Indiana Jones Style Review



Its 1981 and there’s a new breed of Superhero, he has no super powers, he does not wear a cape, but he has a whip & he knows how to use it, his name is, “Indiana” Jones’s full name is Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr., and his nickname is often shortened to”Indy”. In his role as a college professor of archaeology, Jones is scholarly and learned in a tweed suit, lecturing on ancient civilizations. At the opportunity to recover important artifacts, Dr. Jones transforms into “Indiana,”a”non-superhero superhero” image he has concocted for himself.Producer Frank Marshall said, “Indy is a fallible character. He makes mistakes and gets hurt. That’s the other thing people like: He’s a real character, not a character with superpowers. Jones is characterized by his iconic accoutrements (bullwhipfedorasatchel, and leather jacket), he is wry, witty and has a sarcastic sense of humor, hates Nazi’s, knowledge of ancient civilizations and languages, and a fear of snakes. well come on guy’s all super heroes have at least one weakness, He was also named the greatest movie character by Empire magazine. Entertainment Weekly ranked Indiana 2nd on their list of The All-Time Coolest Heroes in Pop Culture. Premiere magazine also placed Indiana at number 7 on their list of The 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time, Harrison Ford said the fun of playing the character was that Indiana is both a romantic and a cynic,while scholars have analyzed Indiana as having traits of a lone wolf; a man on a quest; a noble treasure hunter; a hardboiled detective; a human superhero; and an American patriot.

Now what makes Indy stand out is his iconic costume, Upon requests by Spielberg and Lucas, the costume designer gave the character a distinctive silhouette through the styling of the hat; after examining many hats, the designers chose a tall-crowned, wide-brimmed fedora. As a documentary of Raiders pointed out, the hat served a practical purpose. Following the lead of the old “B”-movies that inspired the Indiana Jones series, the fedora hid the actor’s face sufficiently to allow doubles to perform the more dangerous stunts seamlessly. Examples in Raiders include the wider-angle shot of Indy and Marion crashing a statue through a wall, and Indy sliding under a fast-moving vehicle from front to back. Thus it was necessary for the hat to stay in place much of the time.

Indiana Jones

So its the costume l want to go into more detail than the character, if anything its his Fedora hat that’s more famous than him, no Fedora no Indiana Jones, his leather Jacket is like his amour, in it he can jump on moving trucks & tanks, ride horses, fight Nazi’s, Fly planes, and he does not seem to get injured while wearing it, in the film Indian Jones & The Temple Of Doom, he gets captured & is stripped of his Jacket, Indy falls under there spell, Short Round has to burn him with a torch to bring him back around, so this proves his leather jacket is more than a jacket to Indy.

Indiana Jones In the Raiders Of The Lost Ark

So first lets take a look at Indy’s Fedora hat, we know its a tall-crowned wide brimmed Fedora, the hat came from The fedora was supplied by Herbert Johnson Hatters in England for the first three films. An Australian model was used by costume designer Deborah Landis to show hat maker Richard Swales the details when making the iconic hat from “the Poets” parts. The Fedora gives Indy his iconic silhouette when his shadow appears, the hat even has it own story, it belonged to a treasure hunter named Garth, who discovered the Cross of Coronado with his gang in 1912 in Utah. Jones, while on a Boy Scout trip, stole the cross and eluded Garth and his men and returned home. The Sheriff arrived to reclaim the cross for Garth’s employer, but Garth, seeing spirit in the young man, put his fedora on Jones’ head, and told him, “You lost today, kid, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it.” Jones kept the hat, and wore it as he traveled the world. Indiana Jones nicknamed the man Fedora, after the hat. From that day he wore it every time he went on a expedition to recover new relics. You can still buy a exact copy of this iconic hat, from many on line companies, there were also several different models made for all four films & the TV series, l’ve included some images & price if your interested into investing into a Indiana Fedora.

Indiana Jones Wearing His High-Crown Fedora
A Replica Of Indiy’s Fedora Made By £50

The next piece we are looking at is his leather Jacket, oh boy oh boy, Indy’s leather Jacket, as a kid l remember seeing Indy for the first time, you here some men talking at the start of the movie, one of the men pulls a gun you hear a crack of a whip, the gun is wrenched out of the mans hand, by the whip, Indy steps forward from the shadows & the rest is history & hero’s now where a leather Jackets, now Indy’s jacket is no run of the mill jacket, it was made especially for the movie, that’s what makes it so iconic, you can still buy the exact model today, But did you know the original Raiders and Last Crusade leather jackets were made in a little place in England called Kent? In 1980, Peter Botwright of Wested Leather (Leather Concessionaires at the time) were commissioned by Bermans & Nathan
to design and make Harrison Ford’s first Indy jacket, the original jacket had two way hand warmer pockets, one leather bound inside pocket, side vents with adjustable side straps, and brass zips with D rings, the jackets were made from heavy lambskin, as l stated before Wested Leather are still making the Indy jacket, they offer a couple of models from all four movies in cotton and leather, Each jacket sold is sent with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Signature Label confirming you are purchasing an authentic replica from the original maker based on the original patterns which are fit corrected and adapted for streetwise durability, please find some images below and prices.

Raiders of Lost Ark Jacket in Washed Lambskin Authentic “Indiana Jones” 

Raiders of the Lost Ark Jacket in Brown Cotton “Indiana Jones”

Now no action hero cant go around butt naked, he needs trousers, remember this is the 1930s & 1940s, gortex & cotton trousers, have not been invented yet, but our hero Indy needs a strong pair of trousers, that wont get ripped while he is being dragged under a truck on a dirt road in the desert, remember Indy travels to some of the hottest shit holes in the world, so he can’t wear flannel or wool trousers, his balls would be red raw, he cant wear Linen trousers, they would just disintegrate on the first day with Indy, so he needs a pair of trousers that are hard wearing but they also keep him cool, At the time, the US had a version of khakis that was made from a tough, service-grade twill cloth dubbed “Cramerton”, created by weavers Galey & Lord. Later that year, officers were also permitted to wear khakis while “at-ease”, whenever breaks of ‘liberty’ were granted. The khakis of the American GI were often referred to as “suntans”, as they were a lighter shade than those worn by the British (hence the distinction between regular “khaki” and the slightly darker “British khaki”).  basic design and do carry a slight pinkish hue. The pants made for Raiders are said to be more of a greyish-brown where the pants made for Temple of Doom and Last Crusade were supposedly a purer reddish-brown. The pants were made of a khaki wool-twill, pleated with seven belt loops, two scalloped button flap rear pockets, a button fly and a four-inch military style hem. They were all most likely subcontracted by the costume department and made by famed London based cinema costumers, Angels and Bermans, to be tailored perfectly for Harrison Ford for the production. You can buy a reproduction pair from several outlets please find below some pictures below.

A View Of The Front & Back Of Indy’s Pants
“Indiana Jones” Pants / Trousers 100% Wool Calvary Twill

Now the Final piece of Indy’s costume was his shirt, this shirt very rarely survive to see the end of any of his movies, normally the sleeves would have been ripped off, or they would have just fallen to bits through Indy sweating so much in thick jungles & hot dirty deserts, The Indiana Jones shirt is based on a typical safari-style shirt. The shirt has a spread collar and seven buttons down the front placket that get progressively darker in each movie. The two patch pockets on the chest close with a single button on a pointed flap. The epaulettes are sewn at the shoulders and button down on the pointed end at the neck. The sleeves have a single-button squared cuff, distinctive feature is two vertical strips running from the shoulders to the bottom of the shirt tails and a common debate regards the original shirt color. Surviving samples of the original shirts seem to be darker in reality than they appear on screen. Most fans look for an off-white “stone” color for their replicas. The original shirts, however, may have been more of a “tan” or “natural” color. The shirt varied little from film to film, the only notable difference being the darker buttons in Temple of Doom and Last Crusade. Originally designed by Andreas Dometakis for the films, this shirt was once one of the hardest pieces of gear to find. If you are interested in acquiring a reproduction shirt, l have some pictures below with links to buy them.

Harrison Ford Wearing “Indy’s” Shirt

IndyShirt £49.00

Now the final piece of the Indy outfit has to be his foot wear, remember this is again set in the 1930s, so boots were common, but he would have needed the best boots money could buy, he need a pair that could take on the swamps of the rain forests, the sands of the deserts of Egypt, also kick bad guys ass’s with, it was actually Harrison Ford who suggested to use Alden boots model 405, Ford had worn them for work when he worked as a carpenter, they are still sold today (though in a redder (brick) shade of brown than seen in the films) and are popularly known as “Indy Boots, you can buy the originals for £632, if you want to save some money you can buy a reproduction pair for half the price, ever way these boots would look still stylish today

In These Shots You Can See Indiana Jones Wearing His Alden’s 405 Boots
The Real Deal I Give you The Indy Boot Other Wise Known As Alden 405’s £632
Indiana Jones reproduction Adventurer’ Boots. Made by Wested

Indiana Jones was clearly one of the coolest guys around, he made archaeology cool, travelling to amazing country’s, discovering lost treasures, also fighting Chinese gangsters & evil Nazi’s, and machine gun toting commies, this guy did it all & it was never for personal gain, it was to save priceless relics from falling into the hands of the bad guys, and so people could see these priceless relics in museums and adore there beauty, if there was one person who you would want on your side when the chips were down it would be Indiana Jones.

I hope you have enjoyed our look into India’s wardrobe & even today key pieces like his boots and Jacket would look amazing in your wardrobe, l don’t know about the hat, but l would say no to the whip defo, remember again l’m no style guru, this is my take on fashion.


Yours Kindly Bob Redfern


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