The Lowdown On The Hawaiian Shirt

Should I say hello or Aloha my fellow fashionistas today lm taking a look at one the most funkist shirts ever invented, yes its the all singing & dancing Hawaiian shirt, they are bold & bright, you could be arrested for being to load, Did l hear “book.him Dano”, the shirts them selfs have a rich history, have appeared on our TV’S on many differnt programmes from “HAWAII FIVE-O” “MAGNUM P.I.” it was Thomas Magnum PI played by Tom Sellock, who made the shirts so iconic, he wore them while driving his red ferriar 308 around Hawaii solving cases, his most famous one was the Jungle Bird one, In 1988, Tom Selleck turned over his famous red Hawaiian shirt and other items from the show to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. The Smithsonian chose the Magnum PI memorabilia because the show portrayed Vietnam Veterans in a positive way at a time when the nation was still dealing the wounds of Vietnam. Those characters were Thomas Magnum, T.C, and Rick. Since then his shirts have become a well sort after collectors piece, from the followers of this classic show.

Thomas Magnum Wearing His Famous Jungle Bird Shirt

The Aloha shirt, also referred to as a Hawaiian shirt, is a style of dress shirt originating in Hawaii. They are collared and buttoned dress shirts, usually short-sleeved and cut from printed fabric. They are often worn untucked, but can be worn tucked in as well. They are not only casual wear, but serve as informal business attire in Hawaii.”Aloha Friday”, a now-common tradition of celebrating the end of the workweek by wearing more casual attire on Fridays, initially grew out of an effort to promote Aloha shirts.According to some sources, the origin of Aloha shirts can be traced to the 1920s or the early 1930s,when the Honolulu-based dry goods store “Musa-Shiya the Shirtmaker” under the proprietorship of Kōichirō Miyamoto,started making shirts out of colorful Japanese prints.It has also been contended that the Aloha shirt was devised in the early 1930s by Chinese merchant Ellery Chun of “King-Smith Clothiers and Dry Goods”, a store in Waikiki.Although this claim has been described as a myth reinforced by repeated telling,Chun may have been the first to mass-produceor to maintain the ready-to-wear in stock to be sold off the shelf.

Koichiro Miyamoto,aka Musa-Shiya The Shirtmaker”- One Of The Original Aloha Shirt Tailors

The name “Aloha shirt” appeared later. By 1935 and 1936, the word “Aloha” was being attached to various sorts of Hawaiian products, so calling the garments “Aloha shirts” was hardly original.The term Aloha shirt first appeared in print in an advertisement for Musa-Shiya in the June 28, 1935 issue of The Honolulu Advertiser newspaper. However, Ellery Chun is sometimes credited for coining the term, perhaps in 1933; Chun’s store reportedly carried window signs that said “Aloha shirts”. The term “Aloha sportswear” was registered as a trademark by Chun’s company in 1936,followed by Chun trademarking “Aloha Shirt” in 1937 and owning the rights to this appellation for the next 20 years.

And as they say the rest is history now we know how these crazy shirts got there name & origins lets see shirts in all there glory & how they could give your wardrobe the kick in the pants it needs. Now there hundreds & hundreds of different shops offering Hawaiian shirts, so how can you find the best, simply hit the internet and search, lucky for me I found one company called that sold proper Hawaiian shirts, that were made in Honolulu so here are three of there shirts that I fell in love with.

Hang Ten £44.99

100% Cotton poplin Hawaiian short-sleeve shirt with pattern-matched chest pocket. Genuine coconut shell buttons. Cool and lightweight for summer. Made in Honolulu. this shirt is stunning, a deep grey-blue florals print with a stunning coloured band on the top, this shirt would look amazing with stone chinos & tan leather loathers.

Hibiscus Mania £44.99

100% Cotton poplin Hawaiian short-sleeve shirt with pattern-matched chest pocket. Genuine coconut shell buttons. Cool and lightweight for summer. Made in Honolulu. this shirt screans take me to the beach, you could wear this with a plain whit T-shirt underneath & the shirt unbuttoned & a pair of washed indigo jeans for a casual laid back look.

Hibiscus Garden Navy £44.99

100% Cotton poplin Hawaiian short-sleeve shirt with pattern-matched chest pocket. Genuine coconut shell buttons. Cool and lightweight for summer. Made in Honolulu. Out of all the shirts l love this one the most, the deep blue fabric & vivid bright colours of the floral print really set this shirt apart, I would wear this with some tan linen trousers & white trainers.

One of the problems with Hawaiian shirts alot of young stylish fashionistas dont know how to wear them, the key is to let the shirt do the talking for you. Here is a couple of ideas to help you.

Now I love this outfitt the shirts base colour is dark & the print design has flashes of white all through it, the guy gos for simple white shorts & trainers so he keeps the outfitt neutral, and all the attention is aimed at the shirt.

The next shot shows you can wear a Hawaiian shirt in a inner urban city area, this guy has gone for a lush deep navy shirt that has a vivid coloured print running through it, to give it that street look he put on a classic white T-shirt & a pair of indigo jeans this look is bang on the money people.

Thats all we have time for today people, remember lets keep it simple & stylish, Im no fashion guru, I just love fashion


yours Kindly
Bob Redfern

The Navy Pea Coat

A Navy Pea coat is a heavy wool coat general Navy in color, originally worn by sailors of European and later American navies, Pea coats are characterized by short length, broad lapels, double-breasted fronts, often large wooden, metal or plastic buttons, and vertical or slash pockets.Today the style is considered a classic, and pea coats are now worn by all manner of individuals, due to its versatility its worn for casual & smart dress, the Pea coat has been copied by all major fashion brands, an original Navy Pea coat are hard to come by, The standard for historical pea coats was 30 ounces (approx. 850 g) wool, most often made of heavy wool cloth, through the 70s in the U.S. Navy. Presently coats are made from 22–32 oz (620–910 g) wool. While pea coats are offered in many colors by retailers, the U.S. Navy-issue pea coat is black.

hello sailor

A sailor wearing a original Navy Pea Coat

During the second world war the US Navy doubled in size, a lot of young men were introduced to the Navy Pea coat, after the war a lot of young sailors took their Pea coat’s with them, they became a hit in the university`s of Harvard & Yale, thanks to young officers returning back from the war, to finish their study’s, soon young college kids started hit Navy Surplus stores, the Originals became hard to find, company`s like Ralph Lauren were one of the first to reproduce the iconic coat. it was sold in its thousands to young & old fashionista`s,


Ralph Lauren`s Navy Pea Coat

The Pea coats still finds it self on the cat walk every year in some new collection, though often with small design changes that reflect the current fashion trends it’s still essentially a Pea coat, to me there nothing that comes close to the style the fit & look of a true navy Pea coat, My self I have owned two in my life time, one I still have it was made by George & Duffer it cost me a package, but the only problem with its design it does not have vertical or slash pockets, which I miss, the only problem I keep meaning to find one with the  vertical or slash pockets, but I never get the chance to.


One of the US Navy’s longest standing suppliers, Fidelity has been manufacturing the finest outerwear from their factory in Boston, Massachusetts since 1941. Named for the company’s current owners Gerald & Stewart Webber, Fidelity’s top-tier looks to their vast archive, resurrecting some of the 20th century’s most iconic outerwear designs. Cut in a selection of refreshed silhouettes, every piece from the collection is Made in the USA, utilising the finest Melton Wool in a variety of mediums.


Anchor Embossed Buttons


Comes with Metal Fidelity Pin

 Now if your looking for a real Navy pea coat its got to be wool, don`t go for the silly super slim fit that Superdry came out with, its got to have vertical or slash pockets, the traditional color is Navy, but you can get away with black, but if you want to be an individual you can get other colors, there are a lot of company’s making the Pea coat I can recommend a few but we would be here all day, also they haven’t payed me for advertising for them, a good coat should cost between £60.00 to £120.00, any thing cheaper don’t waste your time, any thing more expensive it’s up to you.

The styles & looks you can achieve are amazing, the Pea coat is at home in the office as well as a week,end away hill walking, so you can look stylish what ever you’re doing with this versatile coat, I love wearing my Pea coat with a Rugby shirt & some chinos. take a look at these looks for inspiration.


One of the simplest but stylish street look`s is wearing a Oxford shirt & indigo jeans with the Navy Pea coat


Give your pea coat a nautical look & feel go for a cream Aran roll-neck sweater & red beanie.

chinos 1

For a classy street style look add chinos and a funky scarf finish it off with some aviator sunglasses don`t for get the Navy Pea coat

So you can see investing into a Navy Pea coat, will give you many stylish looks, it will also keep you warm, and what ever you choose to do go to work go for a hill walk, you’re going to look very stylish.


Bob Redfern


The classic T-shirt

Is a style of fabric shirt, named after the T shape of the body & sleeves, it’s also normally has a crew neck but  you can get them in a V-neck, the fits can come in slim & general fit, they are traditionally made from cotton, and a have a smooth feel to them, the T-shirt evolved from underwear, During the first world war T-shirts were issued to sailors US sailors, they soon became popular with manual workers as undergarments, because it was easily fitted & easily cleaned also very inexpensive, parents started buy them for their kids to wear, after the World War II ex-service men started to wear them in civvy streets, then came it crowning glory, Marlon Brando wore a simple T-shirt in the film  A Streetcar Named Desire, it achieved a fashion icon statues, soon all young kids in college were wearing the classic T-shirt. 


Marlon Brando in the famous film A Streetcar Named Desire which made the T-shirt fashionable

During the 60s the era of free love & Mod culture, T-shirts became a great way of advertising how people felt & advertising products,  screen-printing also became a cheap way for artists & small company’s to print their own T-shirts, in the 70s one such fashion designer called vivian westwood, designed the famous controversy Lonesome Cowboys image, it was of two naked cowboys only dressed in boots & hats facing each other, their penis nearly touching each other, it was taken away by the police because it was classed as porn at the time.


Philip Michael Don Johnson in Miami Vice

During the 80s  Don Johnson wore T-shirts with Armani suits on Miami Vice, T-shirts became more of a fashion piece as the decade carried on, through the 90s they stayed a main stay of any mans wardrobe, all major men fashion labels stock T-shirts, there are even company’s who just sell printed T-shirts, the looks & style you can achieve are amazing, a T-shirt is not for casual use, they can be worn for smart dress to take a look at some looks I’ve put together.


You can see by just adding a simple blazer with a pocket square the T-shirt becomes really classy & stylish


Lets not for get the classic jeans & T-shirt look


 Wearing a classic T-shirt with a suit is another classic if you can pull it off


Another great look of the classic T-SHIRT is the simple dress down look mix it with a stylish hoodie for those Sunday walks to the shop

I normally don’t make a point about people wearing crap items of clothing, But a pet hate of mine is Grown men wearing cartoon T-shirts & they think they look cool, please these items of clothing are fine to lounge around in at home, but in public you look like a proper dick dead, dress your age & have some pride people.


Funny but what a dick head

If your going to buy T-shirts look at the label, if it says skinny fit & you’re a fat guy, you will end up looking like beach ball, buy the right size & fit, to me you should have 3 plain T-shirts in your wardrobe, Navy,Grey,White these will give you the minim styles & looks you need,


Bob Redfern


10 Essential wardrobe pieces for SS15

Soon it will be spring 2015, its time to get your wardrobe ready & now is a good time. last week was British fashion week and all the major fashion labels have launched some amazing pieces, so I’ve gone through the latest fashion releases, and picked 10 essential wardrobe pieces, 2015 is all about geeky chic, yes the geek look is in vogue, so to get this stylish look take a look at what I’ve chosen.


Every man needs a white shirt, this classic Albin oxford style shirt from Merc London fits the bill, its stylish and practical it can be used for casual or smart dress.

crew 1

Every man needs a super grey sweater for those spring chilly mornings & evenings, the foxley v-neck from Crew clothing Company will see you right.


When it comes to spring & summer you need a polo shirt that’s classy on a night out as well as on the beach, Fred Perry`s plain polo shirt is classy & stylish for all these occasions.

red 1

One key piece of any spring summer look is a great T-shirt, you want some thing not too loud but stylish & crisp, welcome to the Hollister California westward beach t-shirt.


When it comes to a spring you want some thing comfortable but stylish, go urban chic with these fine EC1 Brown corduroy trousers from Ben Sherman.


This spring is all about the Tweed, the geek look is chic, this deep lush brown Edward tweed jacket by Walker Slater is all you need.


To complement your tweed blazer & cords go for this knitted silk orange tie with navy polka dots very retro but super cool.


When it comes to jeans its great to get some things your friends don’t have, David Watts is still a fresh label, but it’s gaining a cult following fast, so get your Mosley Dark Jeans for SS15


Henley shirts are often overlooked, but add this for a true rustic urban look, wear it with the tweed blazer & corduroy trousers, or with the David Watts jeans, however you wear it your going to look amazing.


Spring is a great time to breakout the desert boots, to me they are the king of casual foot wear, Lambretta`s Carnaby Desert boots are just what you need.

 I hope you have found this selection help full, having the right cloths for the right seasons is key to looking good, what ever you choose to wear do it in style.


Bob Redfern


Roll-neck sweater

The Roll-neck sweater is a sweater with a close-fitting , round, and high collar that folds over & covers the neck, they move with the body, also they are flattering too, because they accentuate the face & elongate the figure, its known by other names like, Turtle neck, Skivvy, Polo neck, Roll-neck clothing have been worn for century’s, In the 19th century they were worn by naval officers & the fascists black shirts, french philosopher Michel Foucault loved them, They became a hit in the united states when Noel Coward started to wear them over there,


Steve McQueen in Bullet wearing a blue Roll-neck sweater

During 50s women started to wear the Roll-neck, the Roll-neck became a anti-tie symbol, for people who hated formal wear but they still wanted to look good, during the 60 s & 70 s the Roll-neck was lampooned, nearly every bond movie or spy film had bad guys dressed in black in Roll-neck`s, but young & old academics, artists and puffy Shakespeare loving actors, kept the Roll-neck in the mainstream.


Roll-neck come in many colors

Roll-necks have caused controversy, where men have decide to buck the trend & rules, they have decide wear a Roll-neck to weddings & restaurants,where normally the dress code is tie only, there was reports in the papers of fierce conflicts at restaurants,

The Style of the Roll-neck makes it a great piece to wear, you can wear it on its own, add a blazer for a super chic look, the most common color is black or navy, what ever you wear with the Roll-neck your guaranteed a stylish look, take a look at these stylish looks they will give you some ides how to wear a Roll-neck.


for a stylish chic look go for a navy Roll-neck & indigo jeans


if you’re wearing a Roll-neck simply dress it with a stylish blazer


mixing a Roll-neck sweater with a Camel over coat is stylish & chic

Roll-necks sweaters are amazing, to me you need at least two in your wardrobe, go for Navy & Black, you can get them from most apparel shops, I love to wear my Roll-necks with a blazer & over coat the look is just amazing, the Roll-neck can be worn with any thing, Denim jackets, blazers, overcoats, they are just so universal you just need to buy one.


Bob Redfern


Polka dot shirt

Polka dot shirts are vastly underestimated in men`s fashion, to me they are a bold statement also very chic, the Polka dot pattern consists of an array of filled circles generally equally sized & spaced relatively closely together, many prints include random spaced circles & colored spots this is not Polka dot,the pattern gets its name from the dance form called yes Polka dot, women would wear Polka dot dresses which were in-fashion at the time to the dance a craze would start so people would tie both together,  it was flamenco dancers who originally wore Polka dot , again it was the 60 s that saw men turning to prints normally worn by women,  all sudden Gingham & Polka dot were fashionable for men to wear, even pop stars started to make statement by wearing Polka dot shirts one of them was Bob Dylan,  it was company’s like Merc London & Ben Sherman who first started selling Polka dot shirts to the masses, there has been even pop songs written about it.


Bob Dylan wearing a Polka dot shirt

One of the Subcultures that made Polka dot main stream was the Mods, they were young people who liked to dress in modern clothing & listen to modern music, it was typical to see young Mods hanging around coffee bars wearing Polka dot shirts & silk scarfs.


Siegel Polka Dot Shirt

Polka dot shirts & other apparel can be found in most main stream stores, the key to wearing a Polka dot shirt is how you put it together, Remember your creating a look so be choosy take your time & be confident, to give you some ideas in how to wear your shirt I’ve include some picture to inspire you.


when you come to wear your Polka dot shirt try mixing it with a brown blazer a rich Herringbone tweed also deep indigo jeans you will have a dapper look


Fred Perry original Polka dot shirt with chinos proper hipster style


Got a dinner date go for a deep burgundy Polka dot shirt add a delicious black velvet jacket you`r

looking amazing but classy


For SS15 a short-sleeved Polka dot shirt will give you a chic look add some chinos with boat shoes you will own the high & the cat walk

Polka dot is not just for shirts, you can get in snappy silk scarfs or super chic knitted silk ties, what ever you choose just get some Polka dot in your wardrobe you wont regret it.


Bob Redfern


The Baker Boy Cap

The Baker  boy cap is a classic piece of head wear, it’s also known as the Gatsby cap, News boy cap,  Eight piece cap, it was fashionable at the beging of the 20th century, it was worn by Men & boys in America & Europe, it was classed  as working  class wear because  dock workers  & other  working class men wore them , the difference  between  a flat cap & Baker boy cap, is its made from 8 panels that are stiched together with a button in the middle, with a stiff peak at the front, also  its  rounder in shape, as fashion  changed  so did people’s  view on wearing caps & hat’s, caps became  less fashionable  to wear


Robert Redford in the Great Gatsby sporting the Baker boy cap

In 1974 a film was launched  it was called the Great Gatsby starring  Robert Redford,  it was based on a book in the 1920s, Ralph Lauren provide all the clothing  for the male stars,  One piece which they called the Gatsby cap., turned out to be a hit, it was soon selling in all Ralph Lauren’s  outlets, the Baker boy cap became a designer piece for pop stars to wear, in the eightys Lisa Stansfield was seen in video sporting one but backwards, in Rocky 4 Rocky gets fit sporting one, but during the 90s they fell out of fashion again.


In Rocky 4  they needed to give old Rocko a macho look & boy did they get  it right classic WW2 sheepskin flying jacket & grey Herringbone  Baker boy cap

But classic  icons don’t die, in 2000 Samuel L. Jackson was regularly seen sporting a  Baker boy but wearing it backwards,  l don’t know why, but it was a hit & soon every young guy was sporting the look, another  fan of the baker boy is David Beckham,  I think he has a room for them, he seems to have a different one on every day,in 2013 a new TV programme called Peaky-Blinders on British Television set in the 1920s about gangster’s in Birmingham  who wore  caps, but they stuck razor  blades  in the brim of the  hat nasty people, it became a hit program, so did the look.


Thomas  Shelby  from Peaky-Blinders wearing the Baker boy cap

Now if your looking to buy a Baker boy you can get them in differnt  colours & materials,  keep is simple  go for grey Herringbone tweed this is the most classic look you can get, prices  range  from  £25.00 to £50.00  any more  walk away,


 This Baker boy cap in panecheck made from cheviot wool is only £45.00

How to wear your Baker boy  cap, what ever you do wear it the right way around , the Baker boy can be worn  with any out fit as long as its worn properly, take a look at some looks lv uploaded this will help you find the right look for you.


Creating a relaxed but rustic look mix your Baker boy cap  with some knitwear & corduroy  trousers


I would call  this urban  chic the Baker boy cap is in a very bold check with  hints of red mixed red pashmina giving a stylish winter look


This is a raw masculine look cotton granddad shirt  with a Henley shirt underneath adding the old style  suspenders and to finish the vintage  look you have got the Baker boy cap


This look screams class and bags  of panache black pants & shirt with spats shoes , then a grey Herringbone waistcoat, Crombie overcoat with velvet collar & purple  piping on the hem of the coat, the final touch is the Backer boy cap & tilting it to one side  you creat a fabulous look


This is a very hipster look white fitted shirt, Tan waistcoat, Bow tie, slim fitting trousers, clip on braces then to give that vintage retro feel you have the Baker boy cap

So you can see wearing a Baker boy cap can be stylish but also unique, you can just wear a flat cap , but a Backer boy cap is the stylish one you want.


Bob Redfern


Fashion on a budget

like most young people my brother likes to look good, he takes pride in his appearance, but he works in the catering Industry which is not highly paid, he came to me & advised me was attending a party, but he only had £60.00 budget for an outfit, so I was up for a challenge we hit the shops, I checked my emails & twitter account for all the latest sales news, I found out that Primark was now selling 100 % tweed blazers & waistcoat’s , So off to Primark we went, we found a 5 button tweed waistcoat in brown with a burgundy back, we also got a white penny collar shirt in a slim fit ,then a pair of indigo jeans,we hit a couple more shops, we picked up a super deep blue chambray shirt & a white ribbed Henley Shirt, so how much do you think we spent then ! well here is the break down on the costs, trust me looking good does not cost much if you’re a savvy shopper.

Tweed waistcoat £7.00

White penny collar shirt £10.00

Indigo jeans £9.00

Chambray shirt £5.00

Henley shirt £14.00

Total cost £45.00


Here is my brother in the tweed waistcoat & white penny collar shirt finished off with the indigo jeans


In this picture he’s got that lovely chambray shirt on using the Henley shirt as a base layer finished off with the indigo jeans


for a super chic look I’ve got him to wear the waistcoat with the Henley shirt & Indigo jeans

So you can see with a bit of knowledge & some free time you can look stylish without breaking the bank, the best buy for me was the Chambray shirt it was a steal at £5.00, but most of all my brother will look amazing & stylish.


Bob Redfern


Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is often overlooked, they were originally made as a work shirts, because the material is hard-wearing , as fashion changed more people embraced casual clothing, Denim became more popular, the denim shirt is simply a shirt made from hard-wearing denim, you can get it in short or long sleeve, shirts come with press studs or buttons, there are many different types of denim, you can also choose different shades of denim, denim shirts didn’t come into fashion until the 60 s, Hippy s were lovers of the classic denim shirts, they would embroidered flowers on to them, in the 70 s heavy rock music started to take off, if you’re a heavy rocker you don’t want to be seen in a paisley shirt, as the 80 s came & went denim became less fashionable, Levi`s closed down 10 factory’s during this time, but as the ninety’s ended denim started to get a bit of revival, it became fashionable to pair indigo jeans with a snappy blazer, people would wear a denim shirts to clubs.


1960s  Hippy style denim shirt

One of the people I feel who helped to start the denim revile is David Beckham, he moved to California to play with L A Galaxy, this is the home of denim to me its the sunshine state, people do a lot sports etc, he was soon snapped wearing denim shirts, I’m not a lover of Beckham, he’s a lovely man I just don`t like the Beckham branding its always in your face, but Beckham has given denim a new voice combine this with the Beckham branding machine you have a winner.


David Beckham in a Wrangler indigo shirt

Ralph Lauren is another champion of denim shirts, he made them a strong part of his first collection when he first started up in 1972, he even has a denim fashion label  called DENIM & SUPPLY that specialize in denim shirts & jeans, I have owned a couple of a Ralph Lauren denim shirts in my time, they are well worth the investment.


Ralph Lauren in a stone colored denim shirt using it for a layering look

With a denim shirt you can achieve many looks, it’s a very versatile piece to own, you can wear it on its own, you can use it for a layering look, if you get the right shirt it can be worn for smart casual dress, I’ve put some looks together for you, take a look at what can be achieved with a bit of passion & thought.


for a smart casual look wear a blazer with your denim shirt if your going for a dark blazer choose a lighter colored shirt.


As I said before a denim shirt is a unique piece of clothing its great for creating a layering look & adding definition to your outfit


pairing an indigo denim shirt with a pair of trousers will give you a striking chic look


this look is so stylish adding a plain knitted silk bow tie gives you a smart casual look

So you can see having a denim shirt in your wardrobe opens you up to many more look & styles, my advise if you are going to buy a denim shirt play it safe, go for a plain shirt no big logos etc, only buy an indigo colored shirt, this will go with most out fits you put together, I hope you have found this blog help full,


Bob Redfern


Henley Shirt

Henley shirt

In the late 18th Century sports started to take off like football,running, even poncy rowing but their was a little problem sports wear had not been invented, the closet thing to sports wear was what they called underwear, “Yes underwear” , in Henley upon Thames rowing became fashionable, but you must agree you can’t go rowing in a shirt & tie, so the rowers started to row in ones underwear, this is how the Henley got its name. a Henley is a collarless polo shirt with a round neckline with a button placket, the sleeves can be long or short, they come in many fabrics like cotton & thermal, the thermals are by far the most popular.


Classic short sleeve Henley shirt

So by the start of the 19th century the Henley became the first muscle shirt for all sports people, but also it became a classic work shirt with every day men from navvies to coal miners, in the later years the T-Shirt was invented so the Henley fell out favour, but in the 80s a film called chariots of fire, showed a scene with runners on a beach wearing a short-sleeved Henley shirts, soon pop stars & fashionista started to wear the Henley again,soon every male clothing line started to make their own version of the Henley,


Chariots of fire classic beach running scene with the actors wearing the Henley

One of the first labels to make the Henley shirts fashionable again was Ralph Lauren, he was shown a orignal Henley he decide to make it the next T-shirt, it was worn as part of the preppylook that took off in the late 70s.


 Ralph Lauren Henley shirt

To me their is only one proper maker of the Henley shirt, that is Wolsey, their shirt is 100% pure cotton, in a loose fit, 5 button fastening, ribbed cuffs.


The Wolsey Henley shirt

The Henley shirt is evnmore in fashion now due Peaky Blinders, the gangster programe based in early 18th century Birmingham, there are scenes of Thomas Shelby in his Henley & trousers , showing a very toned body of a power full man proper stylish, the key to a stylish look with the Henley is pairing with the right pieces, my favourite look is pairing a Henley with a tweed waistcoat & indigo jeans, take a look at the looks you can achieve with a Henley shirt .


Now if your after a classic look match a Henley shirt with tweed waistcoat


Want a relaxed look go mix the Henley shirt with a shawl cardigan


Suspenders will give an iconic but stylish look when you added the Henley shirt


If you want to create a classic clean look go for alight coloured Henley shirt mix it with a darker blazer

So have I convinced you to buy a Henley Shirt its a proper old school look but it’s very stylish

Thank you again for reading my blog again I hope you have found it interesting


Bob Redfern