got to have vertical or slash pockets, the traditional color is Navy, but you can get away with black, but if you want to be an individual you can get other colors, there are a lot of company’s making the Pea coat I can recommend a few but we would be here all day, also they haven’t payed me for advertising for them, a good coat should cost between £60.00 to £120.00, any thing cheaper don’t waste your time, any thing more expensive it’s up to you.

The styles & looks you can achieve are amazing, the Pea coat is at home in the office as well as a week,end away hill walking, so you can look stylish what ever you’re doing with this versatile coat, I love wearing my Pea coat with a Rugby shirt & some chinos. take a look at these looks for inspiration.


One of the simplest but stylish street look`s is wearing a Oxford shirt & indigo jeans with the Navy Pea coat


Give your pea coat a nautical look & feel go for a cream Aran roll-neck sweater & red beanie.

chinos 1

For a classy street style look add chinos and a funky scarf finish it off with some aviator sunglasses don`t for get the Navy Pea coat

So you can see investing into a Navy Pea coat, will give you many stylish looks, it will also keep you warm, and what ever you choose to do go to work go for a hill walk, you’re going to look very stylish.


Bob Redfern


The classic T-shirt

Is a style of fabric shirt, named after the T shape of the body & sleeves, it’s also normally has a crew neck but  you can get them in a V-neck, the fits can come in slim & general fit, they are traditionally made from cotton, and a have a smooth feel to them, the T-shirt evolved from underwear, During the first world war T-shirts were issued to sailors US sailors, they soon became popular with manual workers as undergarments, because it was easily fitted & easily cleaned also very inexpensive, parents started buy them for their kids to wear, after the World War II ex-service men started to wear them in civvy streets, then came it crowning glory, Marlon Brando wore a simple T-shirt in the film  A Streetcar Named Desire, it achieved a fashion icon statues, soon all young kids in college were wearing the classic T-shirt. 


Marlon Brando in the famous film A Streetcar Named Desire which made the T-shirt fashionable

During the 60s the era of free love & Mod culture, T-shirts became a great way of advertising how people felt & advertising products,  screen-printing also became a cheap way for artists & small company’s to print their own T-shirts, in the 70s one such fashion designer called vivian westwood, designed the famous controversy Lonesome Cowboys image, it was of two naked cowboys only dressed in boots & hats facing each other, their penis nearly touching each other, it was taken away by the police because it was classed as porn at the time.


Philip Michael Don Johnson in Miami Vice

During the 80s  Don Johnson wore T-shirts with Armani suits on Miami Vice, T-shirts became more of a fashion piece as the decade carried on, through the 90s they stayed a main stay of any mans wardrobe, all major men fashion labels stock T-shirts, there are even company’s who just sell printed T-shirts, the looks & style you can achieve are amazing, a T-shirt is not for casual use, they can be worn for smart dress to take a look at some looks I’ve put together.


You can see by just adding a simple blazer with a pocket square the T-shirt becomes really classy & stylish


Lets not for get the classic jeans & T-shirt look


 Wearing a classic T-shirt with a suit is another classic if you can pull it off


Another great look of the classic T-SHIRT is the simple dress down look mix it with a stylish hoodie for those Sunday walks to the shop

I normally don’t make a point about people wearing crap items of clothing, But a pet hate of mine is Grown men wearing cartoon T-shirts & they think they look cool, please these items of clothing are fine to lounge around in at home, but in public you look like a proper dick dead, dress your age & have some pride people.


Funny but what a dick head

If your going to buy T-shirts look at the label, if it says skinny fit & you’re a fat guy, you will end up looking like beach ball, buy the right size & fit, to me you should have 3 plain T-shirts in your wardrobe, Navy,Grey,White these will give you the minim styles & looks you need,


Bob Redfern


Classic chinos / Khakis

Chino or Khaki’s as the Americans call them, are cotton twill trousers made of 100% cotton, they also come in different weaves from heavy twill to soft cotton, they come in different styles & fits from straight leg to a tapered leg even skinny fit, one of the best things about chinos/Khakis is they come in every colour you can think of, today more people now wear chinos than before, one of the reasons why people wear chinos/khakis its their versatility, with jeans you can only wear them for casual wear, with chinos/khakis you can wear them for casual & smart dress , so investing into a pair won’t just save you money, it will also give more options when you put an outfit together.

WW2 GI in service dress chinos / khakis

WW2 GI in service dress chinos / khakis

Chino/Khakis them self’s are over hundred years old, originally invented for the military, Khaki means “soil-colour” in Hindu, the word chino means china in Spanish, after the second world was the GI bill came in giving ex-servicemen the chance to go to college, a lot of ex-servicemen kept their khaki service pants and wore them into civy street, soon the look caught on with every day college kids,

Levi`s Sta press trousers

Levi`s Sta press trousers

In the 60s men’s fashion changed very quickly, it moved from smart to a more casual dress, soon company’s like Levi’s to Farah in Texas started to make causal trousers for the Masses’, Levi’s invented the Sta press trouser while Farah invented a twill trouser, both were still a cotton trouser but the weave & the style was different, soon certain subcultures like mods etc adopted them as part of their look, they became the trousers to dress in when you went out.

Dad`s trying to look cool in chino / khaki`s not a good look

Dad`s trying to look cool in chino / khaki`s not a good look

Over the last couple of decades chinos/Khakis became more of a dads casual trousers, so young Fashionistas stayed away from that look, but thanks to new designs & better marketing chinos are back with a bang, one of those company’s bringing the chinos/Khaki’s back into vogue is Docker`s, Levi’s casual trouser brand, their latest design is a low sitting trouser with a tapered  fit leg, very stylish definitely not your dads chinos/khaki’s.

So if your interested in getting a pair think about the style your going for, with Chino/Khakis they come in many fits so you can be picky what you want, straight leg is simply a straight leg which gives you a relaxed look, “this is the dad look”, then you have a tapered fit, simply the legs are more narrow giving you a modern stylish look, then you have skinny fit not a good look if you’re a fat guy, colours are your next choice, my advice keep it simple go for a tan or dark colour, you can go for red or yellow but you might end up looking like a clown on his day off.

Dress up with your chino / khaki`s just add a blazer.

Dress up with your chino / khaki`s just add a blazer.

Picking the wright colour chino / khaki`s will give you a stylish look

Picking the right colour chino / khaki`s will give you a stylish look

mixing your chino / khaki`s with a gingham shirt & cardigan is a very chic look

mixing your chino / khaki`s with a gingham shirt & cardigan is a very chic look

Why not try a sweater in a lighter colour than your chinos giving your self a fresh stylish look

Why not try a sweater in a lighter colour with your chinos / khaki`s giving you a fresh stylish look

I hope I`ve got your minds thinking, remember fashion is what you make it be you no one else. there are hundreds of ways you can wear chino / khaki`s, but the style & the colour is down to you, what ever you choose your going to look amazing.


Bob Redfern


The Gingham Shirt

Gingham shirts are a classy shirt in their own right, the gingham design originates from Malay, the name genggang meaning striped, they say the name came into English via the Dutch, when they imported them into Europe, it was a striped pattern, but the English mills in Manchester gave it a checked pattern when it was produced, they wove it into a checked or plaid pattern, its made of carded medium or fine yarn , where the coloring is on the warp yarns & always along the grain.

So why are gingham shirts so popular, originally the only place you would see gingham is on the table as a table-cloth, in the early part of the 19th century film stars like Julie Garland in the film Wizard of Ozz, wore a blue gingham dress sexy, then you have Bridget Bardo she got married in a pink gingham dress “yeah baby”, this caused a fashion craze in Paris & gingham material nearly ran out, it was not till the 1960s that man got in to gingham, Mods started to wear it thanks to brave designer called Ben Sherman, in the 80s & 90s it fell out of favour, but thanks to the Brit pop scene it became a popular shirt to wear again.

Fred Perry short sleeved gingham shirt in red

Fred Perry short-sleeved gingham shirt in red

Fred Perry prides its self on its brand that has a strong following so their classic fit gingham shirt with button down collar, in both short & long sleeve, with a patch pocket on the chest embroidered  with their signature laurel wreath motif, is a stylish shirt to own

Ben Sherman black gingham shirt

Ben Sherman black gingham shirt

Ben Sherman is a legend in his own right, he embraced change all the way searching for the best, & one of them was the iconic gingham shirt, it’s a long sleeve shirt with adjustable cuffs, designed to a heritage made fit, it features a two finger button down collar, branded label on the spade pocket, & what makes their shirt stand out , it’s the bias check on the placket & the yoke also the pocket, very British but super chic.

Merc London light blue gingham shirt

Merc London light blue gingham shirt

Merc London have been making shirts since 1967, they are Mod farther for rude boys & skin heads they have a simple design in both long sleeve & short, their motif is  embroidered on the pocket, with a button down collar with a tartan design on the in side of the collar, also a back box pleat and twin darts, its made from 100% cotton, a true classic to own.

Pretty green blue fine gingham check shirt

Pretty green blue fine gingham check shirt

The need kid on the block is Pretty green from Manchester, their style is very laid back & their gingham shirts come in a finer check, the style of the shirt is a classic fit, button down collar, embroidered chest badge and tab, single yoke on the back with a hook, made from 100 % cotton. a great shirt from a fresh stylish label.
Ben Sherman US
The gingham shirt can be worn for casual or smart dress, it’s a great shirt to have in your wardrobe, take a look at these styles, it will give you some idea how you can wear your gingham shirt.

Mix it with a classy blazer to dress it up

Mix it with a classy blazer to dress it up

If you want a stylish look mix it with a waistcoat / vest then add a bowtie

If you want a stylish look mix it with a waistcoat / vest then add a bow tie

For a very casual but dapper look go add a shawl cardigan & indigo jeans.

For a very casual but dapper look go add a shawl cardigan & indigo jeans.

So have I convinced you to buy a gingham shirt, if you are my advise is stick with red or blue, but if you want to be very classy go for black guys you will love the look & style.

Thank you for reading my blog again please log in my twitter page for the latest looks if you like the looks


Bob Redfern


The Waistcoat/Vest

If your really serious about fashion right now, the waistcoat/vest is something you need in your wardrobe. because of it`s simplicity  & design it will go with most outfits you put together, it`s the only piece of clothing to have a royal charter, we know this because Samuel Peps kept a diary, also with waistcoats/vest you don’t have to pay a lot of money for one, Marc Darcy`s  in Manchester have some of the best going  they start at £25.00 also very stylish, or you could go to Walker Slater in Edinburgh they are the best in my view, your looking around £85.00 for a nice waistcoat/vest  you won’t buy better, don’t worry they have an online store. So are waistcoat/vest really stylish and practical, “YES”, look around & when I say look around, l mean read about men’s fashion on-line, read the latest fashion magazines there are thousands of articles & pictures to whet your appetite,  so who is wearing the waistcoat /vest & getting noticed for their style, first up is Mr Olly Murs he’s been voted by GQ as one of the best dressed men in the UK, his style comes from the high street, he love’s Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Top man all iconic British brands, what this means to you as a savvy shopper ,you can get the same look at affordable prices, Olly’s style normally is a classic granddad shirt, Stunning waistcoat/vest then very tight trousers. He is a very stylish man, he does not follow any brand`s or style`s 70% of clothes he buys come from the high street, he will buy a certain item  then wear it in his own style.

Olly Murs in a Henley shirt & a tweed waistcoat finshed off with a trilby hat

Olly Murs in a Henley shirt & a tweed waistcoat finished off with a Trilby hat

Another lover of the waistcoat / vest is our Gary Barlow of Take That, another winner of GQ magazine best dressed man, he has a more tailored style than Olly Murs, he love’s tweed & check designs etc, but Gary ‘ s style again does not come at a cost. He’s worn suit`s from Top man on the X factor more than once, Gary Barlow is now a fashion icon, when he get`s dressed up he has a very confident look about him, that’s because he knows he looks good.

Gary Barlow in rich deep burgundy shirt finished off with fine black pinstripe waistcoat-vest

Gary Barlow in rich deep burgundy shirt finished off with fine black pinstripe waistcoat-vest

So you can see it’s not just me talking about why waistcoats / vest are fashionable, you have famous people & style icons wearing them,but most of all they are buying them from the same high street shop`s you shop in, from the likes if Top man, Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Ralph Lauren, Next, River Island, Marc Darcy, Walker Slater, these are not some fancy boutique selling waistcoat / vest at silly money but your every day mens clothing shop, so  buying a waistcoat / vest wont be expensive, my advice is stick to tweed or herringbone style waistcoat / vest but you choose what suits you. When buying a waistcoat / vest you need to try them on, they are a very tight-fitting garment, so getting one that fits you right is very important, when you get your waistcoat / vest you then need to think what you’re going to wear with it, due to its design you can wear nearly any thing with it, Henley shirt, Oxford shirt, T-shirt, it’s up to you, it’s trial & error, now l can list you every tom dick & Harry who has the best waistcoats in the UK, but l won’t lm going to give you two to whet your appetite a little, both provide stylish classic waistcoat / vest but it’s about cost & style you choose.

Marc Darcy waistcoat / vest in tweed

Marc Darcy waistcoat / vest in tweed

Marc Darcy are from Manchester, their style is very old school but with a fresh twist, they make over coat, blazers, waistcoat / vest in the old comble style with velvet collars very stylish and other designs to, what they offer is cost-effective men’s tailoring at affordable price’s,  l own three of their waistcoats / vest and they are stylish & well made, the style is five button waistcoat with two pockets, notched lapel, tweed front satin back with two side adjusters all that for £25.00 & people will compliment you on your style.

Walker Slater tweed waistcoat / vest

Walker Slater tweed waistcoat / vest

Now if your willing to splash the cash ! Meet Walker Slater based in Edinburgh, but they also have store’s in London, all their product’s are designed in Scotland also made there, they are tweed crazy, they make the best tweed suit’s in the UK,  they offer two services off the peg or bespoke, what your looking for is off the peg, their standard design is the Edward Waistcoat / vest it’s a classic 5 button waistcoat with two pockets, notched lapel, tweed front & silk back with adjuster, the cost is only £85.00, you can’t go wrong at that price, l have one of their waistcoats / vest it’s my favourite l love it. I hope again you have found this blog help full if you have any questions please let me know.


Bob Redfern