Personal Grooming

As men get older you lose hair on your head, but hair then grows in other places,  ears and nose etc. so having a personal grooming program in place is a must, it’s not a silly thing, Personal hygiene is noticed & a well-groomed man gets noticed too. You don’t need to go over board and spend hundreds of pounds, just a couple of things in the old medical cabinet and you can keep your self smelling good & looking amazing.


My first point of personal grooming is nose & ears hair, I fucking hate it, when I see grown men with bushes growing out of their noses and ears it make me cringe, my self Every 3 days I trim my ears then my nose hairs, I have a proper electric trimmer, I also some times wet shave my nose on the inside when I wet shave, having clean ears and nose, shows you care about how you look, once you have tamed those bad boys trim your eye brows , again this is another area men don’t pay attention too, but the ladies do, a man with bushy brow looks like a crazy Scotsman take your time. you do not want to shave them to far, just take the thickness out of them, the simplest way to keep your eyes brows in check is by using your clippers with No 2 guard on them, simply go over them and take the thickness out of them, then use the clippers with out the guard on to shape the edges, to give you your eye brows a more defined look, I will go over them with a wet razor because you need to get rid of that monobrow, whats a monbrow ? I hear you say A unibrow (or jacco brow or monobrow; called synophrys in medicine) is a single eyebrow created when the two eyebrows meet in the middle above the bridge of the nose. basically you look like a dick get rid and look good, remember until you look in the mirror and take a look at your self you wont notice where your going wrong in your personal grooming regime.


You can tell so much about a man who looks after his nails , I can’t stand men who bite their nails down to the stubs or nails covered in nicotine, looking after your nails is not a hard job it’s a 10 minute job if that, nails need to be clipped every three days, first give your hands a good wash & scrub those nails with proper nail brush, then rub some moisturiser in to your hands, then work in to your nails, it brings them to life and makes them look fresh and a little more supple to cut, next get a good pair of nail clippers not scissors, then just trim the edges down not to short just enough, then get a nail file, and file your nails to a nice shape, once you have done this rinse your hands, added a little moisturiser to finish, I like to finish my nails with a buffer pad, it just adds a little polish to them. and makes my nails stand out, if you have nicotine stained nails put your hands in diluted bleach warm water give it a couple of minutes, then rinse, wash with a scented soap and wash with a nail brush this will bring your nails up a treat.

good hairstyles for guys Elegant Good Haircuts For Men With Short Hair with Crazy Mens

Hair is a problem for some men and others it’s not, my self I’m bald and proud, so I clip my own head once a week, having clean groomed hair is again some thing people notice, if you have greasy unkempt hair it makes you look dirty and unattractive, my view on   hair is simple if you have short or long hair, you need to wash your hair with proper shampoo, not body wash, they are designed for two different things, body wash can dry out your hair which can cause dandruff, buy a good shampoo and rinse your head properly, if you have long hair buy a good conditioner, to make your hair look good. and comb and brush your hair daily, when it comes to keeping your hair trimmed go to a barbers regularly, for short hair every two weeks if you like it long, just go in each month to trim the ends and keep your fringe in toe. remember if you’re using gels or a wax again wash your hair regularly as these products can leave nasty residue in your hair if you don’t regularly wash it out. also using some products can damage your hair, hair styles come and go, in my time I had a brush cut, center parting, side parting, slick back, so if you have hair have fun, find your own style, and cut if you want to, dye it go ahead, just look after your hair wash it right with the right products and get it cut right and keep it fresh and you will never go wrong.


Beards have become a big fashion statement, my self for three months decide to have a big bear on my face, it took a lot to keep it clean & tidy and well-trimmed, when you start to grow a beard or a mustache, the first things face hair does is dry out your face, so you need to wash and wax or moisturise your face daily, my self i brought a beard shampoo, these are designed to give your beard the right oils and not leave your face itchy and flake, if you don’t do this you will have beard dandruff which looks very nasty, once your beard starts to grow and get’s thicker and bushy, you will need to buy beard balm or oil, this again keeps your face moist and makes your beard feel soft and easy to comb into shape, you need to buy a beard comb or brush to keep your big bear beard in shape, when it comes to trimming or shaping your beard or mustachio, you need to give it time to fill out and grow, during the first week and month you make look a little scruffy & feel unkempt, stay the course once your beard & mustachio have thickened out, its time to trim and shape, I do recommend a barber who offers wet shaves, as these guys are usually masters at their trade, and can turn a tidy shaggy beard into a lush man beard,  a beard will take time & money to keep tidy of your not willing to follow these guide lines, you will end up looking like a local hobo nothing more.


Shaving is another area where a lot of young men go wrong or they don’t have a clue, My self I very rarely shave now, this is down to choice, but I still maintain a shaving kit for when I need to, the first question people ask is do I need to shave every day, This really down to you if you work in a job that needs clean-shaven ie army etc then yes, but I would say 90% of jobs you don’t need to be clean shaven now, also shaving everyday strips your face of its natural oils, before you start carving your face up, you need to get a shaving kit together, this is a must, its like giving an artist a bloody painters roller, and telling him to do a master piece, he might e able to do it but its going to be very messy, The first piece you need is a good razor, now there are many razors out there to choose from, young lads go for cheap cheap, follow these two rules, NO FUCKING CHEAP BIC RAZORS THEY WILL FUCK YOUR FACE, DON’T USE YOUR MUM’S FUCKING LEG SHAVING RAZORS AGAIN THEY WILL BE BLUNT AND CARVE YOUR FACE UP, the safest choice for me is always Gillett razors disposable or blades, they give a damn good proper shave and don’t carve your face up, the next thing you need is a shaving brush, trust me invest into a shaving brush it will give you a better and proper shave, you can buy cheap ones or buy a badger brush one, these are the best ones but cost money, next buy a shaving bowl if you want one if not a mug will do, not your dads favorite brew mug use your younger brothers football mug instead, the next thing you need is shaving cream. now there are many different shaving creams, you have cans of shaving foam and gel also shaving sticks, my advice to start with a gel as they work in to a nice lather and are easy to apply to your face, I also buy a shaving oil, you don’t need to buy one but if you do use one, it gives a more smooth shave, I use king of shaves oils, the last thing you need is a good face balm none alcohol is recommended, this is face food it replaces all the natural oils back into your face, and most of all it protects your fresh new skin to the elements and will reduce the rawness on your face, owe you might want to get styptic pencil (not to be confused with a caustic pencil). This is a short stick of medication. Anhydrous aluminium sulfate is the main ingredient and acts as a vasoconstrictor in order to disable blood flow. The stick is applied directly to the bleeding site. this will help with any nicks or cuts, so lets recap.

  1. Good brand new razor
  2. Shaving brush
  3. Shaving cream
  4. Shaving bowl or mug
  5. Aftershave Balm
  6. Styptic pencil
  7. Shaving oil

Now we have the shaving kit sorted its time to shave, those 7 things seem a lot, but remember your not going to buy a bowl and brush every month, you can get a good razors and gel or cream plus after shave balm for under £8.00 per month, and this is if you shave every day, I shave about 15 to 20 times a year now if that,  when it comes to shave you need hot water and a towel and a face cloth, first just run the hot tap get the hot water going, now wash your hands just with hot water no soap or any thing else, just rub your hands under hot water, then just shake of the excess water, get the face cloth and run it under the hot tap then ring out, not too much, just so you have some moisture in it, put it on a side plate, put in the microwave for 30 seconds that’s all, take back to the bathroom, now simply wash your face with hot water, clean all that grease & sweat from your face just hot water and clean hands, work the hot water into your face, now get your shaving cream or gel squirt in your bowl or mug, run your brush under the hot tap, shake off excess water, then work the brush into the cream or gel in a circular motions, to create a thick soapy lather, now if you did buy the shaving oil, squirt on your face and work it in to your stubble, then get the hot face cloth and put over your face, this is prepping your face turning the coarse stubble into a softer hair, if you do this before you shave you will have more sicker and closer shave, give the face cloth about 60 seconds, then take off, now get your shaving brush and apply the shaving mixture to your face, use a circular motion, what this does is raise your hairs on your face so its easier for the razor to shave you properly, run the razor head under a tap, again hot water, now when you come to shave don’t please don’t press hard with the razor hard you need light strokes, If your new to shaving practice  first by shaving your thigh at the top, might sound crazy, but no one can see there so if your missing hair who cares, but getting used to holding a razor to your face is an art and you don’t want to rush it,your face hair grows up and down a lot of people say shave away from the grain, my self I shave twice, once I go over my face in a down motion, after every couple of strokes  always rinse the head of the razor under clear hot water, once I completed that shave, I apply lather again and then use the razor in an upward motion, I will then rinse my face with hot water, then using my fingers I will check for the smoothness, If I feel any stubble missed areas I use the razor to quickly go over this area again, now again thoroughly wash your face using hot water, the next step is not to rub your face pat it dry with a nice towel, then dry hands, get the after shave balm you need about a pea size squirt not much more as to much can make your face look greasy, not fresh, I normally smear not rub I repeat smear in to both hands then apply to face, don’t for get under the chin, then leave to dry and your ready for the day, there are also things you should never do when shaving.

  1. never apply aftershave direct to shaven skin this simply makes your face red and can leave it raw hence why we use aftershave balm simple science.
  2. Do not use ordinary soap or shower gels as a shaving cream all it does is dry your face out and you will cut your face to bits
  3. All ways clean your razor after shaving using hot water
  4. Leave your shaving brush standing up so it can dry off


Now we have covered nearly all male grooming areas, there is one area where a lot of men don’t pay enough attention, is smelling good, yes smelling good is not just about spraying you dads trust brute and hitting the town, smelling good shows a couple of things, it shows you have pride & it can attract the ladies or men if you like, the first thing men get wrong they buy sprays not antiperspirants, you can pay for a crap David Becham spray up to £4.00 or a can of trusty Aldi antiperspirant, spray only makes you smell nice where antiperspirant stops you sweating, this is how antiperspirant works it blocks the sweat ducts, thereby reducing the amount of sweat that reaches the skin’s surface. … When they are applied to skin and come in contact with sweat, the pH rises causing the aluminium salts to precipitate out and form a plug over the sweat glands. if you don’t use this and go for a spray you will sweat and by 12.00pm start to smell of Body odor  which is caused by bacteria breaking down sweat and is largely linked to the apocrine glands. … The apocrine glands are mainly responsible for body odor because the sweat they produce is high in protein, which bacteria can break down easily so you will smell bad and your shirt will stain and look bad, My choice is Sure it’s never let me down, now my next subject is Aftershave or Cologne, every man needs to pick a scent that defines him and make it his own, but  buying the right scent can be difficult, first of all do we go for a Aftershave or a cologne or a Eau de toilette or a parfum ,  The main difference between types of fragrance lies in the concentration of essences. The order of highest to lowest concentration is first Perfume, second, Eau de Parfum, third, Eau de Toilette, and fourth Eau de Cologne.fifth aftershave. Perfume is very expensive because it can have up to 40% concentration of essences, most of us cant afford to spend £100 a month on a fancy spray, but we should be able to afford a good Eau Do Toilette, this is the third in the table of perfume strengths, all after shave does makes you smell ok for ten minutes then it fucks off like a cheap hooker, my choice of Scent is a simple one, its CK one its simple its fresh and if applied right will last 8 hours, which is what you want when spending good money, But just spraying your Eau Do Toilette  to you your body wont work, there is a bit of science so when the spray hits your body it stays and does not fizzle out, apply using this method and you will find your scent will last longer.

  1. Shower first and use a similar smelling shower gel it opens your pores
  2. Once you have dried your self off apply a moisturiser or petroleum jelly to your neck arms and chest with CK One you can buy the body moisturiser with scent built-in.
  3. Spray your scent below the ears and once on the chest than on the arms, don’t rub your wrists together it will destroy the top notes of your scent
  4. Spray the back of your head, hair keeps the scent longer
  5. Stay hydrated, hydrated skin keeps your scent going longer

If you follow this simple process every morning you smell better for longer, but remember never apply your scent direct to dry skin, it’s a bit like painting a car you have to put a base primer down first before you can added the main coat, that’s why its important to wash then moisturise your skin first, then apply your scent it should last for 8 hours at least, if you want to make sure it lasts, take with you a perfume atomiser, top up with your favorite scent, then top up four hours later this will refresh the base notes again from the first application and keep you smelling fresher for longer, you can apply your scent to your cloths as fabric keeps the scent longer but be careful as this can damage or stain certain fabrics, hope this has helped you, like I said in the beginning choosing the right scent is going to define you & most of all its going to be your signature, I chose CK One as its a classic and you can get body washes and moisturise in the same scent, and its easy to get on the net, its a timeless classic for summer and winter, when I choose to go out for special occasions I will mix it with CK Obsession I don’t wear any thing else except sure antiperspirant under the arms so I don’t sweat.


Finally your mouth it’s where we speak from, its where we put our food and drink, its one of our main focal points, so it attracts a lot of attention, so a dirty unkempt moth is very obvious, oral hygiene is a must for your health & personal hygiene, a dirty mouth can lead to halitosis Poor oral hygiene. The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Bacteria that build up on your teeth – particularly between them – as well as your tongue and gums, can produce unpleasant-smelling gases. These bacteria are also responsible for gum disease and tooth decay, so having a good oral hygiene routine is a must, you need four things a good toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste, dental floss picks, like a tradesman you need the right tools to do the job, most people use toothpaste first then mouth wash last, you’re doing it wrong one of the main ingredients of toothpaste is fluoride – a naturally occurring mineral found in toothpaste, drinking water and some foods that can help to prevent tooth decay, so if you use a mouth wash last your washing this away, I normally floss first if I’ve had a meal with a lot of meat in it, if not I do it every three days, then I put a cap of mouthwash in my mouth and swill it around for a minute to try to get as many particles of old food out of my mouth first, then I pit a good sample of tooth paste on my brush, then scrub all over for about two minutes, I also scrub my tong to freshen it up, then simply wipe my mouth, I do carry in my day bag a small mouth wash bottle to freshen up after dinner, follows these simple rules and you wont ever be found short and you will keep your teeth longer and your dentist bills will be less costly, remember replace your tooth-brush every 3 month and visit the dentist at least every 12 months.

There are many areas we can go into but the main ones are the ones that people notice, but if you have bush in your pants trim it up now and then, if you have a rug for a back get your mate to trim it with the trimmer or get it waxed now and then, if your feet hum every time you take your shoes off, air your shoes out buy some shoe spray, wash your feet daily and use proper foot talc and change your socks daily. it’s all about routine and time we all have 5 minutes to have a wash or shower in the morning, The cost of keeping your self clean, has never been cheaper, I recommend Lidl for male cheap grooming, they offer every thing now even decent aftershave that are Eau de Toilette, that’s smells like Hugo Boss, I took a look at a months cost of men’s toiletries from Lidl it was amazing cheap but the quality is out of this world, I do use their shower gels & face cream.

  1. Shower Gel X 2 £2.00
  2. Mouthwash £1.00
  3. Antiperspirant x 4 £5.00
  4. Body moisturiser  £1.45
  5. Eau de Toilette X 2 £6.00
  6. Toothpaste £1.00
  7. Shaving Jell £1.60
  8. Razors £4.00
  9. Face cream £5.00

Total cost for looking and smelling good £27.05 for the month, that works out at £6.24 per week per day that’s a cost of 89p per day, so you can’t tell me looking and smelling good costs the earth, it’s just finding the right pieces and learning in how to use them, I hope you have found this article helpful, remember we cant all afford the most expensive aftershave and perfumes, but buying the most simple of scents etc and using them like I have mentioned will see you through and raise your game by a 1000 %, and get you noticed by the ladies and you will be showered with compliments as people will notice the  new man breaking through and making his mark on the world with his new signature scent.


yours kindly

Bob Redfern


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