Sweatshirts have been a main stay for most young fashionista’s men & women for a long time, they have been sold by Primemark to Hugo boss, they are a universal piece of clothing, they can be used for casual or sports attire even as dress piece for a night out, they are often used as a way for Apparel companys and college’s or university’s to advertise them selfs, some times people will use them to self express who they follow or how they feel by putting messages on the front, but more and more people are wearing plain sweatshirts in vibrant colours as a stayple piece of there outfit, the key to understanding how to dress up a simple sweatshirt, is first understand where it started from and what it orginal purpose in life was so let’s have a look at its humble begings & how this simple piece of athletic sports wear changed the way we dress and express ourselves today.

In 1926 Benjamin C Russel Jr., quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team, was tired of the constant chafing and itching caused by their wool football uniforms.Russell Jr. worked with his father, who owned a manufacturing company, to come up with a better option. At the time, Russell Manufacturing Company made garments for women’s and children’s knit shirts and undergarments.

Knowing the durability and comfort of cotton they created a new practice jersey that was a modification of a ladies’ union suit top from thick cotton that was produced throughout the factory. These loose, collarless pullovers – produced from women’s undergarments to be used as men’s football jerseys – would go on to become an iconic sweatshirt. Russell went on to create a new division of his factory, focusing solely on the production of sweatshirts in the Russell Athletic mills in 1930. Eventually, Russell Athletic mills became Russell Athletic co.


The Original Russell Athletic Sweat Shirt 1930’s Era

The sweatshirt’s potential as a portable advertising tool was discovered in the 1960s when U.S. universities began printing their names on the medium. For students and parents alike, university names on sweatshirts became the preferred casual attire for exhibiting school pride. The sweatshirt, along with the T-shirt, provided a cheap and effective way of disseminating information on a mass scale. The T-shirt slogan fad of the seventies inevitably translated to sweatshirts. Recognizing the relative simplicity of customization and the power of clever graphics combined with catchphrases, sweatshirts became a vehicle for personal expression for both the designer and the person wearing them.


1940’S College Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are arguably a type of sweater, but made of a fabric and cut similar to sweatpants. A sweatshirt worn with sweatpants forms a sweatsuit a kind of exercise clothing designed to raise the core body temperature and cause perspiration in order to lose body weight before a weigh in for a weight divided sport. It is fashioned out of a thick, usually cotton jersey material. Sweatshirts are also almost exclusively casual attire and not dressy as some other sweaters may be. Sweatshirts may or may not have a hood, and may or may not have a zipper. A sweatshirt with a hood is now usually referred to as a hoodie, although more formal media still use the term “hooded sweatshirt”.

Russell Athletic is still going today and still making this iconic piece here is a sample of one of there sweatshirts

It’s In the original cotton grey sweat fabric, with comfort stitching for less irritation and soft brushed fabric on the inside for increased warmth and comfort, sporting knit cuffs & waistband for a snug fit, with there name on the front, but on the left sleeve you can see there logo with there trade mark eagle motif.

This the company logo up front, so if your looking for an original piece you know what to look for, Russell Athletic at this time have a deal with the Harlem Globe trotters to supply all there kit.

During the late 70’s early 80’s, music and culture changed the way looked and dressed, out went the glamrock and Saturday night fever wide collar shirts and big flares, in came a less dress down attuide, more functional clothing was worn, most kids in America would of owned a Sweatshirt as there School or college would of issuede to them as part of their sport kit, if you were a young kid and you were in the Schools/ College’s Basketball or Football team, you wanted people to know you were the man, so sporting your teams swearshirt under a denim jacket, was away of getting people to notice you, before we knew it every one was following this simple teenage dress style, soon young hip hop rappers, were hitting the streets and making a name for them selves, these young kids, didn’t have cash so they wore what they had, one of those key pieces was the classic Sweatshirt, this influenced a generation to dress down & express them selves.

Run DMC were a huge influence On sweatshirts

The Beastie boys were another iconic Hip group who sported the Sweatshirt

During the 90’s fashion the perryboys popped up there heads and disappeared the grunge look came and went, the Goths stalked our bus stations, but one thing all these styles sported was the Sweatshirt, in the 2000 era brands like McKenzie or Duffer surfaced one of there key pieces was the Sweatshirt, soon the sweatshirt was something most kids got dressed in as it was a cheap item to buy and its wad robust, during the later part of 2010 to 2012 the Sweatshirt was seen sported by people like David Beckham or actors like Jason Statham, soon brands like H & M were sighning them up todo photo shoots sporting there style of sweatshirts to sell to the masses.

David Beckham in a H & M Advertisement

David Beckham Sporting a plain Blue Sweatshirt with indigo Jeans

David Beckham in simple grey Sweatshirt

David Beckham sporting the Kent & Cerwin Sweatshirt

When it comes to looking for a Sweatshirt this is the amazing thing they are not hard to find, price wise you can pick up a simple undranded one up for around £8.00, if your looking for branded or more stylish you will pay more, If you are wanting something different but stylish, go to H & M, there sweatshirts are a staple of what they sell, they have alot of plain all stylish & printed ones your looking between £18 to £30, not bad prices if you ask me, the orginals are about $30, I think you can get them through Amazon too. My advice is invest into three plain pieces in Burgundy, Navy, Grey, these three pieces are more than enough to make some great outfits and look stylish.

One of the things l like about Sweatshirts, if you want to make a statement you can, by buying pieces with unique designs and colours, the one above is just amazing you have the rich deep burgundy colour, then a simple drawing in bold white, no writing just a great design, if your looking to bold in your approach to your style, look for pieces like this that will show your indervintuality, loads of people have the Nike & the GAP be different be stylish.

When it comes to styling a sweat shirt there alot of ways you can do this, but one of my pet hates is people wearing matching bottoms, People you look like your walking around in a big romper suit, no style points there my homies, get with it, dress in style and have pride, go out there and rock the show, let me giude you a through a couple of looks, to inspire you and get that grey matter in ones head rolling and clicking in these images are not mine, but l found them on the web, one of my favourite points of call, is Pinterest a great app for style ideas, l do alot of research on there

This Outfit is a classic to put together, this guy a has gone for a plain grey sweatshirt with slim fit stone jeans, he’s added a camouflage M65 field Jacket, finished with low top trainers, this is a more sort of popping around the shop look, dressing down on a Sunday afternoon style, but very casual and it has bags of urban chic.

Now if you want to stand out and want to make a bold statement, colour is key, bold pastal colours, this guy wants all the attention to his top half, the bottom half is the blank canvass, he’s gone for retro plain black running shoes, black socks, added slim fit black chinos, then he has a vibrant striped T-shirt untucked, it kind of breaks up the two plain colours, then he finished it of with the pastal pink Sweatshirt, a bold and striking outfit, this is a evening or weekend Outfit, I like the black but the pink is a little to light for me.

Now if you want to be an average Joe, or your just tipping your toe in how to rock a sweatshirt, keep it simple but basic, dont put on sweatshirts with crap art, ie l love husky or Beer helping guys to bonk, they are not stylish, untill you get the basics right keep it simple and work your way up, this guy has basic boat shoes on with some straight fit chinos, then mid blue Sweatshirt with some small logo, he not setting the world on fire but he keeping it basics and looks good.

Now if you can remember this one its from the David Beckham H & M picture above, so here we see an actual av

Sinners Attire Apparel

Sinners Attire are a fairly new street clothing brand, their design’s are very vivid and inspiring, a lot of thought goes into their designs, they bringing you the latest unisex streetwear, if you want to be different and stand out from the crowd, then Sinners Attire is the place for you because nobody really wants to just fit in, what makes them unique they put their art work on the back of the T-shirt very retro and the designs come in a classic  black and white print bold two-tone, so please have a look at some of their latest 2015 collection


Mantis Skull T-shirt

This stylish black t-shirt comes in black with a skull embroidered on the front, then the Mantis and skull pattern on the rear, there is also a woven skull hip label, it comes in a cut & sew design.


Polygon Skull T-shirt

This classic T-shirt comes in white, it has a skull embroidered on the front, then on the back you have the Polygon skull design, on the side you have a woven skull hi label, it comes in a cut and sew design.


Sinners Zip Hoodie

Sinners Attire hoodies are very dapper they come in grey and black, made from 100% cotton, on the front you have a small Sinners logo, then on the back you have an even bigger logo, super stylish and great for layering or worn on its own.


Sinners Varsity Skull Jacket


Now if you’re looing for jacket that’s stylish and stunning Sinners Attire`s Varsity Jacket is for you, it comes in jet black with contrast white press buttons and white tipping on the colour on the collar, cuffs, bottom of the jacket, very retro but super stylish.

Sinners Attire have got a flash sale on right now up to 50 % off , so bag your self some stunning pieces for spring and summer, trust me with these stylish pieces your going to look amazing.


Bob Redfern


Henri Lloyd

Henri LIoyd is a British fashion clothing apparel company synonymous with yachting & golfing, the original British sailing
brand was founded in Manchester, England, by Angus Lloyd &  Henri Strzelecki MBE, Since 1963, Henri Lloyd has continued to push the boundaries of style and technical innovation, establishing itself over the last five decades with a formidable global reputation for designing producing quality premium high-end casual lifestyle clothing, during the war Henri was in the Polish army & was awarded both Polish and British military medals in 1946, he settled in Manchester, With typical entrepreneurial spirit ‘Mr Henri’ as he was to become known founds Henri Lloyd in a converted chapel in Manchester, England, Henri Lloyd pioneered the use of new technologies and fabrics such as Bri-Nylon in its early clothing lines, Among its innovations were the first non-corrosive zipper made of nylon, the introduction of Velcro closures in waterproof garments, the hand taping of seams as an alternative to varnishing, and the incorporation of gore-tex waterproofing, in 1984 Henri Lloyd launched the Consort Original sailing jacket the ‘look’ was uber-cool it wasn’t until 1984 that the brand became a fashionable brand.


The original Consort Original sailing jacket

With the Milan Scooter Society adopting a Henri Lloyd sailing jacket to be worn with Levis 501s and Timberland deck shoes. This launched the brand onto stardom within the fashion world with Henri Lloyd clothing and accessories soon becoming an essential need for fashionable men around Europe. Around a decade after the launch of the fashion ranges Henri Lloyd Black Label was launched linking Italian inspired design with the technical materials that gave the brand a purpose all those years ago. The launch was so successful that Henri Lloyd won an award for their endeavours in 1997, and the rest they say is history! it flips the company into the world of international fashion.

Subculture Henri LLoyd 1 (3)

Danny Dyer wearing a Henri Lloyd jacket in the film football factory

In the 1980s British football fashion-led subculture`s started to wear Henri Lloyd on the terraces, the casual subculture reached its peak in the late 1980s. With the arrival of the acid house, rave Manchester scenes, the violence of the casual subculture faded, In the mid-1990s, the casual subculture experienced a revival, but emphasis on style had changed slightly. Many football fans adopted the casual look as a kind of uniform, identifying them as different from the ordinary club supporters. Popular clothing brands included Stone Island, Aquascutum, Burberry, & of course Henri Lloyd, In the late 1990s, many football supporters began to move away from the brands that were considered the casual uniform, because of the police attention that these brands attracted. Several designer labels also withdrew certain designs from sale after they became associated with casuals.


The Cowes Polo is iconic for Henri Lloyd


Marking their 50th anniversary, Henri Lloyd have worked to create a range that combines their established, classic aesthetic with the industry’s new penchant for high-end technical wear, their new collection Black Label focuses on ‘real’ characters and pioneers, the brand offers a collection punctuated by bold colors and focuses on street wear essentials to provide somewhat of a rugged but casual style clothing.

Henri Lloyd is a true classic British icon when it comes to performance & casual clothing, you don`t just get great clothing you get years of innervation & quality to.


Bob Redfern


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a United States fashion apparel company, their headquartered are in New York, NY, the company, through its subsidiaries, designs, markets and sells men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, accessories, fragrances and home furnishings to customers worldwide. Ralph Lauren Corporation began with the 1967 founding of the Polo Ralph Lauren company by American designer Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren was born with the name Ralph Lifshitz in October 14, 1939,  in The Bronx, New York, his family were Jewish immigrants from Belarus, Ralph attended local schools he graduated in 1957, in his year book he wrote he wanted to be a millionaire, at 16 he changed his surname to Lauren you can’t be a fashion designer with “SHIT” in your name, He went to Baruch college where he studied business, over the next couple of years he joined the US army, worked for the iconic Brooks Brothers ( They invented the first oxford shirt for the US market ), he soon found him self selling ties, Ralph Lauren loved to watch old movies, style is something he found from watching classic film stars, Style is something you never lose fashion changes style does not, he took inspiration from this  and designed his own tie collection, they were wide hand-made with high-end fabrics the collection was called “Polo”  he went store to store selling his ties, his big break came when he got an order for 1200 ties, fresh from his success he wanted to design his own line of cloths, he wanted to break away from tradition & create something that had romance & excitement, that`s how he developed his style, in 1968 Ralph Lauren launched his first full line of menswear called Polo.

41a0755f83ca7a7e457ba3b65de25fda (1)

Ralph Lauren`s first menswear collection called Polo

The 1970s kicked with a bang for Ralph Lauren in 1970 he won the Coty award, then in 1971 he introduced the world-famous Polo player logo, during this time he introduced tailored shirts for women, with skinny sleeves & skinny fit, and this was the decade he launched the famous polo shirt in a mesh weave available in twenty-four different colors, the Polo shirt becomes the most iconic item of the preppy look, in 1974 he was asked to outfit all the male stars in the Great Gatsby film starring Robert Redford, through the 1970s he launched a women`s collection & a children`s collection, this is also the time when he launched his world-famous fragrance Polo on the green bottle.


Ralph Lauren famous polo shirt


Ralph Lauren continued his success in to the 1980s and the 1990s  his brand of fashion came synonymous with quality and style, Ralph Lauren is now a world-wide brand it is reported his wealth is around 8 billion pounds not bad for a little Bronx boy with shit in his name, the key to  Ralph`s success his style, he has away of making a simple garment exciting & stylish how he does this is very simple, he looks around see`s what people are doing what they are driving, he is inspired by the old rustic west, dirt roads, old wood-paneled trucks, sailing around the coast of america, college kids sporting old style clothing, he takes inspiration from this he will see one piece then runs with it, as he deigns it he deigns it like a movie, he gives it a character that people get to know & trust but most off all they want to buy it.

Gertrude_Rhinelander_Waldo_Mansion_002 (1)

The Ralph Lauren flagship store occupying the Rhinelander Mansion on Madison Avenue in New York City

Ralph Lauren  is now a public trade company known as RL Corporation, so if you want a bit of this magic you can buy a little or a lot of it, Ralph Lauren is now so diverse they even sell paint yes paint, chairs, cushions, shares, the only thing it does not sell is food & drink, Ralph Lauren had over 35 boutiques in the United States; 23 locations carried the Ralph Lauren Purple Label, including Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Boston, Charlotte, Washington DC, Chicago, Costa Mesa, Dallas, Denver, Honolulu, Houston,Las Vegas, Manhasset, New York, Palm Beach, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Short Hills, Montreal and Troy. also Ralph Lauren stores can be found in the united kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and many more country’s.


“style is very personal, it has nothing to do with fashion, fashion is over very quickly, style is forever,”

( a quote by the man himself )

When it comes to fashion Ralph Lauren is a true innovator in fashion & style, the way he see clothes & designs them is just amazing he will take a simple denim jacket & turn it from just practical into a fashion center piece.


Bob Redfern


Fred Perry

Fred Perry is a renowned fashion label famous for their style & its classic Perry shirt, it was named after Fred Perry he was a world-famous tennis player, In the late 1940s, Perry was approached by Tibby Wegner, an Austrian footballer who had invented an antiantiperspirant device worn around the wrist. Fred made some changes to the design, he gave them to top players to use on the tennis court, people saw them using them, they soon caught on, Wegner wanted to come up with more sports wear, they decide to design their own version of the René Lacoste‘s famous polo shirt, Launched at Wimbledon in 1952, the Fred Perry tennis shirt was an immediate success. 

logo 1

The world famous Fred Perry logo

When Fred Perry went to launch his polo shirt he wanted to use a smokers pipe as a logo, but Wegner advised him not to go for it, as he didn’t think the girls would go for it, this left them stumped what to use for their logo, Wegner advised him to use the Laurel wreath he wore on his touring blazer, but there was on little problem it belonged to the The All England Lawn Tennis Club, and Fred had not always got on with the hierarchy at the club, Fred approached colonel Duncan MacCauley the secretary of the club, after some discussions they decide there would be no problem and gave Fred release in writing, the Fred Laurel wreath is one of the most recognized iconic fashion logos, it could of all been so different if they had gone with the pipe.


Fred Perry wearing his classic polo shirt

The Fred Perry shirt went main stream thanks to a bit of crafty marketing, Fred & Wegner gave their shirts to camera men to wear for free, also they gave their shirts to top tennis players, which was far better than the ill-fitting alternatives, and when Fred Perry did interviews he wore his iconic shirt, very soon Wimbledon was awash with Fred Perry, thanks to this massive marketing exposure the shirt came a hit with the Mod movement, it was ideal to be worn with a suit due to it collar & button placket, but they then still could wear it again the next day, after pressure from its streetwear fans suppliers were getting requests for tipping to the collar & sleeves, Fred liked the idea it became an instant success, it was the first shirt to cross over from sportswear to streetwear, the Perry was born.


Northern sole dancers loved Fred Perry the twisted wheel was a famous underground club

Fred Perry went main stream in 70s thanks to its design & practicality, one subculture to embrace Fred Perry was Northern soul it was an underground music movement, where people gathered to dance to soul music for hours in away the first rave venues with out the drugs, they needed smart stylish clothing that would cope with hours of dancing in hot cramped rooms, the Fred with its knitted piquaterial and its ability to retain its shape was a valued item for their wardrobe, soon over the decades Rude boys, Mods, Punks, Perry boys, have all sported Fred Perry as part of their look, to this day Fred Perry is Synonyms with youth culture & street wear.


The Fred Perry world famous polo shirt with the tipped collar & sleeves


Fred Perry is over 60 years old they still make the original Fred Perry shirt from the same cotton in the same slim fit, often called by its followers the Perry. they don’t just make polo shirts they also make Oxford shirts, chinos, jeans, knitwear, accessories. they also run a blog site called Fred Perry`s Subculture it is an initiative in engaging not only new talent from around the world, but also heritage artists that have a long-standing relationship with the brand. Fred Perry has had an enduring relationship with music and subcultures throughout modern British history. Fred Perry is now a world-wide brand ,they have store`s all over the UK, also stores in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong kong, Indonesia, Japan and many more. every year a new generation of young people fall in love the this timeless brand.


Fred Perry`s store in the westfield Stratford City shopping center, London

Fred Perry to me is the king of street wear & fashion they were the first to give the younger generation proper street wear which they embraced & loved, to this day Fred Perry maintain a strong position in the fashion market & the hearts of the younger generation here is to another 60 years.


Bob Redfern


Ben Sherman

When it comes to a trend setter Ben Sherman is world leader in the fashion market, The company is named after its founder  Arthur Benjamin Sugarman he was born in Brighton, England, at the age of 20 he moved to the America, he soon settled down in San Fernando, California, It was also while in America when applying for citizenship, that Arthur decided to change his name. Ben is what his family called him and Sherman was a surname that he felt was a good, solid, strong American name. he soon raised family his farther-in-law, owned a successful clothing manufacturing company, this is where Ben Sherman was inspired by the likes of  Brooks Brothers, they introduced the Oxford-cloth button-down collar shirt to America, those shirts were a hit with Jazz players like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and Oscar Peterson. in the early 1960s Ben Sherman was called back to England, his Mother had fallen very ill, Without a job, Ben Sherman decided to use his clothing manufacturing experience and rented a factory in Bedford square, Brighton, Ben started making shirts for other people. But soon his creative flair took over and he started designing his own shirts. a lot of people were asking for the Oxford-cloth button-down collar shirt,  these were only available from official importers who had in effect, cornered this market, so Ben Sherman decided to produce his own version of this iconic shirt, Ben’s design vision added the back hook, the button on the back of the collar, but most importantly his feel and passion for fabric, pattern and colour created a unique garment. The shirt became a hit with Mods, by 1965, the company had opened a small office on the upper floors of an office-block in a London backstreet, This acted as the showroom for their shirt collections, the first Ben Sherman store was opened in Brighton in 1967.


Ben Sherman marketing was very unique they decided to box each shirt individually, which was, in those days against the grain. could also get a tie in the same material, colour was something that particularly intrigued Ben, so he used Oxford fabric in pale shades, pale pink, yellow and blue. He used candy stripes, again, using pale pinks, greens and blues. Peoples’ initial reaction to all this colour was not positive, but typically Ben Sherman pushed ahead as he totally believed in his ideas. he imported the best fabrics from America.
Ben Sherman US

Ben Sherman's Blue Oxford Shirt

Ben Sherman classic oxford shirt

Ben Sherman designs came in when fashion was changing, the 60s was all about being a rebel not conforming, subcultures like  Mods, embraced new fashion & music, with Ben Sherman making waves with his bright coloured  modern shirt, he couldn’t produce them faster enough,Ben Sherman opened a showroom on Carnaby street,  the heart of the swinging 60’s which was in full flow and the atmosphere was europhic.

images7SNKEUM2 B1

Ben Sherman gingham shirt

Ben Sherman continue to produce amazing clothing, from Jeans to polo shirts, also dapper suits, the company is no longer owned by Mr Sherman, he sold up & moved to Australia in the 1970s, the company has changed hands many times, but it still keeps to it original roots of producing amazing cloths in vivid colours with amazing details, they have 16 stores throughout the UK, they have three in London which are on ,Carnaby Street, Portobello Road, Camden Walk, the Carnaby store is their flag-ship store, inside is the Shirt Bar, staffed by “shirt-eliers” who can help you distinguish your button-downs from your pennies. they have also replicated this on their on-line store. the brand can also be found in America, Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa.

Shirt bar

Ben Sherman`s Carnaby Street flag-ship store staffed by shirt-eliers 


so if your looking for a classy shirt or a great outfit get your self’s down to Ben Sherman or go on-line, after 50 years their style & fashion is still as fresh as the day Ben Sherman put pen to pair to design his classic oxford shirt.


Bob Redfern


Calvin Klein

When you hear or see the words Calvin Klein or CK, what do you think off !, me I think of CK1 or underwear, but there is a lot more to this iconic brand and its creator Calvin Klein, so let me give you a quick incite to an amazing brand that has become an icon in the US & UK, Calvin Klein came from humble beginnings, Klein was born in The Bronx, New York. His parents were Hungarian Jewish immigrants, he was born in to a harsh life in a rough neighborhood, wanting better in life he attended He attended the High School of Art and Design, but he never graduated,  Klein became a protegé of Baron de Gunzburg, after close tutoring and inspiration, Calvin soon  was getting a reputation for his clean lines in his designs,In 1968, Klein founded Calvin Klein Limited, in a coat shop in the York Hotel in New York City, with $10,00, in the begging it was tough going but soon he was getting noticed, He was selling coat’s & dresses at the store, in September 1969 he appeared on the front of Vogues magazine, with a bigger demand for his fashion creations he added other lines like blazers & sports wear,  his company went from strength to strength, in the early 80s his Jeans collection became a hit in the US & UK.


Calvin Klein latest SS15 underwear collection modeled by Bieber  

One area Calvin Klein stands out in is men`s underwear, he revolutionized the whole concept from design to packaging, it was the first time that men’s underwear had been marketed as being desirable, rather than merely functional. they included clean lines & came in one color “white”, purchased in packs of three,this  made this easier for girlfriend’s & wife’s to buy underwear for their man, backed by the iconic marketing, male models with a big packaged in tight pants, shot in black & white, in some poncey stance, the likes of Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, and now Mr Bieber, have all donned the famous  boxer briefs, they have been called “one of the greatest apparel revolutions of the century, to me they are just white pants.


Classic Calvin Klein denim collection

Calvin Klein denim collection was also a revolution in its design & marketing, he made jeans sexy also he gave them a wholesome, sexy and practical, and featured the model Brooke Shields. they were the first Jeans  to have a logo on the back pocket, the biggest lift to Calvin Klein’s jeans was the television campaign directed by Richard Avedon that featured 15-year-old model/actress Brooke Shields provocatively posed in a skin-tight pair of Calvin Klein jeans. In the best-remembered spot, she pronounced, “Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” In another she declared, “I’ve got seven Calvins in my closet, and if they could talk, I’d be ruined.” that ended up selling over 2 million pairs in total.


CK one unisex Eau De Toilette 

When Calvin Klein first entered the fragrance Market in the 70s, it was a failure they soon withdrew from the market with big financial losses, but as the brand grew they allowed licences for company’s to use their name, in 1994 they launched CK1, what was amazing about it was unisex, yes one fragrance for men & women, CK1 is a Eau de toilette, it has hints of orange, lemon, Jasmine, sandalwood, it was marked as a casual fragrance, it was a success, you can get it in a body wash & moisturizer to, it was soon followed by Obsession and Eternity.


Calvin Klein New York store & headquarters 

Calvin Klein has grown in to a world wide brand, famed for its iconic branding & fashion, it now grown to over 11 collections, Calvin Klein collection, CK Calvin Collection, Calvin Klein white label, Calvin Klein sport, Calvin Klein jeans, Calvin Klein home, The Khaki Collection, Calvin Klein Golf, Calvin Klein underwear, CK one lifestyle brand, Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry, they have stores in in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai and Qatar. London, Russia, Mexico,  and other country’s their headquarters are based in New York on 654 Madison Ave.


Calvin Klein continues to be a leading fashion power house bringing out stunning collections every years, so if your in need of some sexy pants you know where you need to go guys.


Bob Redfern


Turnbull and Asser (Winston Churchill Outfitters)

Turnbull and Asser are s a gentleman’s bespoke shirtmaker and clothier established in 1885, their store on Jermyn street is in London, it was founded by Reginald Turnbull and Ernest Asser,  during World War 1, Turnbull & Asser developed a raincoat which doubled as a sleeping bag for the British Military. in the 1920s when more people turned to more casual wear, Turnbull and Asser adapted to the changes, where most traditional gentlemen`s outfitters didn’t, they started to design & make ready to wear shirts for which it is most known for today, but they still make bespoke shirts, during the company’s history it`s customers have ranged from prime minister, US presidents, Hollywood stars, also famous singers & bands, even the royal family, Turnbull and Asser have a unique way of staying ahead when it comes to changing fashions, they can offer the latest styles & fashions or the more traditional styles, this way they keep their old clients coming back, but attract new customers by offering the latest fashions & styles.


Winston Churchill’s siren suit aka the first onesies

On of Turnbull and Asser most famous customers known as size 46  was Winston Churchill, he was always seen wearing a navy polka dot tie, as homage to Churchill they have a bow tie named after him, they also famously designed the ‘siren suit’, during the war Churchill worked into the early hours so he wanted some thing comfortable to wear, remember the track suit hadn’t really taken off yet also imagine Churchill sporting a Nikey track suit nice, also during the war he was in his 60s not so nibble, so if the air raid sirens went off he needed some thing quick to put on, he went to Turnbull and Asser & asked them to design some thing for him they asked him what he wanted, this is what they came up with, a generously cut all in one suit with a zip on the front, with breast pockets and roomier pockets to the side, it had fold-over cuffs and pleats to the trouser fronts, made from wool, what they invented was yes the first onesies, yes my homies Churchill was getting down to groove before you, he liked them so much he ordered 12 in total,  there are on 3 left surviving one is on show at Turnbull and Asser store, its made of green velvet, he famously wore it a the white house, he was given a nick name “Little Lord Fauntleroy.


Sean Connery getting measured for his famous shirts for his part in James Bond

When  James Bond first hit the screen, it was Turnbull and Asser who was called in to dress this dapper character,  they designed the famouse turnback cuffs fastened with buttons as opposed to cufflinks, referred to as Portofino, or cocktail cuffs, or James Bond cuffs, it was a natunatural choice to use Turnbull and Asser given that Bond author Ian Fleming was a customer already,  Turnbull and Asser advised Connery to sleep in his tailored garments – including his shirts – so that he’d feel ‘more at ease’ in them. Connery was amazed that his wardrobe felt ‘just as comfortable after a full nights sleep,The James Bond ‘signature’ remains in the Turnbull & Asser collection and has proved integral to 007’s wardrobe for more than 50 years,Lindy Hemming, the Oscar-winning costume designer who modernised Bond’s wardrobe worked closely with Turnbull & Asser to ensure the shirts were up to the challenge of hand-to-hand combat. They also had to remain intact during Casino Royale‘s Montenegro shower scene, in which Craig’s 007 displays his ‘softer side’ comforting actress Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd.

Turnbull & Asser  are still making amazing clothes here are a couple of their latest pieces that have hit the headlines & appeared in magazines their style is sharp sartorial classy but very British.


This corduroy Sports Jacket is an effortless way to add texture to your wardrobe. Made in England, it features a burnt orange lining, left breast pocket and three lower front pockets.


This attractive Blue End-on-End Shirt is complimented by a White Collar and White Double Cuffs, similar to the one we supplied for the film Wall Street, worn by Gordon Gekko.

bow ties

Winston Churchill famous polka dot bow tie made from pure Silk and incorporating a stylish red ‘Petersham’ adjustor; thus ensuring a perfect fit around the neck of the wearer.


 Turnbull and Asser now have a store in New York, but all its shirts are still made here in the UK, with new Bond movies coming out, new MPs coming to London in 2015 , it’s going to be a busy year for Turnbull and Asser.

I would like to dedicate this blog to one man Sir Winston Churchill, I don’t know if you were a great leader, but I know one thing in our darkest hour you stepped forward, you took charge & after 6 years you gave us back our freedom, for this I thank you & god bless you Churchill.


Bob  Redfern




Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a fashion label named after the man him self, Paul Smith,  if one story of success should inspire you then it must be his, at 16 year’s old Paul wanted to become a professional racing cyclist, until he crashed into the back of a car and was hospitalised for three months, he ended up working in a clothing warehouse in Beeston, Nottingham, he met an art student called Pauline who became his wife, she inspired him to design & make his own cloths, so with a dream and £600 savings,he opened up his first boutique Paul Smith Vetement Pour Homme, in Byard Lane in Nottingham,he became the first shop outside London to sell the likes of Kenzo and Katharine Hamnett, he attend night tailoring classes to learn his trade, after a couple of years Paul finally got the look he wanted, so in 1976 he showed his Menswear collection named after him self Paul Smith in Paris, his collection was a success.


Paul Smith signature stripe is used on many of their accessories

40 years later Paul smith has become a world-wide brand, with over 14 different collections, Paul Smith for men and women, PS by Paul Smith, Paul Smith Jeans, Paul Smith London, R.Newbold (Japan only), Paul Smith Black, Paul by Paul Smith, Paul Smith Accessories, Paul Smith Shoe. Paul Smith rugs, china, spectacles and fragrance are made under license, all the collections are designed in Nottingham and London, the collections are primarily produced in England also Italy, the fabrics they use are British and French also Italy.


Paul Smith classic zebra motif in the classic stripe

Paul Smith`s stores are personally over seen by Paul himself, every store it totally different, from a shocking pink building with movie set styling on Melrose Avenue, LA, they capture the unmistakable Englishness of Paul Smith design`s, each store has a collection of jewelry & books also antiques, its been stated that if a customer uses a chair to change & they like the chair they can buy it.


Paul Smith Tokyo store

Paul Smith is global – the collection is wholesaled to 66 countries and has 17 shops in England. Paul Smith shops are found in London, Paris, Milan, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, U.A.E. – and over 200 throughout Japan. Paul remains fully involved in the Japanese business designing the clothes, choosing the fabrics, approving the shop locations and overseeing every development within the company. Paul Smith also has impressive and diverse showrooms in London, Paris, Milan, New York, and Tokyo.


Paul Smith arrives at his office every morning at 6 AM

Paul Smith still leads the company from the front as designer & chairman, he is involved in every aspect of the day-to-day running of the business, which is very rare in business of his size.

Paul Smith is not just clothing brand its a mans dream that came true, the inspiration the style is still as fresh as it was 40 years ago here to the next 40 years.


Bob Redfern


Pellicano Menswear

Pellicano Menswear was established in 2012 in Camden, London. Set up by Mick Rose, Pellicano is a family business with over 40 years of experience in menswear and with a remit to produce elegant menswear, but in limited numbers. Each design in the range is unique and the style he wanted to capture was influenced by black & white continental films, but with an injection of London’s Soho district circa 1960, which was a melting pot of jazz musicians, Italian culture and blues loving American GI’s.  Pellicano has mixed all these styles together and what they have come up with is high quality menswear pieces, each individually handcrafted in London or Italy so when it comes to menswear Pellicano is in a different league:

Elegant individualism is what they are striving to achieve; while  other companies  mass produce in far flung places with Pellicano you get  handcrafted masterpieces, made in traditional manufacturing areas of England and Italy. Invest in a Pellicano limited edition shirt and you will have something that your friends won’t ever have:  a shirt with British swagger and an abundance of Italian style!

Now every man needs a white dress shirt that`s stylish but also very classy with Pellicano that’s what you will get.

white p

A classic long collar business shirt. This shirt is elegant, striking and straight from the back of our favourite Italian Art House actor: Signor Marcello Mastroianni.

  • Soft collar – with removable ‘bones’ to stiffen
  • Mother of pearl buttons – cross stitched so they stay secure
  • French seams for a neat finish
  • Discrete understated branding so only you will know!!
  • Strictly limited edition and individually numbered
  • Tailored for a clean silhouette

If you’re dressing to impress its all about what you are wearing how about setting the bar a little higher with this special piece it`s a classic penny collar in gingham black.


Originally part of the dress code of Eton College and later made famous by the iconic Miles Davis, our classic penny collar shirt is made exclusively for Pellicano in Italy using crisp lightweight cotton to add a swagger to your stride.

Looking equally elegant with a sharp suit or dressed down; just finish off with a high quality handmade Italian silk tie or with the top button left loose.

  • Soft collar with removable ‘bones’ to stiffen
  • Mother of pearl buttons –cross stitched so they stay secure
  • French seams for a neat finish
  • Discrete understated branding so only you will know!!
  • Strictly limited edition and individually numbered
  • Slim-fit for a clean silhouette –not skinny but not ‘rent a tent’ either!

Now lets bring those shirts together with one simple accessory a knitted silk tie that will go with a patterned or a plain shirt.

Knitted p

Add a suave and retro air to your wardrobe with this beautifully crafted silk knitted tie. Best worn with a plain or patterned Italian fitted shirt for a clean-cut silhouette. Pellicano knitted ties are made in Milan using luxurious, high quality silk.

  • 6cm width for a classic line
  • Beautiful Italian silk – dry clean only


some amazing pieces here to choose from, Pellicano on-line store does paypal very secure & easy to use, also if you want to chill out they have some tunes for you to listen to through SPOTIFY, I got to listen to some Bobby Williams very funky, so take a look at Pellicano today if any thing it will open yours to some thing amazing.


Bob Redfern