The Lowdown On The Hawaiian Shirt

Should I say hello or Aloha my fellow fashionistas today lm taking a look at one the most funkist shirts ever invented, yes its the all singing & dancing Hawaiian shirt, they are bold & bright, you could be arrested for being to load, Did l hear “book.him Dano”, the shirts them selfs have a rich history, have appeared on our TV’S on many differnt programmes from “HAWAII FIVE-O” “MAGNUM P.I.” it was Thomas Magnum PI played by Tom Sellock, who made the shirts so iconic, he wore them while driving his red ferriar 308 around Hawaii solving cases, his most famous one was the Jungle Bird one, In 1988, Tom Selleck turned over his famous red Hawaiian shirt and other items from the show to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. The Smithsonian chose the Magnum PI memorabilia because the show portrayed Vietnam Veterans in a positive way at a time when the nation was still dealing the wounds of Vietnam. Those characters were Thomas Magnum, T.C, and Rick. Since then his shirts have become a well sort after collectors piece, from the followers of this classic show.

Thomas Magnum Wearing His Famous Jungle Bird Shirt

The Aloha shirt, also referred to as a Hawaiian shirt, is a style of dress shirt originating in Hawaii. They are collared and buttoned dress shirts, usually short-sleeved and cut from printed fabric. They are often worn untucked, but can be worn tucked in as well. They are not only casual wear, but serve as informal business attire in Hawaii.”Aloha Friday”, a now-common tradition of celebrating the end of the workweek by wearing more casual attire on Fridays, initially grew out of an effort to promote Aloha shirts.According to some sources, the origin of Aloha shirts can be traced to the 1920s or the early 1930s,when the Honolulu-based dry goods store “Musa-Shiya the Shirtmaker” under the proprietorship of Kōichirō Miyamoto,started making shirts out of colorful Japanese prints.It has also been contended that the Aloha shirt was devised in the early 1930s by Chinese merchant Ellery Chun of “King-Smith Clothiers and Dry Goods”, a store in Waikiki.Although this claim has been described as a myth reinforced by repeated telling,Chun may have been the first to mass-produceor to maintain the ready-to-wear in stock to be sold off the shelf.

Koichiro Miyamoto,aka Musa-Shiya The Shirtmaker”- One Of The Original Aloha Shirt Tailors

The name “Aloha shirt” appeared later. By 1935 and 1936, the word “Aloha” was being attached to various sorts of Hawaiian products, so calling the garments “Aloha shirts” was hardly original.The term Aloha shirt first appeared in print in an advertisement for Musa-Shiya in the June 28, 1935 issue of The Honolulu Advertiser newspaper. However, Ellery Chun is sometimes credited for coining the term, perhaps in 1933; Chun’s store reportedly carried window signs that said “Aloha shirts”. The term “Aloha sportswear” was registered as a trademark by Chun’s company in 1936,followed by Chun trademarking “Aloha Shirt” in 1937 and owning the rights to this appellation for the next 20 years.

And as they say the rest is history now we know how these crazy shirts got there name & origins lets see shirts in all there glory & how they could give your wardrobe the kick in the pants it needs. Now there hundreds & hundreds of different shops offering Hawaiian shirts, so how can you find the best, simply hit the internet and search, lucky for me I found one company called that sold proper Hawaiian shirts, that were made in Honolulu so here are three of there shirts that I fell in love with.

Hang Ten £44.99

100% Cotton poplin Hawaiian short-sleeve shirt with pattern-matched chest pocket. Genuine coconut shell buttons. Cool and lightweight for summer. Made in Honolulu. this shirt is stunning, a deep grey-blue florals print with a stunning coloured band on the top, this shirt would look amazing with stone chinos & tan leather loathers.

Hibiscus Mania £44.99

100% Cotton poplin Hawaiian short-sleeve shirt with pattern-matched chest pocket. Genuine coconut shell buttons. Cool and lightweight for summer. Made in Honolulu. this shirt screans take me to the beach, you could wear this with a plain whit T-shirt underneath & the shirt unbuttoned & a pair of washed indigo jeans for a casual laid back look.

Hibiscus Garden Navy £44.99

100% Cotton poplin Hawaiian short-sleeve shirt with pattern-matched chest pocket. Genuine coconut shell buttons. Cool and lightweight for summer. Made in Honolulu. Out of all the shirts l love this one the most, the deep blue fabric & vivid bright colours of the floral print really set this shirt apart, I would wear this with some tan linen trousers & white trainers.

One of the problems with Hawaiian shirts alot of young stylish fashionistas dont know how to wear them, the key is to let the shirt do the talking for you. Here is a couple of ideas to help you.

Now I love this outfitt the shirts base colour is dark & the print design has flashes of white all through it, the guy gos for simple white shorts & trainers so he keeps the outfitt neutral, and all the attention is aimed at the shirt.

The next shot shows you can wear a Hawaiian shirt in a inner urban city area, this guy has gone for a lush deep navy shirt that has a vivid coloured print running through it, to give it that street look he put on a classic white T-shirt & a pair of indigo jeans this look is bang on the money people.

Thats all we have time for today people, remember lets keep it simple & stylish, Im no fashion guru, I just love fashion


yours Kindly
Bob Redfern

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