No Time To Die Style Review

James Bond is back & he looks better than ever, this will be Daniel Craig 5th outing as Bond, and at 52 years of age he still looks good, the reason why l like Daniel Craig as James Bond, there is no stupid Jokes, funny Gadgets from Q, if Bond gets into a fight, he gets hurts his clothes even get messed up, his hair does not stay in place after a epic car chase and a fight with 57 bad guys, not like Roger Moore, when he played Bond he would get into a punch up and he would have no marks and his hair still looked good, with Daniel Craig you see Bond get shot, slashed, beaten up the whole shebang baby, its about as real as your going to get it, the only thing that has stayed the same is James Bond style, the character is known for wearing the best clothes money can buy, his suits are hand made by the best tailors on Savile Row, so when l heard Bond was back l wanted a quick peek at what he was sporting now in his ass kicking wardrobe.

Bond On A School History Trip

As you know the press are all ways leaked sneaky shots of Bond on set, when they want to start promoting a new Bond Movie, any way l went on the web and found pictures of Bond doing his thing killing bad guys, but in a light tan suit, l could not see clearly what kind of Fabric it was, so l started to search online, then l found it, wait for it, Corduroy, yes you heard me, Bond was killing bad guys in my history teachers suit, l was like have they spent all there money on stunts, or was this to portray MI5 was skint & Bond had to shop at his local department store, surly bond was not wearing a history teachers suit.

Any way after doing a bit of research & I had stopped laughing, I found out since Daniel Craig had being playing Bond, he has a lot of impute in what he thinks Bond should wear, like in Spectre he wore that stunning brown blazer from Brunello Cucinelli, it turned out that Daniel Craig him self buys cloths from them, so when it came for Bond to kick ass again & teach the bad guys a lesson, he was going to do it as a pissed off Alcoholic history teach, so they brought a off the peg suit, for you not in the tailoring game, that means all ready made, so lets have a closer look at Bonds suit.

              The Massimo Alba Suit

Daniel Craig as James Bond wears a corduroy Massimo Alba Sloop Suit, The two-button sand-tone suit is worn during the high action scenes with Bond and Dr Madeleine Swann The unlined ‘Sloop’ suit comes in what Massimo Alba calls the color ‘Desert’. The suit can be ordered directly from Massimo Alba on their website The suit costs £896 (approximately £1000), much less than the Tom Ford suits worn in the film which start at approx. £3500. Even Mr. Alba was surprised by the sartorial choice, saying he assumed the whole thing was a joke when he received an email last March from Jane Gooday, the film’s head costume buyer at Pinewood Studios, he sent over his look books for Mr. Alba’s spring 2019 and fall 2019 collections, the studio ordered 30 suits, raincoats and trousers from the spring styles, each in three European sizes — 50, 52 and 54. The unlined Sloop suit came in what Mr. Alba called “Desert,” a sandy hue; the duster coat in “Agades,” a moss-green color named after the Niger city Agadez; and the pants in a gray shade called “Alluminio” or aluminum. And the studio paid the bill — though Mr. Alba declined to say just how much it was.

The Suit you can buy from Mr Porter, the suit is Made in Italy from finely waled cotton-corduroy, this suit includes a notch-lapel jacket that’s lined through the sleeves so it slips on smoothly but remains quite lightweight. The trousers are cut straight and have unfinished hems that you can tailor for your ideal break, but at £896 its still very expensive, Bond has expensive taste, My history teacher was a drunk and had no taste, but he could afford a corduroy suit, so l decide to see If you could actually put a similar outfit together for less.

The Studio Suit Blazer

My first obstacle was the said suit, l searched Google, Ebay , even rang around retirement homes for pissed up ex history teachers, l even emailed Jeremy Corbyn, the king of no fashion sense, he was playing hard to get, then by chance l came across a website, called Studio Suits, you can get a suit made of the peg, or made to your measurements, l found a similar fabric, you can pick how you want it look , remember the suit is unlined, and it has notch lapels, side vents on the back, slanted pockets with a ticket pocket, the cost of the suit was £245, Including delivery, not bad if you ask me, l do not know if the suit would be good but it would look the part.

The Cornflower Blue Shirt

My next problem was the shirt, in the film bond is seen wearing a cornflower blue button down collar long sleeve shirt, again l looked every where to find out what type of shirt Bond was wearing, he Normally wears a Tom Ford shirt, they retail around £388, ouch l hear, l found 2 cheaper options, the first was, l could get a shirt made in the same color cornflour blue, and same style, at for £33.99, again you can get it made to order, or pick a standard size, the final option was a company on line on from Ebay actually advertising a copy of the shirt for £30.00, these were the closest option, l think l would go with the Itailor option.

The final major piece of this Outfit, is the boots he was wearing, it didn’t take me long to find out our Bond was sporting a pair of Drake’s Crosby Moc-Toe Chukka Boots in Dark Brown Suede, These Drake’s shoes are Made in Italy, and are unlined, using premium suede uppers and hardy rubber crepe soles. It features a leather insole with embossed logo. The top has a Moc-Stitched Toe (a distinctive moccasin-style stitching around the vamp). They are stylish but at £275 a pop you would be scared to piss on them by accident, luckily there is a cheaper option & wait for it they are even made in Italy too, The Astroflex Dukeflex boot is one of the best kept secrets in men’s footwear. Handmade in Northern Italy by a family that’s been making boots for six generations, these boots are eco-friendly, handsome as hell, It all starts with premium European leather that’s aged for 30 days in an all-natural mixture of water, oak bark, and powdered mimosa. The leather is then softened with all-natural ingredients, also 100% natural rubber soles. They are a steal at £130 a pair half the price of the Crosby, more money in your pocket.

James Bond Wearing Drake Crosby Moc-Toe Chukka Boots
The Astroflex Dukeflex Boot

The final two pieces are the trouser suspenders he wears with his suit and that deep burgundy shirt, you very rarely see bond sporting suspenders, the only time you see him wearing them is when he wears, his famous dinner suit, obviously if Bond needs gentlemen accessories he only has the best, and he is sporting a pair of Albert Thurston Dove Grey braces with brown leather joints and gilt clasps in silver, you can buy them from MASON & SONS for £65, again a cheaper option is ebay, you can pick up Dove Grey button suspenders for £20, and they still look as stylish.

The Real Albert Thurston Suspenders


The final finishing touch is the necktie worn by James Bond, is The Avery Necktie by Alexander Olch, a New York based designer.The tie is hand-made in New York from burgundy silk twill ground with contrasting bourette silk spots, the necktie is available in 4 different widths, 2″, 2.5″, 3″ and the most wide, 3.5″. For the film, the 3.5″ version was used. The length is 58″ but can be customized, but at £150 again this is a lot of money to waist on a tie your going to strangle some one with, my option is cheaper and more in keeping with a pissed up history teacher, l chose a deep burgundy tweed tie & matching pocket square set from ebay, it looks amazing & looks even more stylish, the price was all right too, £8.99 including delivery.

The Avery Necktie By Alexander Olch

The only thing you need to finish of your look is your omega wristwatch if your Bond, and if your a pissed up history teacher, its a brown bag & a bottle of your cheapest shit whisky, James Bond is a style icon & will be all ways be remembered for his love of Woman & Martini’s, he is the essential British Gentleman who lives life in the fast lane and all ways looks amazing.

So again its time to say goodbye again, as usual I state I’m no fashion guru, this is my take on fashion, seeing Bond looking good in off the peg suits, is nice but again its from top labels a lot of us cant afford, but as you can see shop around and you can look like Mr Bond for a fraction of the price.


Yours Kindly

Bob Redfern

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