UNIQLO SS15 Collection

Hello fashionista`s it all ways great to bring the latest fresh & stylish collections to you, today I bring you a fairly new company to the UK market called UNIQLO.
UNIQLO designs, manufactures, markets and sells casual wear that can be worn by anyone, any day. Rather than dictate a look, UNIQLO provides people everywhere with the piece they need to create their own style. And style comes from within, which is why the UNIQLO logo is nearly invisible, tucked away inside the garment.

This concept, along with an unwavering focus on quality and value, has guided UNIQLO’s actions since the establishment of its first store in 1984 Hiroshima, Japan. Today UNIQLO has grown to over 760 UNIQLO stores worldwide and is household name in Japan.

From t–shirts and sweaters to denim, outerwear and trend items, all of our clothes are made according to exacting Japanese standards for quality and come in an astonishing variety of colours and styles. UNIQLO is committed to providing customers with true excellence and innovation in casual wear, from the design and functionality to the fit and colour choices.

As a company, UNIQLO controls every stage of the creation of its products – from the fabric used to the stringent production control program at the factory and finally to the display at the store. We use the world’s best resources to give customers something better every time.
UNIQLO Europe Ltd

The style of UNIQLO clothing is casual with a sartorial look, they have certain key pieces that have that “WOW” factor but stylish, the colours they use are very tastily chosen not to vivid but chic and sharp, they offer a choice of clothing that would appeal to most stylish young men, from modern blazers to urban cut chinos, even the T-shirts they offer are out of this world, they are offer fine clothing without that hefty price tag attached to it, in today’s society where you are judged by what you wear you now can dress stylish with out breaking the bank.

So lets take a look at  some of UNIQLO stylish pieces they have several collections to choose from, but I like to get a bigger picture of what they offer, so I always browse first if there is some thing I like that’s what I share with my readers, all the pieces chosen you are able to buy, just simply click on the image it will take you through to their website.

Uniqlo MEN Dry Pique Printed Short Sleeve Polo Shirt 69 NAVY
The quick-dry properties offered by this polo shirt are a summertime essential that keeps it soft and comfortable even if you perspire. Featured in a print that’s perfect for the season.,

Uniqlo MEN Dry Pique Printed Short Sleeve Polo Shirt 00 WHITE
This polo shirt is a summertime wardrobe staple with quick-dry properties that keep it soft and comfortable even if you perspire. It features an anchor design in great colours.

Uniqlo MEN SPRZ NY Graphic S/S T-Shirt(Robert Mapplethorpe) 68 BLUE
Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Mapplethorpe was a New York-based photographer who was known for his black and white self-portraits, as well as photos of flowers and nudes. His work touched on the main social issues of his time, including sexual liberation and gay rights. He died at the age of 42., http://www.mapplethorpe.org/, © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York., Project: 2014 by The Museum of Modern Art,

Uniqlo MEN Easy Care Slim Fit Long Sleeve Shirt 69 NAVY
This soft, crisp shirt is specially tailored to keep its shape and stay wrinkle free. The simple, sophisticated design slims the silhouette, and the sturdy, button-down collar keeps you looking polished all day.,

Uniqlo MEN Easy Care Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt 00 WHITE
This Oxford dress shirt features a smooth, fine texture to complete any elegant look. It keeps its shape and is wrinkle-resistant, so it maintains a crisp, attractive look. With a classic button-down collar, it is great for business or casual wear.

Uniqlo MEN Sweat Full-Zip Long Sleeve Hoodie 69 NAVY
This thick, soft hoodie is made with 100% pre-washed cotton for a classic vintage style. Features a hood that keeps its shape and a double zipper. A wardrobe classic we made even better.

Uniqlo MEN Chino Shorts (Patterned) 16 RED
Made with 100% cotton twill, these shorts feature a crisp texture and lustrous finish. Garment dyed for rich colour in a tropical print.,

Uniqlo MEN Vintage Regular Fit Chino Flat Front Trousers 33 KHAKI
Made with a traditional chino fabric that’s thick, crisp and sturdy. A pre-wash gives them a lived-in look. Features authentic details such as a wood nut button, coin pockets and rolled seams.

Chinos FROM £29.90

Uniqlo MEN Regular Fit Straight Jeans (Selvedge) 69 NAVY
When it comes to denim spinning, vintage treatments and cotton blending, Japan is recognized as the undisputable world leader. Featuring premium denim fabrics from the globally renowned Japanese denim mill. By merging cutting edge technology and craftmanship; we have optimised texture, style and design to create what we believe are one of the world’s highest quality jeans. Featuring a classic, straight-leg design with a slight taper, these jeans features the cleanest of cuts.

Shop Jeans for Men

Uniqlo MEN Comfort Jacket 04 GRAY
This unique plaid blazer instantly ties together any look. Made with a soft jersey material, the slim fit is comfortable and stylish. Whether you’re sporty, casual or preppy, it adds easy polish to everyday outfits., • Classic plaid blazer has a slim fit, • Soft jersey material ensures comfortable all-day wear, • Can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, • Double-button closure and pockets,

Uniqlo MEN Light Pocketable Parka 57 OLIVE
This thin, lightweight parka features a pocketable construction that lets you easily carry it with you. A durable water-repellent coating stands up to light rain. Great for a sudden downpour or change in temperature. The matte finish and trendy camo design in gradient colors make it a great option for everything from sports, to outdoors, to everyday wear.

Uniqlo MEN Metal Frame Sunglasses (Mirrored) 01 OFF WHITE
These cool and stylish teardrop-shaped metal frame sunglasses have faux tortoiseshell earpieces for added flair. The mirrored lenses feature UV protection.


Some great stylish pieces to choose from here, the great thing about UNIQLO they stock all the basics that a man need for his wardrobe, from simple crew neck T`s to super stylish polo shirts  and chinos, if your looking for stylish SS15 wear you have to give these a guys a look you will be amazed by their prices and unique style.


Bob Redfern



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