The Stylish Trilby

The Trilby is seriously stylish for 2015, there was a time when every man wore some kind of hat, now you very rarely see a man in a hat, the Trilby its self is a narrow-brimmed hat where a Fedora has a wider brim, it gets its name from the stage adaptation of George du Maurier`s 1894 novel “Trilby”, a hat was worn during the production of this style so it was called yes the Trilby, a Trilby is usually made from felt but you can also get them in tweed , straw, wool, the Trilby like most hats became less fashionable by the late 50s, during the 60s a new music movement emerged called Ska, it was a mixture of American jazz and rhythm and blues, it was listened to by a subculture called rude boys, they would wear sharp suits and Trilby hats, but by the time the 70s came the Trilby became less fashionable again.


The Classic Blues Brothers Jake and Elwood wearing their famous Trilby`s and sunglasses

The Trilby hit new heights during the 80s one of the main reasons was the Blues Brothers, it was a film about Jake and Elwood Blues, they were lead singers in the rhythm and blues band, they were dressed in Trilby`s and sunglasses through the whole of the film, this gave the Trilby a new lease of life, designers started to design new outfits including the  Trilby as a part of their design, soon lady’s were sporting Trilby`s too it became a unisex hat, but as a fashion accessory for  young stylish men it didn’t take off.


Bruno Mars looking uber cool in his Trilby

Over the latest couple of decades vintage has become back into fashion, one of the reasons is young musicians and rappers like Pharrell Williams, Andre 3000, Mos Def, Bruno Mars, Common, all these guys have dumped the base-ball cap and jeans hanging off their asses, they dress in the latest suits also dapper Fedoras and Trilby`s, this new love of vintage style has inspired a whole new generation in to wear the Trilby again.


The most common Trilby is made from felt, felt is a textile that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together, felt can be made of natural fibres such as wool or synthetic fibres, the finished product is truly stylish and practical, it’s normally decorated with a plain silk hat band, and a stunning natural feather plume.


The tweed Trilby is not as common as felt, tweed is a rough, unfinished woollen fabric, of a soft, open, flexible texture, resembling cheviot or homespun, but more closely woven. It is made in either plain or twill weave and may have a check or herringbone pattern, this style of Trilby is usually worn by women instead of men.


The straw Trilby is a classy choice for summer, it’s simply woven out of straw or reeds, it’s designed to protect the head from the sun and heatstroke, a classy straw Trilby hat is usually fitted with a stunning colour full hat band.

Trilby`s are real classy if you can pull it off, but its all about what you wear with the Trilby, if you’re wearing a felt Trilby normally a nice waistcoat and some indigo jeans look best, if you’re sporting a straw Trilby a nice oxford shirt and some chinos is the ticket.


For a cracking summer look go for a blue oxford shirt, some white Ralph Lauren shorts, add some Fred Perry white pumps, then some classy Ray Bans and a dapper straw Trilby.


Trilby`s give any out fit a classy stylish look, here Usher go’s for double denim then a V neck French blue T-shirt, to finish the look he goes for a grey Trilby, the over all look is very casual but stylish.

Buying a stylish Trilby does not have to cost you a lot of money, an average stylish straw Trilby should only cost you about £10 to £15, felt Trilby`s are a little more expensive but you can still pick up a stylish one for a little as £20 but you can pay well over a £100 for some top name ones, my favourite place for buying a Trilby is Ebay, I always do a world-wide search when searching on Ebay.


Trilby hats are very stylish,  but if you want to make your Trilby even more stylish try these assorted feathers, each pack comes with six different feathers, featuring vibrant and unique color combinations. Simply slide the feather behind the hat band, and you’ll have the new look you’ve been waiting for.


Trilby`s can get dirty very quick so every stylish man needs a hat cleaning kit, to maintain the quality and appearance of your stylish Trilby, in this kit you get a felt hat sponge and brush, then to protect your hat from water stains you get a can of felt hat protector spray, and to keep the hat in shape a low profile hat stand.

Trilby`s are super stylish and have a place in every mans wardrobe, a lot of men feel uncomfortable wearing hats,so invest into a cheap straw one for summer, wear it if you like the look invest into some more.


Bob Redfern