Weekend Casual Essentials

When the weekend comes it’s about getting dressed up in your casual`s & hitting the pubs and clubs, but are your casual`s stylish or just I can’t be bothered style, fashion changes every season style does not, when going out your out fit should mirror where your going, so say your going for a couple of pints at the local pub you turn up in a  three-piece suit, you would not fit in unless every one else is dressed up, so when your choosing your weekend casual look think about where your going out too, and choose your style to mirror the venue, you wont just be stylish but also fashionable.

Pub 1Pub 2

Pub 3

Pub style to me is dressing like one of the boys, not to flashy but very casual , so I’ve gone for a long sleeve Fred Perry tipped polo shirt, Indigo Jeans, casual dapper desert boots, the Fred Perry is that stylish if you wanted to hit the clubs afterwards your ready to go.


club 3club 4

Now if you’re hitting the clubs and when we say clubs we don`t mean bars who have a late licence, were on about clubs that play great music and they are very picky who they let in, you want to choose some thing very snazzy and sharp but very stylish, I’ve gone with a navy Polka dot shirt, stylish navy chinos with in tapered style, with delicious chocolate corduroy blazer in a slim fit, then to finish the out fit I’ve gone with a pair of tan brogue boots, the over all out fit gives you a sharp sartorial chic style look.



  If you’re some one who douse not do pubs or clubs, but you like to go to the theater or eat out you can still do it in style, try a three-piece navy pin stripe suit, add a classy double cuff white dress shirt,  but no tie guys , to dress up the suit add a color full red pocket square and some stunning cuff-links.

What ever is your style is it’s all about looking good, and by just adding a couple stylish pieces to your wardrobe this is some thing you would never have to worry about.


Bob Redfern