Weekend Travel Stylish Essentials

Its spring the long bank holidays are here that means yes “weekends” away, time to pack your weekend bag enjoy the sun and some beer, but if you’re hitting the beach you want to be looking good and stylish, it’s all about packing the right pieces that are practical but also essential, there are many times I’ve seen guys getting away for the weekend, and they are carrying too much kit, also if your going to fly to Europe you normally can only carry an on board bag, even then they check your case if you’re carrying too much aftershave they even take it off you, so you need to be smart and crafty what your carrying in your bag.



The first thing you need is a stylish weekend bag, forget about those little trolley dolly cases you wheel behind you, get a proper man`s bag that’s stylish but most of all you can get your kit in it, the best type of bag is the classic holdall, they come in leather or other materials, a classic brown or black are the classy colours, the other benefit is they have a shoulder strap, which makes it easier to carry, don’t be a pussy and wheel your case behind you, be a man and carry your case you will look stylish and masculine, I’ve chosen this Kangol antique holdall,  because of its size and striking red and navy canvas stripe stylish design, it has three pockets, a shoulder strap and handles which makes this perfect for your weekend getaway.



The polo shirt is one of the most versatile pieces you can pack for your weekend away, it looks great on the beach and if you’re hitting the clubs its bang on with the money, one of the best pieces is the Lacoste ultra slim polo shirt with tricolour piping on the collar and arm bands, it has a stylish button placket, its inspired and designed for the those weekends away.



Oxford shirts are often overlooked as some thing for the weekend, but oxford shirts look great with shorts or chinos, they are the classic playboy look on the beach matched with some snazzy Ray Ban sunglasses, with one oxford shirt you can get two outfits on a weekend end away, wear it on a night out then the next day wear it with a pair of shorts, it will be broken in a ruffled way but you will look very stylish, this oxford I’ve chosen is from Next, it’s a simple shirt made from real oxford fabric, with contrast trims and button down collar, but the good thing it only costs £20.00 not a king’s ransom.



Weekends away are all about catching some rays dressing down, so every man needs some stylish shorts, for get about sports shorts they are ok for the pool, but when you’re hitting the beach side bars you want to look stylish, go for some chinos cotton shorts in a vivid summer colour, these Faxan shorts in a deep pink come from Joules, they are a smart alternative to chinos, but most of all they look stylish with a oxford shirt or polo shirt.



When it comes to foot wear there are many different pieces to choose from, but for me its a pair of Toms Espardrilles, they slip on your feet like a pair of socks, they have a classic suede insole for comfort, a latex arch for added support, they come in a striking rust linen material, Toms even look stylish with jeans and a summer blazer, classy footwear for your weekend away.



Chinos are a must for any weekend away, great for city breaks or hitting the beach, chinos come in many colours but keep it classy go for a light tan or stone, also when you’re hitting the beach you can just roll up the legs and look stylish walking across  it, these chinos come from River Island in a slim fit in a stone colour, they have a classy button fly, they would look amazing with a blue oxford shirt.



Another piece that would not go a miss is a classy straw Trilby, they are not just stylish but also very practical, if you’re sitting by a beach bar all day you need a little protection from the sun, with this Stetson Raffia straw Trilby that’s what you get, with its stylish navy grosgrain ribbon band you will look dapper and stylish.


As you now when you get your bags checked you run the risk of being told your carrying too much toiletry’s, and then you get told to hand over a bottle of aftershave that cost you £65.00 your going to feel pissed off, you then have to go to the duty-free shop to buy more, so even before you have started your holiday your over a hundred pound out-of-pocket, so invest into some travel aftershave atomiser`s, they are about the size of a lipstick case, you simply fill them with your favourite shave, pop them into your bag, and leave your favourite aftershave at home. your sorted also they fit in your pocket, so if you want to stay fresh all day your covered guys.

Where ever you decide to travel to this year do it in style, have fun enjoy the sun and stay safe on your  travels.


Bob Redfern


The Rise Of The Artisan T-Shirt

There are more T-shirt apparel company’s than ever before, in the 70s screen printing T-shirts boutiques were popping up all over in London & New York,  such designers like Vivienne Westwood became famous for their amazing art work they produced on their T-shirts, but soon bigger company’s like Ralph Lauren started produce their own T-shirts, they didn’t use screen press but big printing press they could produce thousands in one day & they were cheaper, through the 80s printed t-shirts become synonymous  with punks, with messages against Margret Thatcher and the government at the time,  through the 90s t-shirts continued to be printed with many screen prints and designs,

Over the last couple of years with the on set of social media, small fashion designers  can get their designs to a bigger audience, more and more people are looking for something stylish but different, company’s like Johnny Cupcakes, Ark Angel Apparel, Aye Kandy Apparel  only design and sell t-shirts and sweat shirts with amazing designs nothing else , so let’s have look at some of their designs and what’s made these company’s such a success.



Johnny Cupcakes apparel was started by Johnny Earle, it uses cup cakes as the prominent design motif for all its designs, Johnny Cupcakes from when Johnny used to be called nick names by his work mate`s, they would come up with a different one every other week, soon they were calling him yes Johnny Cupcakes he liked the name, he was all so in a band and made t-shirts by screen printing for them, one day he was printing some t-shirts he made some with  Johnny Cupcake’s on them, soon friends saw them and asked where he got them from, he soon was selling t-shirts  to friends his designs caught on, he now has four stores in the U.S. and one in London. his key design’s mimic classic art pieces by mimicking them with cupcakes.



Ark Angel Apparel are designers and supplier of urban street ware with influences from religion and history with a modern twist, their unique clothing is both stunning and just amazing, they are from paisley in Scotland, they don’t yet have an online store but you can find them on twitter and Facebook, this is one label to keep an eye out for in the future, their style is inspired by old religious art with a modern twist, their prints are not just eye-catching but also very thought-provoking.



Aye Kandy Apparel is a street clothing apparel label from Glasgow, Scotland, their design is inspired by tattoo art very bold prints of skull mixed with paisley, black and white prints, creative Director Chris Paterson wanted to come up with some thing that rivalled, the likes of Primark style clothing and your big brands like Diesel and G Star, where you’re paying around £40 a t-shirt  and offer some thing far better that was stylish but also very affordable.

2015 is the year for the printed t-shirt with such rich offerings now available you’re going to look amazing this summer.


Bob Redfern


Sunday Style

Sunday style is all about casual dress down, no work to go to, recovering from Saturdays “excess”, it`s about keeping it stylish but very relaxed people, for get about the onesies leave the baby club, come over to the big boys club, I love Sundays I`m all ways out for dinner but I never dress for dinner unless its formal, the key to Sunday style is what you wear & how you match it together, think about denim pieces mix it with some knit pieces to, or add a touch of cotton, colors should be suttle but neutral, my style is usually chinos in a tan color followed by a polo shirt or rugby shirt, in winter I like to wear  chunky shawl neck cardigans, it’s all about wearing whats comfortable to you, but just being a touch stylish about it.

I`ve put some simple outfits together for you, keeping it simple but relaxed and very stylish, the key to the look is choosing the right pieces.



When it comes to Sunday style it’s about simplicity & functionality, you can’t beat a simple Henri Lloyd grey crew neck T-shirt, matched with a pair of Levi`s 501s in a straight relaxed fit, to finish this look I’ve gone for a Ralph Lauren Hoodie with a zipped front, the over all effect is a very dressed down look but still stylish.


Levi`s Sta press trousers

Levi`s Sta press trousers


Now if your after a more sharper fitted relaxed look that is very chic, I’ve chosen the classic Henley long sleeve shirt with a button placket as a base layer in  neutral white, then added some stunning Sta Press trousers that come in sharp fitted look, then to finish it off I have gone with a chunky ribbed shawl-neck cardigan in navy with stunning leather football buttons, the over all effect achieved is one of sharp style but still very casual.

Remember fashion changes style does not, so when you come to put an outfit together, put them together on your bed in order then say to your self do I look good if in doubt change it buddy.


Bob Redfern


Get kitted out for work

Fashion changes quicker than a tramp changes his pants, but style never changes, office based work has always been smart dress, usually suit & tie but not any more fashionista`s, you can now dress smart but with a casual twist, it’s all about your wardrobe and what you wear, take a look at these inspirational pieces.


This slim fit crisp poplin shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt will see you stylish in and out the office



Looking for a practical stylish piece this Aubin brown pure wool blazer from Blurton London ticks all the boxes



Ties can be so boring leave the wide tie at home get a knitted silk tie with stripes very chic but stylish



Get some major style points in the office with these classy Sterling silver blue lapis & mother of pearl oval bicolour cufflinks by Aspinal of London


download (3)

Suede is very in vogue this year invest into sharp looking suede brogues from Samuel Windsor


 10_2010721_000_24 (2)

Throw caution to the wind add a bit of color to your wrist with this classy watch from Lacoste


mens-messenger-bag-retro-canvas-bag-yellow-khaki- (1)

When it comes to a mans bag you want a proper rugged masculine looking bag go for this canvass messenger bag



We still need to take notes at meetings etc get rid of those crappy note pads invest into a proper leather Journal



Adding a dash of color to your blazer is easy with a pocket square also a tip for you we all carry mobile phones keep the screen clean by using the pocket square stylish and practical


so you can see adding a few accessories to your wardrobe with the right cloths you can look stylish in & out of work.


Bob Redfern


Fred Perry

Fred Perry is a renowned fashion label famous for their style & its classic Perry shirt, it was named after Fred Perry he was a world-famous tennis player, In the late 1940s, Perry was approached by Tibby Wegner, an Austrian footballer who had invented an antiantiperspirant device worn around the wrist. Fred made some changes to the design, he gave them to top players to use on the tennis court, people saw them using them, they soon caught on, Wegner wanted to come up with more sports wear, they decide to design their own version of the René Lacoste‘s famous polo shirt, Launched at Wimbledon in 1952, the Fred Perry tennis shirt was an immediate success. 

logo 1

The world famous Fred Perry logo

When Fred Perry went to launch his polo shirt he wanted to use a smokers pipe as a logo, but Wegner advised him not to go for it, as he didn’t think the girls would go for it, this left them stumped what to use for their logo, Wegner advised him to use the Laurel wreath he wore on his touring blazer, but there was on little problem it belonged to the The All England Lawn Tennis Club, and Fred had not always got on with the hierarchy at the club, Fred approached colonel Duncan MacCauley the secretary of the club, after some discussions they decide there would be no problem and gave Fred release in writing, the Fred Laurel wreath is one of the most recognized iconic fashion logos, it could of all been so different if they had gone with the pipe.


Fred Perry wearing his classic polo shirt

The Fred Perry shirt went main stream thanks to a bit of crafty marketing, Fred & Wegner gave their shirts to camera men to wear for free, also they gave their shirts to top tennis players, which was far better than the ill-fitting alternatives, and when Fred Perry did interviews he wore his iconic shirt, very soon Wimbledon was awash with Fred Perry, thanks to this massive marketing exposure the shirt came a hit with the Mod movement, it was ideal to be worn with a suit due to it collar & button placket, but they then still could wear it again the next day, after pressure from its streetwear fans suppliers were getting requests for tipping to the collar & sleeves, Fred liked the idea it became an instant success, it was the first shirt to cross over from sportswear to streetwear, the Perry was born.


Northern sole dancers loved Fred Perry the twisted wheel was a famous underground club

Fred Perry went main stream in 70s thanks to its design & practicality, one subculture to embrace Fred Perry was Northern soul it was an underground music movement, where people gathered to dance to soul music for hours in away the first rave venues with out the drugs, they needed smart stylish clothing that would cope with hours of dancing in hot cramped rooms, the Fred with its knitted piquaterial and its ability to retain its shape was a valued item for their wardrobe, soon over the decades Rude boys, Mods, Punks, Perry boys, have all sported Fred Perry as part of their look, to this day Fred Perry is Synonyms with youth culture & street wear.


The Fred Perry world famous polo shirt with the tipped collar & sleeves


Fred Perry is over 60 years old they still make the original Fred Perry shirt from the same cotton in the same slim fit, often called by its followers the Perry. they don’t just make polo shirts they also make Oxford shirts, chinos, jeans, knitwear, accessories. they also run a blog site called Fred Perry`s Subculture it is an initiative in engaging not only new talent from around the world, but also heritage artists that have a long-standing relationship with the brand. Fred Perry has had an enduring relationship with music and subcultures throughout modern British history. Fred Perry is now a world-wide brand ,they have store`s all over the UK, also stores in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong kong, Indonesia, Japan and many more. every year a new generation of young people fall in love the this timeless brand.


Fred Perry`s store in the westfield Stratford City shopping center, London

Fred Perry to me is the king of street wear & fashion they were the first to give the younger generation proper street wear which they embraced & loved, to this day Fred Perry maintain a strong position in the fashion market & the hearts of the younger generation here is to another 60 years.


Bob Redfern


Ben Sherman

When it comes to a trend setter Ben Sherman is world leader in the fashion market, The company is named after its founder  Arthur Benjamin Sugarman he was born in Brighton, England, at the age of 20 he moved to the America, he soon settled down in San Fernando, California, It was also while in America when applying for citizenship, that Arthur decided to change his name. Ben is what his family called him and Sherman was a surname that he felt was a good, solid, strong American name. he soon raised family his farther-in-law, owned a successful clothing manufacturing company, this is where Ben Sherman was inspired by the likes of  Brooks Brothers, they introduced the Oxford-cloth button-down collar shirt to America, those shirts were a hit with Jazz players like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and Oscar Peterson. in the early 1960s Ben Sherman was called back to England, his Mother had fallen very ill, Without a job, Ben Sherman decided to use his clothing manufacturing experience and rented a factory in Bedford square, Brighton, Ben started making shirts for other people. But soon his creative flair took over and he started designing his own shirts. a lot of people were asking for the Oxford-cloth button-down collar shirt,  these were only available from official importers who had in effect, cornered this market, so Ben Sherman decided to produce his own version of this iconic shirt, Ben’s design vision added the back hook, the button on the back of the collar, but most importantly his feel and passion for fabric, pattern and colour created a unique garment. The shirt became a hit with Mods, by 1965, the company had opened a small office on the upper floors of an office-block in a London backstreet, This acted as the showroom for their shirt collections, the first Ben Sherman store was opened in Brighton in 1967.


Ben Sherman marketing was very unique they decided to box each shirt individually, which was, in those days against the grain. could also get a tie in the same material, colour was something that particularly intrigued Ben, so he used Oxford fabric in pale shades, pale pink, yellow and blue. He used candy stripes, again, using pale pinks, greens and blues. Peoples’ initial reaction to all this colour was not positive, but typically Ben Sherman pushed ahead as he totally believed in his ideas. he imported the best fabrics from America.
Ben Sherman US

Ben Sherman's Blue Oxford Shirt

Ben Sherman classic oxford shirt

Ben Sherman designs came in when fashion was changing, the 60s was all about being a rebel not conforming, subcultures like  Mods, embraced new fashion & music, with Ben Sherman making waves with his bright coloured  modern shirt, he couldn’t produce them faster enough,Ben Sherman opened a showroom on Carnaby street,  the heart of the swinging 60’s which was in full flow and the atmosphere was europhic.

images7SNKEUM2 B1

Ben Sherman gingham shirt

Ben Sherman continue to produce amazing clothing, from Jeans to polo shirts, also dapper suits, the company is no longer owned by Mr Sherman, he sold up & moved to Australia in the 1970s, the company has changed hands many times, but it still keeps to it original roots of producing amazing cloths in vivid colours with amazing details, they have 16 stores throughout the UK, they have three in London which are on ,Carnaby Street, Portobello Road, Camden Walk, the Carnaby store is their flag-ship store, inside is the Shirt Bar, staffed by “shirt-eliers” who can help you distinguish your button-downs from your pennies. they have also replicated this on their on-line store. the brand can also be found in America, Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa.

Shirt bar

Ben Sherman`s Carnaby Street flag-ship store staffed by shirt-eliers 


so if your looking for a classy shirt or a great outfit get your self’s down to Ben Sherman or go on-line, after 50 years their style & fashion is still as fresh as the day Ben Sherman put pen to pair to design his classic oxford shirt.


Bob Redfern


Tweed Blazer

My favorite blazers are made from tweed, its comes from Scotland & Ireland, lt would have been made by local people in their homes, before industrial mills were built, tweed is a multicolored carded yarn and twill construction you could call it a stubby coarse woolen cloth, It is has twill weave and may have a check or herringbone pattern. Subdued, interesting colour effects (heather mixtures) are obtained by twisting together differently colored woolen strands into a two- or three-ply yarn. local people used it for years to keep warm and make cloths from it, it soon caught on with the land & gentry, they noticed its great quality’s, it was used as hunting suits or walking wear, but tweed was never worn for formal wear, with tweed you get hints of green & purple, reds, oranges,so it gives the blazer or suit a unique look, but most of all it will last you a life time. over the last couple of years its explode into the fashion market like an atom bomb, more young fashionsitas are wearing tweed than ever, the reason why its less informal & you can do so much more with a tweed blazer, every fashion label will have a tweed blazer or suit in their next collection.


Tweed was traditionally worn a at shooting party`s

Tweed is great in winter you can mix a tweed blazer with knitwear, you can wear tweed easily with denim giving you a classic relaxed style,choosing a tweed blazer is easy it’s really down to you, my advise is go for a tan or nut-brown, you can get check tweeds these are amazing as they give your out fit definition. herringbone is very sartorial but chic,

grey tweed

If your new to tweed keep it simple go for a grey tweed like in the picture above, you can wear tweed for formal or informal wear, mix your blazer with a bright sweater, the grey will give you an even balance of fashion but practicality.


If you want to be bolder & dapper, go for a checked tweed blazer, match it with some fine needle cords & a classy dress shirt for a solid dressed down chic look.

Herringbone red blazer

Tweed blazer are not just for winter, you can get them in a summer light weave, and some amazing colors, this strawberry herringbone is very classy sharp but very stylish, just add some classy chinos add and a vibrant pocket square.

Buying tweed blazers is fairly easy, but if you want to flash the cash, go to Walker Slater to me they make the best tweed blazers in the whole of the UK.


Bob Redfern


Calvin Klein

When you hear or see the words Calvin Klein or CK, what do you think off !, me I think of CK1 or underwear, but there is a lot more to this iconic brand and its creator Calvin Klein, so let me give you a quick incite to an amazing brand that has become an icon in the US & UK, Calvin Klein came from humble beginnings, Klein was born in The Bronx, New York. His parents were Hungarian Jewish immigrants, he was born in to a harsh life in a rough neighborhood, wanting better in life he attended He attended the High School of Art and Design, but he never graduated,  Klein became a protegé of Baron de Gunzburg, after close tutoring and inspiration, Calvin soon  was getting a reputation for his clean lines in his designs,In 1968, Klein founded Calvin Klein Limited, in a coat shop in the York Hotel in New York City, with $10,00, in the begging it was tough going but soon he was getting noticed, He was selling coat’s & dresses at the store, in September 1969 he appeared on the front of Vogues magazine, with a bigger demand for his fashion creations he added other lines like blazers & sports wear,  his company went from strength to strength, in the early 80s his Jeans collection became a hit in the US & UK.


Calvin Klein latest SS15 underwear collection modeled by Bieber  

One area Calvin Klein stands out in is men`s underwear, he revolutionized the whole concept from design to packaging, it was the first time that men’s underwear had been marketed as being desirable, rather than merely functional. they included clean lines & came in one color “white”, purchased in packs of three,this  made this easier for girlfriend’s & wife’s to buy underwear for their man, backed by the iconic marketing, male models with a big packaged in tight pants, shot in black & white, in some poncey stance, the likes of Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, and now Mr Bieber, have all donned the famous  boxer briefs, they have been called “one of the greatest apparel revolutions of the century, to me they are just white pants.


Classic Calvin Klein denim collection

Calvin Klein denim collection was also a revolution in its design & marketing, he made jeans sexy also he gave them a wholesome, sexy and practical, and featured the model Brooke Shields. they were the first Jeans  to have a logo on the back pocket, the biggest lift to Calvin Klein’s jeans was the television campaign directed by Richard Avedon that featured 15-year-old model/actress Brooke Shields provocatively posed in a skin-tight pair of Calvin Klein jeans. In the best-remembered spot, she pronounced, “Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” In another she declared, “I’ve got seven Calvins in my closet, and if they could talk, I’d be ruined.” that ended up selling over 2 million pairs in total.


CK one unisex Eau De Toilette 

When Calvin Klein first entered the fragrance Market in the 70s, it was a failure they soon withdrew from the market with big financial losses, but as the brand grew they allowed licences for company’s to use their name, in 1994 they launched CK1, what was amazing about it was unisex, yes one fragrance for men & women, CK1 is a Eau de toilette, it has hints of orange, lemon, Jasmine, sandalwood, it was marked as a casual fragrance, it was a success, you can get it in a body wash & moisturizer to, it was soon followed by Obsession and Eternity.


Calvin Klein New York store & headquarters 

Calvin Klein has grown in to a world wide brand, famed for its iconic branding & fashion, it now grown to over 11 collections, Calvin Klein collection, CK Calvin Collection, Calvin Klein white label, Calvin Klein sport, Calvin Klein jeans, Calvin Klein home, The Khaki Collection, Calvin Klein Golf, Calvin Klein underwear, CK one lifestyle brand, Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry, they have stores in in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai and Qatar. London, Russia, Mexico,  and other country’s their headquarters are based in New York on 654 Madison Ave.


Calvin Klein continues to be a leading fashion power house bringing out stunning collections every years, so if your in need of some sexy pants you know where you need to go guys.


Bob Redfern


Turnbull and Asser (Winston Churchill Outfitters)

Turnbull and Asser are s a gentleman’s bespoke shirtmaker and clothier established in 1885, their store on Jermyn street is in London, it was founded by Reginald Turnbull and Ernest Asser,  during World War 1, Turnbull & Asser developed a raincoat which doubled as a sleeping bag for the British Military. in the 1920s when more people turned to more casual wear, Turnbull and Asser adapted to the changes, where most traditional gentlemen`s outfitters didn’t, they started to design & make ready to wear shirts for which it is most known for today, but they still make bespoke shirts, during the company’s history it`s customers have ranged from prime minister, US presidents, Hollywood stars, also famous singers & bands, even the royal family, Turnbull and Asser have a unique way of staying ahead when it comes to changing fashions, they can offer the latest styles & fashions or the more traditional styles, this way they keep their old clients coming back, but attract new customers by offering the latest fashions & styles.


Winston Churchill’s siren suit aka the first onesies

On of Turnbull and Asser most famous customers known as size 46  was Winston Churchill, he was always seen wearing a navy polka dot tie, as homage to Churchill they have a bow tie named after him, they also famously designed the ‘siren suit’, during the war Churchill worked into the early hours so he wanted some thing comfortable to wear, remember the track suit hadn’t really taken off yet also imagine Churchill sporting a Nikey track suit nice, also during the war he was in his 60s not so nibble, so if the air raid sirens went off he needed some thing quick to put on, he went to Turnbull and Asser & asked them to design some thing for him they asked him what he wanted, this is what they came up with, a generously cut all in one suit with a zip on the front, with breast pockets and roomier pockets to the side, it had fold-over cuffs and pleats to the trouser fronts, made from wool, what they invented was yes the first onesies, yes my homies Churchill was getting down to groove before you, he liked them so much he ordered 12 in total,  there are on 3 left surviving one is on show at Turnbull and Asser store, its made of green velvet, he famously wore it a the white house, he was given a nick name “Little Lord Fauntleroy.


Sean Connery getting measured for his famous shirts for his part in James Bond

When  James Bond first hit the screen, it was Turnbull and Asser who was called in to dress this dapper character,  they designed the famouse turnback cuffs fastened with buttons as opposed to cufflinks, referred to as Portofino, or cocktail cuffs, or James Bond cuffs, it was a natunatural choice to use Turnbull and Asser given that Bond author Ian Fleming was a customer already,  Turnbull and Asser advised Connery to sleep in his tailored garments – including his shirts – so that he’d feel ‘more at ease’ in them. Connery was amazed that his wardrobe felt ‘just as comfortable after a full nights sleep,The James Bond ‘signature’ remains in the Turnbull & Asser collection and has proved integral to 007’s wardrobe for more than 50 years,Lindy Hemming, the Oscar-winning costume designer who modernised Bond’s wardrobe worked closely with Turnbull & Asser to ensure the shirts were up to the challenge of hand-to-hand combat. They also had to remain intact during Casino Royale‘s Montenegro shower scene, in which Craig’s 007 displays his ‘softer side’ comforting actress Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd.

Turnbull & Asser  are still making amazing clothes here are a couple of their latest pieces that have hit the headlines & appeared in magazines their style is sharp sartorial classy but very British.


This corduroy Sports Jacket is an effortless way to add texture to your wardrobe. Made in England, it features a burnt orange lining, left breast pocket and three lower front pockets.


This attractive Blue End-on-End Shirt is complimented by a White Collar and White Double Cuffs, similar to the one we supplied for the film Wall Street, worn by Gordon Gekko.

bow ties

Winston Churchill famous polka dot bow tie made from pure Silk and incorporating a stylish red ‘Petersham’ adjustor; thus ensuring a perfect fit around the neck of the wearer.


 Turnbull and Asser now have a store in New York, but all its shirts are still made here in the UK, with new Bond movies coming out, new MPs coming to London in 2015 , it’s going to be a busy year for Turnbull and Asser.

I would like to dedicate this blog to one man Sir Winston Churchill, I don’t know if you were a great leader, but I know one thing in our darkest hour you stepped forward, you took charge & after 6 years you gave us back our freedom, for this I thank you & god bless you Churchill.


Bob  Redfern




Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a fashion label named after the man him self, Paul Smith,  if one story of success should inspire you then it must be his, at 16 year’s old Paul wanted to become a professional racing cyclist, until he crashed into the back of a car and was hospitalised for three months, he ended up working in a clothing warehouse in Beeston, Nottingham, he met an art student called Pauline who became his wife, she inspired him to design & make his own cloths, so with a dream and £600 savings,he opened up his first boutique Paul Smith Vetement Pour Homme, in Byard Lane in Nottingham,he became the first shop outside London to sell the likes of Kenzo and Katharine Hamnett, he attend night tailoring classes to learn his trade, after a couple of years Paul finally got the look he wanted, so in 1976 he showed his Menswear collection named after him self Paul Smith in Paris, his collection was a success.


Paul Smith signature stripe is used on many of their accessories

40 years later Paul smith has become a world-wide brand, with over 14 different collections, Paul Smith for men and women, PS by Paul Smith, Paul Smith Jeans, Paul Smith London, R.Newbold (Japan only), Paul Smith Black, Paul by Paul Smith, Paul Smith Accessories, Paul Smith Shoe. Paul Smith rugs, china, spectacles and fragrance are made under license, all the collections are designed in Nottingham and London, the collections are primarily produced in England also Italy, the fabrics they use are British and French also Italy.


Paul Smith classic zebra motif in the classic stripe

Paul Smith`s stores are personally over seen by Paul himself, every store it totally different, from a shocking pink building with movie set styling on Melrose Avenue, LA, they capture the unmistakable Englishness of Paul Smith design`s, each store has a collection of jewelry & books also antiques, its been stated that if a customer uses a chair to change & they like the chair they can buy it.


Paul Smith Tokyo store

Paul Smith is global – the collection is wholesaled to 66 countries and has 17 shops in England. Paul Smith shops are found in London, Paris, Milan, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, U.A.E. – and over 200 throughout Japan. Paul remains fully involved in the Japanese business designing the clothes, choosing the fabrics, approving the shop locations and overseeing every development within the company. Paul Smith also has impressive and diverse showrooms in London, Paris, Milan, New York, and Tokyo.


Paul Smith arrives at his office every morning at 6 AM

Paul Smith still leads the company from the front as designer & chairman, he is involved in every aspect of the day-to-day running of the business, which is very rare in business of his size.

Paul Smith is not just clothing brand its a mans dream that came true, the inspiration the style is still as fresh as it was 40 years ago here to the next 40 years.


Bob Redfern