Sunday Style

Sunday style is all about casual dress down, no work to go to, recovering from Saturdays “excess”, it`s about keeping it stylish but very relaxed people, for get about the onesies leave the baby club, come over to the big boys club, I love Sundays I`m all ways out for dinner but I never dress for dinner unless its formal, the key to Sunday style is what you wear & how you match it together, think about denim pieces mix it with some knit pieces to, or add a touch of cotton, colors should be suttle but neutral, my style is usually chinos in a tan color followed by a polo shirt or rugby shirt, in winter I like to wear  chunky shawl neck cardigans, it’s all about wearing whats comfortable to you, but just being a touch stylish about it.

I`ve put some simple outfits together for you, keeping it simple but relaxed and very stylish, the key to the look is choosing the right pieces.



When it comes to Sunday style it’s about simplicity & functionality, you can’t beat a simple Henri Lloyd grey crew neck T-shirt, matched with a pair of Levi`s 501s in a straight relaxed fit, to finish this look I’ve gone for a Ralph Lauren Hoodie with a zipped front, the over all effect is a very dressed down look but still stylish.


Levi`s Sta press trousers

Levi`s Sta press trousers


Now if your after a more sharper fitted relaxed look that is very chic, I’ve chosen the classic Henley long sleeve shirt with a button placket as a base layer in  neutral white, then added some stunning Sta Press trousers that come in sharp fitted look, then to finish it off I have gone with a chunky ribbed shawl-neck cardigan in navy with stunning leather football buttons, the over all effect achieved is one of sharp style but still very casual.

Remember fashion changes style does not, so when you come to put an outfit together, put them together on your bed in order then say to your self do I look good if in doubt change it buddy.


Bob Redfern


What is STYLE ?

I hear the word style used to often, but to me a lot of people don`t know the difference between style & fashion, to me style never dies, fashion does, style is the manner or the way you wear your cloths, by creating a distinctive appearance, some people have natural style some don`t, for those who don`t understand style they will see a certain look then try to emulate it, some times with disasters effects,  you should be bold & proud when it comes to your wardrobe, style is some thing you achieve over time, its like a fine wine it takes time to mature and become special.

There are certain style icons who had style and to this day we still look at them for inspiration, one such icon was Steve McQueen, he has the title of king of cool, he had an uncanny way of taking a simple garment & making it look stylish, certain brands came synonymous with him like Persol, Belstaff, Baracuta, his style was masculine he would wear simple T-shirts or shawl neck cardigans even classy chinos, a lot of people have mimicked his style, the reason why he kept his style simple, last summer I attend a garden party, in a blue oxford shirt & tan chinos with brown loafers and Persol sunglasses, people gave me compliment after compliment, all I did was copy Mr McQueen.


Here Steve McQueen wears casual chinos, crew neck burgundy sweater with a white shirt, he finishes it off with charcoal blazer, the blazer and sweater complement each other, add Steve McQueen`s casual stance, you have an amazing look.

Another style icon who was stylish, was the Duke of Windsor former King Edward VIII, he was known for bucking the trend, the Duke of Windsor was world-renowned for was his style, not only by his choice in clothes, but how he matched them and how he wore them, it was his modern approach to clothes that made him stand out, he showed disregard for the establishment, he preferred comfortable clothes, on one occasion he was asked to inspect some troops he turned up wearing Oxford bags trousers very loose-fitting trousers, to this day people still take inspiration from this man.


Here Duke of Windsor wears a check suit most probably wool, the suit is a two button jacket, here he sits with one button done up, the fit is amazing, he chosen a neutral plain color for his tie & shirt , which then gives the suit more definition.

street-style-men-trench-coat-2 (1)

This man has style, I don`t like the rolled up 80s sleeve look, but the casual chinos with the deep red shirt is a classy touch, he has then added the trench coat to give a smart look, to finish it off he chosen a vibrant silk scarf that goes with the coat & shirt, finished with suede brogues.


This stylish look is simple but timeless, classic oxford shirt with Navy chinos in a tapered fit, followed by some stylish shoes.

4-street-style-men-red-paris-460 (1)

l like this mans style, he gone with a modern double-breasted prince of Wales check suit, added a stylish waist coat, it’s the red & black that makes it all go together, finished in that fantastic white dress shirt without a tie, most of all his confident stare .

Learning what style is important if you want to look good, fashion comes and go`s, Style never does, it`s all about how you match & wear your cloths.


Bob Redfern


One Grey Suit = Three Different Looks

When it comes to the grey suit people don’t exploit it to its full value, you need to look at it as being a desirable piece, rather than merely a functional suit. the way that you do this is first invest into a good suit with a good fit, then using key piece`s from your wardrobe, a grey suit can be chic with bags of panache if you get the style right.

Now the grey suit has been around over 200 years, grey suits used to be used for morning suits, these days we don`t see enough people exploiting the full value of the suit, the first bit you need to get right is getting the right suit, for get about these super small super slim numbers, fashion changes style does not, invest into a proper two button medium grey suit, not to dark not to light, forget about man-made fibers they make your balls sweat, you want Wool, Mohair, Cashmere, these are natural fibers that keep you warm in winter cool in summer, also due to their waxy fibers they are very water absorbent.

Sourcing your suit can be expensive & time-consuming, two tips scour the sales & company’s discount sites, if you’re not sure about your size they don’t charge in shops for trying on suit`s, go in find your size & fit take a picture on your camera phone of the label, then hit the internet or sales stores.

 How a suit fits is top priority, there are some simple key rules when buying a ready-made suit or off the peg to get a proper fit follow these rules.

1. Shoulders’ Because this is where the suit hangs, from the fit should sit on the shoulders, if there is any hunching it is to tight or to big.

2. Jacket closure’ if you get the shoulders right the jacket should close right, if you close the jacket and the front pulls on the button causing a big X on the front it’s too tight, if the lapels hang forward its to big.

3. Jacket sleeve’ When you put your jacket over your shirt sleeve ,there should be a half an inch between the shirt cuff and blazer sleeve, basically only 5 inches of cuff should be showing.

4. Jacket collar’ very easy to spot there will be a gap at the back of the collar, if it’s to big if it’s to small.

5. Jacket Length very simple stand tall put your arms down to the side, if the jackets below the hand its to long above to short.

6. The seat’ is your bum area, your trousers should just hang again if very loose to big too much hunching means to small.

7. Trouser break’ where your trouser end it is called the break, a proper fit will result in a simple dimple at the bottom, no dimple to short more than one dimple to long.

I_148499707_00_20110318 (1)navy-blue-white-polka-dot-pocket-square-by-profuomo-p2213-3007_zoom36868533_700x700min_1 (1)

If you want to create a chic Italian style look with your grey suit, go for a black Roll-neck add a polka dot pocket square .

I_148499707_00_20110318 (1)FD290WHT_b_11123820-047-1606-154700001

If you have dinner date or you have to attend a business gathering, be stylish but super casual, wear a classy white dress shirt with some stunning cufflink`s to give your grey suit some major style points.

1380098112-96056800I_148499707_00_20110318 (1)

Turn your grey business suit into a party suit, if your going out after work you don`t need to take your wardrobe to work invest in to a casual classy shirt, grey is a neutral color, so adding a the likes of a Polka dot shirt really dresses up the suit most of all the wine color mixes well with the grey double bonus.

 Get more out of you’re the grey suit, adding the right pieces to your wardrobe, turns your grey suit into a Swiss army knife, you have suit for work & pleasure, 


Bob Redfern


Get kitted out for work

Fashion changes quicker than a tramp changes his pants, but style never changes, office based work has always been smart dress, usually suit & tie but not any more fashionista`s, you can now dress smart but with a casual twist, it’s all about your wardrobe and what you wear, take a look at these inspirational pieces.


This slim fit crisp poplin shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt will see you stylish in and out the office


Looking for a practical stylish piece this Aubin brown pure wool blazer from Blurton London ticks all the boxes


Ties can be so boring leave the wide tie at home get a knitted silk tie with stripes very chic but stylish


Get some major style points in the office with these classy Sterling silver blue lapis & mother of pearl oval bicolour cufflinks by Aspinal of London

download (3)

Suede is very in vogue this year invest into sharp looking suede brogues from Samuel Windsor

 10_2010721_000_24 (2)

Throw caution to the wind add a bit of color to your wrist with this classy watch from Lacoste

mens-messenger-bag-retro-canvas-bag-yellow-khaki- (1)

When it comes to a mans bag you want a proper rugged masculine looking bag go for this canvass messenger bag


We still need to take notes at meetings etc get rid of those crappy note pads invest into a proper leather Journal


Adding a dash of color to your blazer is easy with a pocket square also a tip for you we all carry mobile phones keep the screen clean by using the pocket square stylish and practical

so you can see adding a few accessories to your wardrobe with the right cloths you can look stylish in & out of work.


Bob Redfern


Milan Fashion week

Milan fashion week has been going since 1958 its a part of the “big” four fashion weeks, its takes place just after London fashion week, there are over 40 shows during the week, which includes the latest men`s & women`s fashion. so lets see whats hot to trot & may be found what will be the latest look for AW15.


We`ve Seen  more fitted style trousers on the cat walk & streets of Milan, Designers highlighted slimmed-down silhouettes tweed topcoat, classic trenches, and double-breasted wool coats.


Earthy colors matched with dark colors, but layered on top of each  to give an even tone & style, think of accessory`s with hints of orange a rusty red`s.


 Dolce & Gabbana  sharp suiting matched with classic over-coats styled in a fitted look, matched with rich printed ties.


The least formal also relaxed a player in a roll neck, greatshearling outerwear, The thicker rugged sheepskin is a great way to show texture when playing with those additional layers next season, especially when your trying not to look good..


make use of those shades of gray, create a striking silhouette with fitted through trousers, finish with a clean look with a classic shirt add tone with striking shoes.

The points I would give any stylish man wanting to look good in AW15, plenty of fine nutty brown tweed`s . fine corduroys in rich dark colors, stylish fitted over coats in chic grey herringbone’s, most of all in a tailored fit for that sartorial sharp look.


Bob Redfern


Eddie Redmayne

The name may not be familiar to you but it will be soon, Eddie Redmayne is a rising TV & film actor , also has also modeled for Burberry, his latest film The Theory of Every thing has just gained him a golden globe, the film is about Stephen Hawking in his early days before he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, but the reason I`am talking about Eddie its his style he is a very stylish man, and he getting noticed fast, if your looking for some body to inspire you in 2015 you Mr Redmayne is the man to follow.


Eddie Redmayne at the Golden Globes dressed in a black velvet tuxedo

The first time I came across Eddie Redmayne it was in Birdsong, It’s a two-part TV mini series about a love story during the first world war 1, what got me was what Eddie was wearing, he was wearing a cream woolen flannel suit, as it was set in France during the summer, Charlotte Walter  was the wardrobe designer, she  scoured London & Paris for original pieces, when an actor wears a costume you can see its just a costume, when Eddie wore that cream suit, it was like his own suit, the fit the style was amazing, Eddie has a certain look & style about him, what ever he wears he makes it look good.

cream suit

a scene from Birdsong in this shot Eddie is wearing a cream woolen flannel suit

Eddie was chosen in 2008 & 2012 to Model for  Burberry, when he modeled for them in 2012 , it was for their SS12 campaign, the collection was by Christopher Bailey, and the photos were taken by Mario Testino.


Eddie in the Burberry SS12 campaign shoot

Eddie is color blind which he freely admits, so rely` s on his wife Hannah to help him out, but he has a close friend, called Christopher Bailey yes the fashion designer, who helps him with tips on fashion, One of Eddies favorite items of clothing is Levi`s jeans, he buys them every four years, he`s most comfortable wearing a suits, he likes to wear jeans mostly as he’s always in period dramas, when it comes to suits he loves Burberry & McQueen, his favorite fragrance is Tom Ford Black Orchid, When it comes to grooming he admits he`s just a shower gel man.

Miss Saigon - Press Night - Inside Arrivals

Eddie Redmayne out on the town  in this shot you can see with this double-breasted camel crombie over coat he looks amazing but stylish

On the 4 January 2015 he was voted best dressed by GQ magazine beating Benedict Cumberbatch, not a bad start to the year for Mr Redmayne, Golden globe already in hand possible Oscar & now voted best dressed man, keep an eye on this man I see bigger things happening with this rising star.


Bob Redfern


10 Essential wardrobe pieces for SS15

Soon it will be spring 2015, its time to get your wardrobe ready & now is a good time. last week was British fashion week and all the major fashion labels have launched some amazing pieces, so I’ve gone through the latest fashion releases, and picked 10 essential wardrobe pieces, 2015 is all about geeky chic, yes the geek look is in vogue, so to get this stylish look take a look at what I’ve chosen.


Every man needs a white shirt, this classic Albin oxford style shirt from Merc London fits the bill, its stylish and practical it can be used for casual or smart dress.

crew 1

Every man needs a super grey sweater for those spring chilly mornings & evenings, the foxley v-neck from Crew clothing Company will see you right.


When it comes to spring & summer you need a polo shirt that’s classy on a night out as well as on the beach, Fred Perry`s plain polo shirt is classy & stylish for all these occasions.

red 1

One key piece of any spring summer look is a great T-shirt, you want some thing not too loud but stylish & crisp, welcome to the Hollister California westward beach t-shirt.


When it comes to a spring you want some thing comfortable but stylish, go urban chic with these fine EC1 Brown corduroy trousers from Ben Sherman.


This spring is all about the Tweed, the geek look is chic, this deep lush brown Edward tweed jacket by Walker Slater is all you need.


To complement your tweed blazer & cords go for this knitted silk orange tie with navy polka dots very retro but super cool.


When it comes to jeans its great to get some things your friends don’t have, David Watts is still a fresh label, but it’s gaining a cult following fast, so get your Mosley Dark Jeans for SS15


Henley shirts are often overlooked, but add this for a true rustic urban look, wear it with the tweed blazer & corduroy trousers, or with the David Watts jeans, however you wear it your going to look amazing.


Spring is a great time to breakout the desert boots, to me they are the king of casual foot wear, Lambretta`s Carnaby Desert boots are just what you need.

 I hope you have found this selection help full, having the right cloths for the right seasons is key to looking good, what ever you choose to wear do it in style.


Bob Redfern


Golden Globes 2015

well it’s that time of year to see who might win an Oscar later this year, its 2015 Golden Globes Awards so l`m so going to highlight some of the best dressed men, & give my point of view straight from the hip as they say so sit back & lets see what the men of TV & film are wearing.


Eddie Redmayne is one of my favorite actors, his style is always very chic, here he wearing a velvet tuxedo, dress trousers & shirt in a slim fit my score is 10 out 10


Usher usually gets it right in the fashion stakes, but I’m sorry this two-tone piece just does not cut the mustard, nice shoes tho so I’m Usher I don’t think your ready to blow today I give you 5 out 10


Idris Elba is one smooth gent, what ever he wears he makes it look good, so whats Mr Elba wearing a classic shawl collar tuxedo but going for a more update look he wears a tie nice shirt with cut away collar you score 8 out 10


Mathew McConaughey whats going on son,did your barber die, Mr McConaughey is normally Mr smooth, I think he thought it was fancy dress & came as the joker in this purple number I give you 7 out of 10


Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) is always a classy dresser proper dapper gent, you can see the quality of the material in the picture he’s wearing a shawl collar tuxedo & matching trousers but loose the shades buddy you score 9 out 10


U2 well he have mixed bag here guys we’ve got Bono looking like goth Vampire from the 80 s, the Edge did try his best at least he wore a black beanie on his head, then you had Adam Clayton supporting a no tie number you’re so cool you score     4 out 10


Whats going on here then, oh Alan Cumming you poor thing you didn’t have a tuxedo so you made one out of your nana bed blanket & then borrowed your baby brothers trainers are so nice of him to help you score 0 out 10


Benedict Cumberbatch has panache class & most of all he British , hes wearing a classy black tuxedo with peaked lapels and a dapper pocket square but your bow tie is not straight sir you score 9 out 10


Matt Bomer is the man of the 2015 Golden Globes he chose a navy blue tuxedo with a shawl collar the shirts fits perfectly on the cuff if I was going to buy a tuxedo this is the one I would choose you score 10 out 10

There has been some amazing out fits this year & some well lets just say they should of not bothered to turn up, I would advise the organizers to send out the invites stating its not a fancy dress party next year


Bob Redfern


Calvin Kline & Justin Bieber

Just when we thought it was safe to turn the television back on, Bieber`s back if your on twitter then you have already heard, its official guys Justin Bieber has been chosen to be Calvin Kline new pants man, its ironic as his songs are pants any way, It’s for Calvin Kline spring & summer collection, all I can say thank you for ruining my summer, yes there will be pictures of Mr Bieber strutting his package on billboards, the shoot was shot in New York, It was done in true Calvin Kline style black & white glossy pictures, it was done by Mert Alas if you know this guy take him off your Christmas list this year.


Yes Summer 2015 has been cancelled

There is an up side to this story, they did decide to cast some one else with Mr Bieber, yes we have Dutch Model Lara Stone, they are shot together in certain positions we will say no more wearing certain pieces from Calvin Kline denim & underwear collection, but most of the pictures are of Mr Bieber strutting his package & wash board abs, “only if every man looked like that”, so good news for die-hard Bieber fans, not so good for the people who were looking forward to a great summer, any way if your after some nice underwear the Calvin Kline SS15 will be out soon , lets hope Mr Bieber does not release his pants song Baby feat then it will be a very pants SS15.


Lara Stone in Calvin Kline denim collection for SS15


Mr Bieber Looking a prized “package” in Calvin Kline SS15 underwear collection

I would like to apologise if I have caused you to spill your coffee or shout out certain words that you would normally used in the men`s locker room, Calvin Kline is a iconic brand & their style is truly amazing putting Mr Bieber to one side.


Bob Redfern