Ted Baker

In 1987  Ray Kelvin was fishing when he came up with an idea for a clothing brand, for a Men`s shirt shop, in 1988 he opened his first store in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland, fresh from the success &  a strong following of his brand, he opened other stores in Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, then in 1990 he opened his Covent Garden store in London, Kelvin bought the company outright from part-owners Goldberg and Sons, Ted Baker then set up a women s label, Ted Baker woman, it was launched in 1995, by 2015 Ted Baker apparel had moved in fragrances & footwear, the Ted Baker brand now has stores in the, united states, Asia, Middle east, Australia, their crowning glory is opening its flagship store on New York City’s Fifth Avenue in August 2012.


Ray Kelvin in promo shot he always hides his face

Ted Baker fashion is high-end casual wear which is famed for its quirky yet commercial fashion offering, high quality design detailing and distinctive use of pattern and color. The brand’s unconventional approach is key to their branding, when you buy a garment from Ted Baker your buying a quality piece of clothing that’s unique.


Ted Bakers grooming rooms


In 2010 Ray Kelvin became inspired to create a great shaving experience for men so he opened up Ted`s grooming room, in his quest for the perfect shave, Ted discovered the ancient crafts and techniques of the Ottoman Empire’s master barbers. Applying their secrets and know-how, Ted has recreated this invigorating experience in London town. you can get a shave or a hair cut at over 8 locations in London, they also sell their very own collection of men`s grooming products.

So let’s have a look at some of Ted Bakers SS15 collection, there are some amazing stylish pieces you can choose from.

T1 T2

Beautifully finished with a printed lining, contrast buttons and fine stitch detailing, this LAYWAY waistcoat is a timeless bit of tailoring. The pure wool fabric will look smart over your favourite shirt.

red 1

Effortless elegance is all yours with the LODERE knit. The stylish choice to keep warm as the weather takes a turn this season, nail the look by adding a the DEBTIME shirt underneath.


A shirt that’s sure to get you noticed, the POKEY shirt is adorned in an eclectic geo print pattern. Add some SCARVA slim rinse jeans to the look for weekend-ready style.


The patterned, button-down collared polo is laid-back finery at its foremost. The classic cut and button-down front gives a perfect smart-casual feel. An effortless number to dress up, or tone down.


Ted Baker offer amazing cloths & accessories, if your looking for some thing with style & character Ted Baker`s your Man


Bob Redfern



Baracuta started to make water-repellent outwear in the 1930 s in Manchester, Stockport, they are known for their world-famous versatility water-repellent cool mix cotton material, also the classic Fraser tartan lining they use in all their outwear, when it comes to casual jackets , Baracuta make one of the most recongnised Jackets in the world the Harrington G9, jacket, I love this jacket more than any thing, The jacket was adopted due to its design by golfers, it was light weight water-repellent great for sport use.


Baracuta Original advertisement from 1937

Isaac Miller decide to export it to the american market, in the 1950s Elvis Presley wears a G9 in the film King Creole, it soon gained a cult following amongst  Hollywood celebrity’s, in a america they called it a wind breaker,  another star who made the G9 & Baracuta famous was the King of cool Steve McQueen, he was photographed hundreds of time wearing the G9, in 1963 Ryan O’Neill played the part of Rodney Harrington, in Peyton place this is wear the Baracuta G9 gets it unofficial name the Harrington Jacket, because the character wore a G9 all the time,


 Steve McQueen wearing the classic stone colored G9 Harrington


During the 70s  bands like the clash started to wear the G9 jacket while playing to thousands of fans, soon subcultures like mods, Rude boys ska, Punks adopted the jacket as a part of their look, very soon other apparel company’s started copy the design, Ralph Lauren copied the design except for the umbrella design back, its continues to be Baracuta`s main seller .in 2012 Baracuta celebrated  75 years of manufacturing outwear, they decide to relaunch manufacturing the UK at the same time, the brand still grows in strength, recently they launched the G10 rain coat to their outwear collection.


The G4 is the G9’s sibling, the other undisputed iconic garment from the collection, chosen by some for its straighter silhouette. New design for improved wear ability. Water repellent outer shell. Coolmax cotton Fraser Tartan lining. Double button fastening collar. Two front flap pockets. ‘Umbrella’ back vent. Side adjusters.


Much copied but never bettered, the G9 is the definitive, authentic Harrington Jacket. Worn and loved throughout history by mainstream artists, sports stars and underground music idols, is known and appreciated for its versatility and undisputed style. New design for improved wear ability. Water repellent outer shell. Coolmax cotton Fraser Tartan lining. Double button fastening collar. Two front flap pockets. ‘Umbrella’ back vent. Ribbed waist and cuffs.


A new icon straight from the Baracuta tradition: the G10 single breast raincoat. From the archive jacket from the 60s. Shirt collar. Button fastening. Flap pockets. ‘Umbrella’ back vent. Cotton/poly Barapel outer. Water repellent. Coolmax cotton Fraser Tartan/solid lining. Regular fit.


Short length eskimo jacket. Fishtail parka inspired. Zip and button fastening. Flap pockets. Drawstring at hem. ‘Umbrella’ back vent. Side adjusters. Detachable eco fur trim. Cotton/poly Barapel outer. Water repellent. Poly/cotton/wool blend Coolmax tartan lining. Primaloft insulation. Warmth: very warm.


Distressed high quality leather G9 Harrington jacket. 100% washed leather outer. Poly/cotton/wool blend tartan lining. Double button fastening collar. Two front flap pockets. ‘Umbrella’ back vent. Ribbed waist and cuffs. Regular fit.


so you can see why Baracuta is a fashion leader in street wear, even after 75 years you wont find any thing better in style & quality, don’t buy one of the copies get the original well worth the investment.


Bob Redfern


The Original Penguin

The Original Penguin ( also just known as penguin) is an American apparel company, they started out making underwear, but in the 50 s there was a boom for casual wear, company’s like Lacoste were bringing new styles to the states & people wanted more, sensing a place in the market for an American style casual clothing brand, Munsingwear as they were known then asked a salesman to come up with a name for the brand, when he arrived he was carrying a stuffed penguin, at the meeting was Len Birnbaum, who was a director at Munsingerwear, they decide to name their shirt after the stuffed penguin, Munsingerwear made their own T-shirts already & the machines they used produced the same kind of material Lacoste used for their shirts, with having no import costs, they could make a shirt of the same quality a sell it at a lower cost but still make money, the shirt was designed for golf players, they added a under-arm action gussets, and moved the pocket to the right breast pocket, it was success, people like Bob Hope & Bing Crosby who were avid players of golf, wore the new shirt this gave it great publicity, Original Penguin became a house hold name.


Tho Original Penguin Logo

The Original Penguin is no longer owned by Musingerwear but the name still appears on the label, Penguin today make high-end casual wear for lady’s & men they specialize in polo shirts,knitwear,jackets,shirts,trousers,accessories even eye wear, their style still has a sporting feel to it, but it’s now really just a casual apparel label, which design very vibrant pieces that are very chic. their polo shirts have not changed much, the most famous of their polo shirts is the Earl, its 100 % cotton the fabric has knit print, it comes with a breast pocket , the most striking feature of the Earl is it has piping around the placket & the edges of the sleeve & the collar, all in the same color as the embroidered penguin motif.









Penguin has gone through some changes since the 50 s, they were sold to Perry Ellis in 1996, they relaunched the brand in 2003 with a brand new collection, it still gains a cult following today.they have stores all over the US & around the world, its sold in Original penguin stores but its all sold by independent stores under licence, Original Penguin also has its own online store.

Penguin is still worn by golf players, with it now owned by Perry Ellis the official PGA sponsor, they sponsor about 12 players like Aron Bradley.

I have owned a few pieces of Original Penguin over the years, they are hard wearing & very stylish, my freinds all ways complement me when I wear a Penguin piece, to me they are well worth the investment, if looked after properly they will last you a life time.


Bob Redfern


Johnny Cupcakes

In 2001 Johnny Earl was working in a music \ comic shop in Brantree, Massachusetts, his co-workers would coin a new nick name for him every week, one of these was “JOHNNY CUPCAKES” , Johnny was in a band called metalcore, one day he was screen printing some T-shirts for his band he printed a couple of with Johnny Cupcakes on them, almost immediately family & friends noticed them & asked where they could get them, seeing a market for screen printed T-shirts he started to sell them to close friends etc, in 2002 he was touring with a band called Broken Wings he took a stock of T-shirts with him, He got the other musicians on the bill to wear them, this gave him a bigger audiences the brand soon gained a cult following, the following year Earl left the band to focus on brand full-time, In 2005 Earl opened his first store in home town of Hull, it was a boat garage Earl and his farther converted it into a retail space, he made the store to resemble a bakery, to give the customers a unique shopping experience, his logo is very retro but amazing simple its a cupcake with crossbones underneath them.


Johnny Cupcakes Logo

Johnny Cupcakes is a unique label not just in their clothing but also in how their stores are set up, they sell they sell t-shirts , sweatshirts, Hats, accessories like socks & key chains, their style is very unique he does this by taking the mick out of pop culture, also replacing known symbolic icons with cupcakes, these images then are then printed on T-shirts & sweatshirts.


Flower power by Banksy


Flour power by Johnny Cupcake

since Johnny Cupcakes opened his first store his business has grown to over 6 stores, 5 in the united states & 1 in London on Carnaby Street, the reason for their success it’s not just down to their clothing, it’s about the brand he’s made it exciting, some thing that people wanted to buy, first of all he calls all his stores “bakeries” not stores, as you enter one of his bakeries you are met by the smell of vanilla ( via hidden air fresheners), the store is then laid out like a bakery, antique fridges on the wall clothing is displayed out on bakery trays or inside glass pastry cases, in one store they have a cast iron stove & 1930`s mixers, they are designed to bring back childhood memories good times in your life, they even hold movie nights showing eight classics like back to the future or the goonies, Every t-shirt or sweatshirt have oven mitt shaped labels on the inside,some times they have hidden messages inside of some shirts, and some times random free goods, when they pack your purchase its put in a pastry box with the company’s logo amazing, even their online store is some thing special,  web shoppers receive random surprises, Including free overnight shipping or an extra t-shirt or hat at zero cost, Johnny Cupcakes don’t spend money on advertising they invest the money back in the company so they reward their loyal customers.


In side one of Johnny Cupcakes Bakeries


Johnny Earl inside his store


Johnny Cupcakes unique packaging


Recently Johnny Cupcakes have done collaborations, with Nickeloden, Warner Bros, & wait for it  ! “Hello kitty”, Earl still maintains 100 % equity of the company, he still guides the company him self, in the early days Earl wanted to keep the company small so he could manage it himself, but due to its success & growing fan base he is now talking with several private equity firms about branding & licensing opportunities, what ever the future holds for Johnny Cupcakes I hope they continue to grow & stay an individual,


Crossbones black-black T-Shirt


Eagle Hoodie


Crossbones Patch Beanie


Crossbones Socks Red-Black


Pin Pack


If you decide to get a garment from Johnny Cupcakes I can guarantee one thing your friends wont have any thing like it.


Bob Redfern



 In 1933 Jean Rene Lacoste who was tennis player, decide to design a practical tennis shirt, he came up with a design that had short sleeves in a light cotton with a long back known as a tennis tail so the shirt would stay in the trousers once tucked in, also a small placket with just three buttons, and a very soft collar, Lacoste had invented the first polo shirt as we know it today, It soon gained popularity, so Jean Rene Lacoste need some one to mass produce them, so with the help of Andre Gillier who owned the largest french knitwear manufacturing firm, they set about mass producing this new sport shirt but they needed a name and a logo, Lacoste decide to name it after him self, but it still needed a motif so they chose a crocodile. the reason why they chose a crocodile is because Lacoste had a big nose which looked like a crocodiles nose, the other story was he loved crocodile leather luggage, but I think it was down to the way he played tennis he played with  tenacity”I will leave it with you to make your own mind up” In the 1950s the shirt hit the US, Lacoste started to do the shirts in different colors, it became a hit at the university’s.

Jean Rene Lacoste in his first polo shirt


Jean Rene Lacoste in his classic polo shirt

Lacoste is one of the biggest fashion apparel company’s with in the world, they make high-end formal & casual clothing for men & women, They sell polo shirts,knitwear,jeans,trousers,T-shirts,footwear,accessories, even “crash helmets” yes you heard me right, their watch designs are truly a master piece of art & functionality, Lacoste even has its own range of fragrances for men & women, I would describe Lacoste style as preppy but casual with bags of panache, it was featured in the official preppy hand book in 1980 written by Lisa Birnbach`s. 


Lacoste`s polo shirts have stayed true to the original design


Lacoste headquarters are in Troyes, France, their products are sold in over 150 countries, their stores can be found in London, New York, Milan & Paris of course, they also have a number of boutiques in places like John Lewis UK, , Saks on fifth Avenue New York, in 2010 they opened their first on-line site http://www.lacoste.com ,Lacoste continues to be a market leader in the fashion industry.


Lacoste famouse crocodile logo


Take a look at Lacoste`s latest collections for 2015 there are some amazing pieces to choose from, I’ve chosen a couple for you to have a look at, the watch I’ve chosen is amazing in style & color, the long sleeve polo shirt is very special super chic, then you have the classic Oxford shirt a wardrobe staple for every stylish man, what ever your taste in fashion you will find some thing at Lacoste to please your desires.   



Aukland watch with striped canvas strap


Oxford cotton shirt essential for your wardrobe


T-shirt with a chest pocket


Runway Edition multicolored wool sweater


The refined cotton wool, silk long sleeve polo shirt with leather crocodile motif


I hope you have found this blog inspiring, Lacoste is a true fashion label that wont go a miss in any mans wardrobe if any thing it will give you style points.


Bob Redfern


Jack Wills

Jack Wills was founded in 1999 in Salcombe, Devon, By Peter Williams & Robert Shaw, The Brand was named after Peter Williams Grandad,  They wanted to come up with a brand that would appeal to young students at university,  They wanted to create some thing that was cool & amazing but different, they chose to base it on a private school / preppylook,  The logo they chose was a pheasant in a top hat with a walking stick,  He is known as Mr Wills, Their first store was at 22 Fore Street in Salcombe,  the lads lived above the store when they first started off.


Jack Wills Logo Mr Wills 

Jack Wills make clothing for men & women, that range from traditional formal wear to shirts, Tweed Jackets, Hooded tops, Sweatpants, T-shirts, Rugby Shirts, Accessories, their style is based on high-end casual wear based on a preppy casual feel & look, Their clothing is not made in the UK but in the far east. They have set up a second brand for sports wear, It is called J.W.R.C (Jack Wills Rowing Club) which focuses on sports wear.


Jack Wills clothing covers many styles


In 2008 Jack Wills wanted to attract more mature customers,  the over 25 + was the one area they wanted to get into, So they set up Aubin Wills but the brand was not a hit, So in 2008 they decide to close the brand down, they wanted to concentrate on their main brand.


Aubin & Wills Logo

Jack Wills has now become one of the biggest fashion clothing apparel company’s in the UK, they now own over 45 stores up & down the UK,  they also have store’s in the Hong Kong & the United States,  in 2014 they started to expand into the far east by opening stores in Singapore & macu,  they also have an online store, in 2009 they opened a Jack Wills outlet online store, this is limited to Jack Wills customers only, It’s a site for loyal Jack Wills fans, they are able to get last season’s fashions at a discounted price, but it’s a no frills service no fancy packaging etc.


Jack Wills clothing comes in many vibrant colours

Jack Wills style and look is key to their brand,  they don’t rely on TV marketing,  it’s their customers who spread the word by social media & blogging, but every seasons they bring out new amazing clothing & accessories.


Jack Wills Polo shirt


Jack wills classic cricket jumper


Jack Wills Chambray shirt


Jack Wills Anorak


Please take five minutes & have a look at Jack Wills, they have captured the hearts & minds of a generation  through amazing designs & great customer service.


Bob Redfern


Thomas joules

Thomas Joules casual country clothing brand was formed in 1989, By Thomas Joules in market Harbour,  he had been working in his father’s shop Joules & son, Thomas saw a gap in the country clothing market, for a more casual but stylish clothing brand, Thomas decide that he would use a hare as his logo for his clothes, yes it’s not a rabbit,  Thomas Joules is known to more younger people for their colourful wellies that they sell in their thousands to festival goers, Thomas Joules is now over 25 year’s old, they have big expansion plans for 2015


Thomas Joules Hare Logo


Joules sell clothing for men & women, their fashion is very vibrant with lots of tweed also checks,  they sell shirts, polo shirt, Jeans, Rugby shirts, blazers, knit wear & accessories they even sell home products now, Joules clothing is made to high standards, when you buy a Thomas Joules piece of clothing,  you will be amazed by the details that go into every piece they produce.


Thomas Joules classic stripe shirt


Thomas Joules now own over 76 shops up & down the UK, also they attend events from country fairs to music festival’s,  they plan to expand to the US, Canada, France, Germany so 2015 will be a big year for them.


Thomas Joules famous welly wanging at one of the many events they attend


Thomas Joules also provide sports wear to polo teams, one of the main events they sponsor is the Watergate bay beach polo match, they have sponsored it for over 8 years now.


Thomas Joules polo team at The Watergate bay beach polo match


Please take a look at Thomas Joules l own at least 3 shirts & they are some of my favourite piece’s in my wardrobe.



Bob Redfern

Crew Clothing Co

In 1993 Alistair Parker – Swift was running a wind surfing club in Devon, he noticed a gap in the market for Luxury casual wear, for his first venture he sourced Navy & white Rugby Shirts,  with in weeks the first lot was sold, with cows sailing weekend approaching, he found some premises & stocked it quickly, the Crewe Clothing Co was born.


Ben Fogle is an ambassador for  the Crew Clothing Co


The Crew Clothing company is a unique luxury brand, with striking design’ s and vibrant colours, they sell clothing for men & women, the clothing ranges from polo shirts, Rugby Shirts, Casual shirts, t-shirts, jeans, knit wear & accessories the style & fit is very modern .


Crew Clothing Co Oxshott fleck jumper


Crew Clothing Co now have over 60 store’s nation wide,  they have a mailing list of over 3 million people, since the 90s they have sponsored some of the biggest sailing events, they even sponsor major tennis matches, on the 7th of January it was announced, they will supply the Queens tennis club, with items of clothing ahead of the GTA AEGON championships,  because of the quality of their clothing, Crew Clothing Co also supply international Polo teams with their clothing.

Crew Clothing Co classic Harris tweed blazer

Crew Clothing Co classic Harris tweed


So if your after some thing that’s different but stylish take a look at the Crew Clothing Co.



Bob Redfern

Merc London mod`s fashion label

Merc Clothing London is a United Kingdom-based clothing company, it was started by Javid Alavi in London in 1967,in the heart of London on Carnaby Street. Merc Clothing specializes in the production of shirts, trousers, suits, parkers, Harrington jackets, shoes and accessories for men, 47 years later & many mod revivals later.  Merc is still going . Mod fashion transcends decades, sharp looks from different eras mold and shape the styles of today including the ever-present Harrington Jacket.Although the brand originally focused on the mod and skinhead styles.

Carnaby Street in the 1960s

Carnaby Street in the 1960s

The brand was legally registered as Merc in 1998, so its official existence is relatively short compared to what the sometimes used name “Merc1967”, Since 1997-98, Merc has placed more emphasis in their own collections and has gradually abandoned trading with other brand’s items,like Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, it now a  brand and business. , releasing just two collections per year which include accessories. 

merc bag

Merc bags were key to their marketing

Merc no longer have a store, their shop on Carnaby street closed a couple of years ago, it still trades online today, but its style & name still has a world-wide following, they are moving away from the Mods & Skinheads style, More to retro clothing for the every day stylish man.

Merc oxford shirt

Merc oxford shirt


Merc navy blue cardigan

Merc navy blue cardigan


Merc Harrington jacket

Merc Harrington jacket


Merc sta pess trousers

Merc sta pess trousers


Merc fashion blazer

Merc fashion blazer


Merc polo shirt

Merc polo shirt


Merc Suede brouges

Merc Suede brogues


So I hope I have inspired you to take a look at another iconic British brand that helped to start a revolution in men’s fashion


Bob Redfern